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$7B in Solar Power Grants Unveiled on Earth Day

Projects will include more than 900K households

(Newser) - President Biden is marking Earth Day by announcing $7 billion in federal grants for residential solar projects serving 900,000-plus households in low- and middle-income communities. He also plans to expand his New Deal-style American Climate Corps green jobs training program. The grants are being awarded by the Environmental Protection...

RFK Jr. Responds to His Family Endorsing Biden

'I love my family, either way,' presidential candidate says

(Newser) - Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Sunday acknowledged endorsements from more than a dozen of his relatives who are backing Democratic President Biden, noting that he feels no ill will over the family political divide, the AP reports. "Some of them don't like the fact that I'...

Dem Puts GOP's Dawdling Over Foreign Aid on Blast

Rep. Rosa DeLauro accuses lawmakers of 'diddling around' while 'people are dying' in fiery speech

(Newser) - "Let's not sugarcoat what is going on here," the top Democrat on the House Appropriations Committee said Thursday before launching into a fiery speech in regards to the ongoing foreign aid debate, blasting Republicans for following the whims of former President Trump, whom she blamed in part...

Poll Finds Concern on Climate Change Rising

Awareness of Inflation Reduction Act's green provisions isn't high, possibly a problem for Biden

(Newser) - Like many Americans, Ron Theusch is becoming more worried about climate change. A resident of Alden, Minnesota, Theusch has noticed increasingly dry and mild winters punctuated by short periods of severe cold—symptoms of a warming planet. As he thinks about that, future generations are on his mind, the AP...

Biden Issues Warning Over Iran Attack on Israel

The US and UK have now hit Iran with sanctions

(Newser) - The US and UK on Thursday imposed a new round of sanctions on Iran as concern grows that Tehran's unprecedented attack on Israel could fuel a wider war in the Middle East, per the AP . The US Department of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control targeted 16...

Biden's Remarks on Uncle's WWII Death Conflict With Records

He claims he was shot down and might have been eaten by cannibals

(Newser) - President Biden misstated key details about his uncle's death in World War II as he honored the man's wartime service on Wednesday and said Donald Trump was unworthy of serving as commander in chief. While in Pittsburgh, Biden spoke about his uncle, 2nd Lt. Ambrose J. Finnegan Jr....

Here's How Much Bidens Paid in Taxes Last Year

Their annual tax return is out

(Newser) - The Bidens marked Tax Day on Monday by releasing their latest annual tax return, which revealed that last year the president and first lady earned an adjusted gross income of $619,976 and paid $146,629 in federal income tax. Their Delaware state income tax bill was $30,908, and...

RFK Jr. Campaign Staffer Fired After Controversial Video

Rita Palma said defeating Biden was her 'No. 1 priority'

(Newser) - A staffer for Robert F. Kennedy Jr's presidential campaign has been fired after she was caught on video outlining a plan for supporters of her candidate and Donald Trump to come together with the purpose of defeating President Biden. The video of Rita Palma, which was uploaded to YouTube...

Biden: Support for Japan, Philippines Is 'Ironclad'

China's actions at sea have caused growing concern

(Newser) - President Biden reinforced the US defense commitment to Pacific allies on Thursday as he gathered Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at the White House. The meeting took place against a backdrop of growing concern about provocative Chinese military action in the Indo-Pacific, the AP...

Biden on Assange: I'm 'Considering' Australia's Ask

The WikiLeaks founder's native country wants the US to drop its extradition bid

(Newser) - The US has been trying to extradite Julian Assange for more than a decade, a move that his native Australia has long opposed. President Biden on Wednesday told reporters he is "considering" Australia's request to drop the case. The BBC reports Australia's parliament in February passed a...

Biden: Netanyahu Is 'Making a Mistake'

President keeps up the criticism of Israel's war strategy

(Newser) - President Biden continued his criticism of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu's war strategy against Hamas with blunt language in a new interview:
  • "I think what he's doing is a mistake," Biden told the Spanish-language TV network Univision, per Reuters . "I don't agree with his approach.

Ohio Will Need to Tweak Its Law to Get Biden on the Ballot

Otherwise he could miss the deadline, the state's election office says

(Newser) - President Biden could be left off the ballot in Ohio this fall unless the state's Republican-dominated legislature creates an exception to the ballot deadline or the Democratic Party moves up its convention, according to the office that oversees the state's elections. Ohio's deadline to certify presidential candidates...

'Plan B' to Cancel Interest for Half of Those in Student Debt

Biden administration's revamped plan will test the 1965 Higher Education Act

(Newser) - More than 25 million people with student debt could see some of that debt forgiven under new plans laid out Monday by the Biden administration. Narrower than the effort struck down by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional , "Plan B" targets the 25 million borrowers who owe more money now...

Journalists Reprimanded for Stealing From Air Force One
Reporters Reprimanded for
Stealing From Air Force One

Reporters Reprimanded for Stealing From Air Force One

Apparently 'everyone does it'

(Newser) - Apparently quite a few things have gone missing from Air Force One—enough that Kelly O'Donnell, NBC correspondent and president of the White House Correspondents' Association, recently issued a stern reminder to colleagues that they're not allowed to take items off the aircraft—and that if they do,...

At Key Bridge, Biden Reassures
At Key Bridge, Biden Reassures
the rundown

At Key Bridge, Biden Reassures

Federal government is committed to rebuilding span, as well as commerce and jobs, president says

(Newser) - "I'm here to say your nation has your back," President Biden told the people of Maryland on Friday after seeing the wreckage of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge. "The damage is devastating, and our hearts are still breaking." He promised federal aid in repairing...

Biden to Israel: Protect Civilians or Risk Losing US Aid

President speaks with Netanyahu by phone for first time since World Central Kitchen strikes

(Newser) - President Biden and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu spoke by phone on Thursday, and US officials say Biden delivered an ultimatum: Do a better job of protecting civilians or risk losing US support for the war against Hamas, reports CNN .
  • Biden "emphasized that the strikes on humanitarian workers and the

Muslim Leaders Aren't Having White House's Ramadan Invite

Reps from Muslim community turn iftar dinner down, choose policy talk over Israel's war in Gaza

(Newser) - Muslim leaders met Tuesday evening with President Biden and Vice President Harris, but it wasn't the event that the White House had originally planned. The Washington Post reports that a half-dozen or so representatives from the Muslim community were originally invited for an iftar dinner, the meal that Muslims...

Biden, China's Xi Have a 'Check-In' Phone Call

Two nations are trying to restore regular dialogue

(Newser) - President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping discussed Taiwan, artificial intelligence, and security issues Tuesday in a call meant to demonstrate a return to regular leader-to-leader dialogue between the two powers, per the AP . The call—the leaders' first conversation since their November summit in California—was seen as more...

Who's Worse for Democracy, Biden or Trump? RFK Jr. Picks

Independent POTUS candidate claims Biden is first president to use feds 'to censor political speech'

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. obviously thinks he's a better man for the Oval Office than either of his two main competitors, President Biden and former President Trump, but he made it clear during an appearance this week on CNN that he thinks one of his political foes looms more...

White House's Easter Egg Roll Got Off to a Bit of a Slow Roll

Weather delayed the event, but about 40K people were expected

(Newser) - Thunder and lightning delayed the start of the Easter egg roll at the White House for 90 minutes on Monday, but the event eventually kicked off under gray skies and intermittent rain. More than 40,000 people—10,000 more than last year—were expected to participate in the event,...

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