Southern Ocean

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Antarctic Seafloor Mapped in Unprecedented Detail

New deepest spot revealed along with seamounts and channels

(Newser) - We have the clearest view yet of what's below the Antarctic or Southern Ocean , one of the most remote and harsh regions on Earth, thanks to a five-year mapping effort that, among other things, revealed a previously unknown deepest point. The Factorian Deep at the southern end of the...

Say Hello to Earth's 5th Ocean
Earth Has a Fifth Ocean
in case you missed it

Earth Has a Fifth Ocean

'National Geographic' recognizes the Southern Ocean, officially

(Newser) - To mark World Oceans Day on Tuesday, National Geographic officially recognized the Southern Ocean as the planet's fifth ocean, CBS News reports. Sometimes called the Antarctic Ocean or the Austral Ocean, the Southern Ocean is the body of water that surrounds Antarctica. All five of Earth's oceans—the...

2 Stories
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