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It's a Marketing Icon. Starbucks Hopes It Goes Away

Chain is trying to phase out its famous disposable cups by 2030

(Newser) - For a generation and more, the Starbucks cup has been a cornerstone of consumer society, first in the United States and then globally—the throwaway cup with the emerald logo depicting a longhaired siren with locks like ocean waves. Ubiquitous to the point of being an accessory, it has carried...

Month Ahead of Fall, Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte Returns

Drink some love and some hate is now 20 years old

(Newser) - Starbucks' Pumpkin Spice Latte is back—and yes, it is still August, if you're worried you might have Rip Van Winkled your way into fall, a season that officially begins on Sept. 23. Starbucks brought the seasonal favorite back on Thursday, six days earlier than last year, Axios reports....

Judge: Don't Like 'Woke' Starbucks? Invest Elsewhere

Ruling dismisses case brought by conservative group who'd sued over chain's diversity initiatives

(Newser) - Starbucks has notched a win against a conservative group that tried to stymie its diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. The Messenger reports that on Friday, Chief US District Judge Stanley Bastian dismissed a case against the coffee giant brought last August by the nonprofit National Center for Public Policy Research,...

Union Calls Strike at Starbucks Over Pride Displays

Company says there's been no change in its support of LGBTQ+ causes

(Newser) - Workers at 150 Starbucks locations plan to strike in the coming week over what their union says is a clash over decor supporting LGBTQ+ causes. The company denies it's banned any such displays and accused the union of using misinformation as a tactic in labor talks. Starbucks Workers United...

Jury Awards Fired White Starbucks Manager $25M

Federal jury sides with Shannon Phillips in reverse discrimination case

(Newser) - Starbucks must pay $25 million to a former regional manager fired because she is white, a federal jury ruled Monday. Shannon Phillips, who oversaw 100 stores in four states, was relieved from her position in the weeks after what Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson called a "reprehensible" incident at a...

Starbucks Staffer: Wow, Are These Tip Screens Awkward

Employee at coffee chain details how gratuity prompts are a double-edged sword

(Newser) - Most service workers wouldn't turn away a decent tip. Now, however, an increasing number of businesses are using gratuity prompts built right in to electronic transactions—aka "tip screens." It's a convenient way to remind consumers to pony up a few extra bucks, but also one...

He Asked Somebody to Stop Vaping Near Toddler. The Man Stabbed Him

Paul Schmidt was killed outside a Starbucks location in Vancouver

(Newser) - A man stabbed to death by a stranger outside a Starbucks in Vancouver was "just trying to protect his daughter," his mother says. Kathy Schmidt says 37-year-old Paul Stanley Schmidt was stabbed after he asked a stranger to stop vaping next to his toddler daughter, the Vancouver Sun...

Democrats Push Ex-Boss About Starbucks Union Fight

Howard Schultz denies firing organizers but says conversations could have been misinterpreted

(Newser) - "Over the past 18 months, Starbucks has waged the most aggressive and illegal union-busting campaign in the modern history of our country," Sen. Bernie Sanders told a committee witness on Wednesday. That's how the National Labor Relations Board sees it, lodging more unfair labor practice charges against...

Starbucks' New CEO Is a Certified Barista

Laxman Narasimhan officially took the reins of the coffee giant on Monday

(Newser) - Starbucks officially has a new CEO. The Seattle coffee giant said Monday that Laxman Narasimhan has assumed the role of CEO and joined the company's board of directors. Narasimhan succeeds longtime Starbucks leader Howard Schultz, who came out of retirement last spring to serve as interim CEO while the...

In Italy, Starbucks Is Putting Olive Oil in Coffee

CEO Howard Schultz says it adds an 'unexpected, velvety, buttery flavor'

(Newser) - Nearly five years after it opened its first locations in Italy, Starbucks wants Italians to try something new: coffee with olive oil in it. The company says interim CEO Howard Schultz was traveling in Sicily last year when, inspired by the "Mediterranean custom of taking a spoonful of olive...

After 2 Drinks at Starbucks Drive-Thru, He Was Out $4.5K

Jesse O'Dell was charged for a gratuity he didn't authorize, and getting the money back was a pain

(Newser) - An Oklahoma man's visit to his local Starbucks drive-through put him out not only the cost of the two venti drinks he purchased—he was also charged nearly $4,500 for a gratuity he didn't authorize. KOKI and NBC News report that Jesse O'Dell's Jan. 7...

Baghdad's 'Starbucks' Points to Growing Problem in Iraq

Country is a hub for trademark violation, costing companies billions

(Newser) - Everything from the signboard outside down to the napkins bears the official emblem of the top international coffee chain. But in Baghdad, looks are deceiving: The "Starbucks" in the Iraqi capital is unlicensed. Real Starbucks merchandise is imported from neighboring countries to stock the three cafes in the city,...

Starbucks Workers Kick Off 3-Day Strike Across US

This walkout to support unionization follows a one-day strike in November

(Newser) - Starbucks workers around the US are planning a three-day strike starting Friday as part of their effort to unionize the coffee chain's stores. More than 1,000 baristas at 100 stores are planning to walk out, according to Starbucks Workers United, the labor group organizing the effort. The strike...

Strike Hits Starbucks on One of Its Busiest Days

More than 2K employees at 112 stores call for higher pay, good-faith bargaining

(Newser) - More than 2,000 Starbucks workers at 112 US stores say they're going on strike Thursday in what would be the largest labor action since a campaign to unionize the company's stores began late last year. The walkouts are scheduled to coincide with Starbucks' annual Red Cup Day,...

NLRB Ruling Goes Against Starbucks Over Raises

Office finds denying increases at union stores was illegal

(Newser) - Starbucks withheld pay raises and improved benefits from unionized stores, and chief executive Howard Schultz promised more money for stores whose employees "rejected the union as their bargaining representative," labor regulators say in a new complaint against the company. Those actions were illegal, a regional office of the...

16 Starbucks Stores Closing Due to Safety Problems

Drug use cited as the reason as other safety concerns are also on the rise

(Newser) - Sixteen Starbucks locations across the US will be permanently shuttered by the end of this month, thanks to safety issues. "After careful consideration, we are closing some stores in locations that have experienced a high volume of challenging incidents that make it unsafe to continue to operate," a...

Starbucks Reconsiders Bathroom Policy

CEO says mental health crisis poses a danger to employees, customers

(Newser) - Public access to Starbucks bathrooms, a point of contention in the past, might be shut off again. CEO Howard Schultz put the issue in a mental health context, saying at a forum Thursday that the number of people allowed in stores who aren't customers might have to be limited,...

Starbucks Closing Up Shop Throughout Russia

Chain follows lead of McDonald's to permanently exit

(Newser) - Russians already lost their Big Macs . Now, Starbucks is going, too. The coffee chain said Monday it's following the lead of McDonald's and other Western businesses and will exit Russia after 15 years to protest the invasion of Ukraine, reports NPR . The coffee chain will close its 130...

Succession Actor Glues Hand to Starbucks Counter

James Cromwell was taking part in PETA protest against vegan milk 'upcharge'

(Newser) - Celebrity PETA supporter James Cromwell became a fixture at a Starbucks in Manhattan Tuesday morning. The Succession actor superglued his hand to the counter as part of a protest calling for the coffee chain to stop charging customers extra for non-dairy milks, CBS reports. Page Six reports that the baristas,...

Starbucks Retaliated Against Workers for Union Efforts, Says NLRB
Labor Board Sues Starbucks

Labor Board Sues Starbucks

NLRB is suing coffee chain, says it retaliated against workers trying to unionize

(Newser) - The National Labor Relations Board is suing Starbucks, alleging the coffee chain retaliated against three employees for their union-organizing efforts. "Among other things, Starbucks disciplined, suspended, and discharged one employee, constructively discharged another, and placed a third on an unpaid leave of absence after revoking recently granted accommodations,"...

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