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Baghdad's 'Starbucks' Points to Growing Problem in Iraq

Country is a hub for trademark violation, costing companies billions

(Newser) - Everything from the signboard outside down to the napkins bears the official emblem of the top international coffee chain. But in Baghdad, looks are deceiving: The "Starbucks" in the Iraqi capital is unlicensed. Real Starbucks merchandise is imported from neighboring countries to stock the three cafes in the city,...

Starbucks Workers Kick Off 3-Day Strike Across US

This walkout to support unionization follows a one-day strike in November

(Newser) - Starbucks workers around the US are planning a three-day strike starting Friday as part of their effort to unionize the coffee chain's stores. More than 1,000 baristas at 100 stores are planning to walk out, according to Starbucks Workers United, the labor group organizing the effort. The strike...

Strike Hits Starbucks on One of Its Busiest Days

More than 2K employees at 112 stores call for higher pay, good-faith bargaining

(Newser) - More than 2,000 Starbucks workers at 112 US stores say they're going on strike Thursday in what would be the largest labor action since a campaign to unionize the company's stores began late last year. The walkouts are scheduled to coincide with Starbucks' annual Red Cup Day,...

NLRB Ruling Goes Against Starbucks Over Raises

Office finds denying increases at union stores was illegal

(Newser) - Starbucks withheld pay raises and improved benefits from unionized stores, and chief executive Howard Schultz promised more money for stores whose employees "rejected the union as their bargaining representative," labor regulators say in a new complaint against the company. Those actions were illegal, a regional office of the...

16 Starbucks Stores Closing Due to Safety Problems

Drug use cited as the reason as other safety concerns are also on the rise

(Newser) - Sixteen Starbucks locations across the US will be permanently shuttered by the end of this month, thanks to safety issues. "After careful consideration, we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate," a...

Starbucks Reconsiders Bathroom Policy

CEO says mental health crisis poses a danger to employees, customers

(Newser) - Public access to Starbucks bathrooms, a point of contention in the past, might be shut off again. CEO Howard Schultz put the issue in a mental health context, saying at a forum Thursday that the number of people allowed in stores who aren't customers might have to be limited,...

Starbucks Closing Up Shop Throughout Russia

Chain follows lead of McDonald's to permanently exit

(Newser) - Russians already lost their Big Macs . Now, Starbucks is going, too. The coffee chain said Monday it's following the lead of McDonald's and other Western businesses and will exit Russia after 15 years to protest the invasion of Ukraine, reports NPR . The coffee chain will close its 130...

Succession Actor Glues Hand to Starbucks Counter

James Cromwell was taking part in PETA protest against vegan milk 'upcharge'

(Newser) - Celebrity PETA supporter James Cromwell became a fixture at a Starbucks in Manhattan Tuesday morning. The Succession actor superglued his hand to the counter as part of a protest calling for the coffee chain to stop charging customers extra for non-dairy milks, CBS reports. Page Six reports that the baristas,...

Starbucks Retaliated Against Workers for Union Efforts, Says NLRB
Labor Board Sues Starbucks

Labor Board Sues Starbucks

NLRB is suing coffee chain, says it retaliated against workers trying to unionize

(Newser) - The National Labor Relations Board is suing Starbucks, alleging the coffee chain retaliated against three employees for their union-organizing efforts. "Among other things, Starbucks disciplined, suspended, and discharged one employee, constructively discharged another, and placed a third on an unpaid leave of absence after revoking recently granted accommodations,"...

Union Campaign Hits Home for Starbucks

Two company roasteries in Seattle now have approved collective bargaining

(Newser) - Starbucks workers at the coffee giant's flagship roastery in Seattle voted Thursday to form a union, the chain's latest location to do so. The Seattle store voted 38-27 to unionize. Workers United said 26 Starbucks locations have unionized nationwide. The Starbucks Reserve and Roastery in the Capitol Hill...

Starbucks' App Is the Source of Some of Its Problems
Starbucks Isn't
What It Once Was

Starbucks Isn't What It Once Was

Increased efficiency is hurting the company's reputation as a progressive standard-bearer

(Newser) - Howard Schultz is CEO of Starbucks again , but only on an interim basis while the company continues to work to "reinvent" and/or "reimagine" itself. In a lengthy piece for Fast Company , Clint Rainey looks at why that's needed. Schultz's original vision came to life as "...

As Starbucks' Storied CEO Returns, Familiar Fight Looms

Howard Schultz will be interim leader as company faces a unionization movement

(Newser) - From the time he bought Starbucks in 1987 to the time he stepped down as chairman in 2018, Howard Schultz consistently—and successfully—fought attempts to unionize Starbucks’ US stores and roasting plants, per the AP . But Schultz—who was just named Starbucks’ interim chief executive—never confronted a unionization...

Starbucks Staffers in Buffalo Form First US Union
Starbucks Loses Battle
to Fend Off Unionization

Starbucks Loses Battle to Fend Off Unionization

Workers in 3 more stores vote yes

(Newser) - Update: Three more New York Starbucks stores will become unionized after the majority of employees at the locations voted, narrowly, to form unions. There are now six unionized Starbucks stores in the US, five of them in New York and one in Arizona, the AP reports. Union supporters say Starbucks...

Target Will Soon Hand-Deliver Starbucks to Customers

The ones using curbside pickup, that is

(Newser) - If your Saturday to-do list generally involves Target and Starbucks, life may be about to get easier. Target on Wednesday announced it will this year start testing an option in select stores where you can add a Starbucks coffee order to your Target Drive Up order, meaning your Target goods...

Starbucks Worker Tests Positive for Hepatitis

Customers at a New Jersey location should get vaccinated, health officials say

(Newser) - An employee at a New Jersey Starbucks kept working after testing positive for hepatitis A, health officials say—and even handled food. Thousands of people could be at risk, and Camden County officials advise customers to get vaccinated within 14 days of their visit, CNN reports. The Blackwood Clementon Road...

He Died Chasing Men Who Stole His Laptop. Now, a Verdict

2 convicted on murder, manslaughter charges after 2019 Starbucks robbery led to death of Shuo Zeng

(Newser) - Update: Two men have been convicted in a 2019 laptop robbery at a Bay Area Starbucks that left a research engineer dead. The Mercury News reports a jury on Wednesday found 24-year-old Byron Reed guilty of second-degree murder, and 20-year-old Kejuan Wiggins guilty of voluntary manslaughter, in the Dec. 31,...

Howard Schultz Makes Starbucks, Holocaust Comparison

Some people thought it missed the mark

(Newser) - Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is Jewish, but that fact isn't lessening the scrutiny around a Holocaust comparison he made Saturday. He was speaking to workers in the Buffalo, New York, area who are looking to unionize, and tried to emphasize Starbucks' history of doing right by its employees....

Starbucks to Improve Pay, Working Conditions

Company speeds up previous promise of $15 per hour

(Newser) - Starbucks is sweetening the deal for current and prospective employees. The company announced Wednesday it is raising pay for US workers and taking steps to improve working conditions, the AP reports. In a letter to employees, Starbucks' North America President Rossann Williams said the raises will enhance recruitment efforts in...

Angry Customer Pulls Gun on Police Chief's Daughter

The issue at a Florida Starbucks was cream cheese

(Newser) - A police chief had a fresh personal story to share with the crowd at a peace rally last week in Florida. Miami Gardens Chief Delma Noel-Prat said that the streets need to be taken back, WPLG reports. "Just today, I could've lost my daughter," she said. "...

Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Viral Video
Starbucks Cans Barista Who
Made Hit TikTok Video
in case you missed it

Starbucks Cans Barista Who Made Hit TikTok Video

He was told he 'demonstrated behavior not aligned with Starbucks Mission Values'

(Newser) - A barista fired for making a viral TikTok video says he would trade all his views and likes for his job at Starbucks back. Eli, a 19-year-old college student in Indiana, tells BuzzFeed that the now-deleted video poked fun at customers who correct their orders. In one skit, a fellow...

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