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Here's the Latest Invasive Hornet We Need to Worry About
Here's the Latest Invasive
Hornet We Need to Worry About
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Here's the Latest Invasive Hornet We Need to Worry About

Yellow-legged hornet spotted alive in US for first time

(Newser) - For the first time in the US, a yellow-legged hornet has been spotted—and that's not a good thing, officials warn. The Vespa velutina is an invasive species, and the one found by a Georgia beekeeper was alive. If left unchecked, the species could damage agriculture in the state,...

'Murder Hornet' Now Has a New Common Name
'Murder Hornet'
Gets a Rebrand

'Murder Hornet' Gets a Rebrand

It no longer has the common name of Asian giant hornet

(Newser) - The so-called "murder hornet" used to have the common name of Asian giant hornet. But no more: The Entomological Society of America and the Entomological Society of Canada have agreed it should be rebranded as the northern giant hornet, and the ESA is now using that name in its...

Relentless 'Murder Hornets' Keep Building Nests

Wildlife officials in Washington state have destroyed 2 this year, and found a third one

(Newser) - Murder hornets—more formally known as Asian giant hornets —seem bent on putting down roots in North America. Wildlife officials in Washington state already have destroyed two nests this year and say they'll soon wipe out a newly discovered third one, reports the Guardian . The invasive species first...

Washington Crews Destroy Asian Giant Hornet's Nest

State tries to find nests before they've produced queens

(Newser) - Officials in Washington state said Thursday they had destroyed the first Asian giant hornet nest of the season, which was located near the town of Blaine along the Canadian border. The Washington state Department of Agriculture said it eradicated the nest Wednesday, the AP reports. The nest was located in...

Latest Murder Hornet Find Perplexes Scientists

It's not clear how invasive insect got to city north of Seattle

(Newser) - Scientists have found a dead Asian giant hornet north of Seattle, the first so-called murder hornet found in the country this year, federal and state investigators said Wednesday. Entomologists from the state and US Agriculture departments said it's the first confirmed report from Snohomish County, north of Seattle, and...

Scientists Want Public's Help Finding Murder Hornets

As weather warms, entomologists aim to stop the spread of invasive species

(Newser) - They are formally known as Asian giant hornets, but the nickname "murder hornets" is how most people know them. And now that the weather is warming up, entomologists are preparing for battle, according to the Washington State Department of Agriculture . The idea is to "track, trap and eradicate,...

Destroyed Murder Hornet Nest Was Crawling With Queens

Caught 'in nick of time,' it contained 500 live hornets, including almost 200 queens

(Newser) - An entomologist who helped destroy the first murder hornet nest found in the US says experts "got there just in the nick of time." Some 500 live murder hornets were found in some stage of development in the nest taken from a tree in Whatcom County, Wash., including...

Destroyed Murder Hornet Nest Yield 2 Live Queens

Wash. officials unsure whether new captives are virgin queens or if one is the old one

(Newser) - Fresh off eradicating the nation's first known nest of murder hornets , scientists in Washington state cut down the tree that held the nest—only to discover two live queen hornets, reports CBS News . The next question is whether they're virgin queens or whether one is the old queen...

Crew Removes Murder Hornets
Murder Hornet Nest Is No More

Murder Hornet Nest Is No More

Washington team removes first settlement discovered in US

(Newser) - State entomologists have won the opening battle against murder hornets in Washington, successfully removing the first nest discovered in the US. Two days after it was discovered in a cavity of a tree near Blaine, the nest was shut down and the hornets removed, CNN reports. The nest held between...

First US Nest of Murder Hornets Found, Thanks to Dental Floss

The plan is to destroy it Saturday in Washington state

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered the first nest of so-called murder hornets in the US and plan to wipe it out Saturday to protect native honeybees, officials in Washington state said. Previously, a male hornet was found , but not the nest. After weeks of searching, the agency said it found the nest...

A Murder Hornet Escaped. Again
A Murder Hornet
Escaped. Again

A Murder Hornet Escaped. Again

Scientists were trying to track it to its nest

(Newser) - The "murder hornet" hunt is getting desperate —but for the second time, one of the Asian giant hornets escaped after scientists captured it in Washington state. They attached a tracking device to the hornet's body with dental floss and then released it back into the wild, hoping...

The Hunt for Murder Hornets Is Getting Desperate

Washington state officials want to destroy them before the 'slaughter phase' begins

(Newser) - Shhh, be very quiet—they're hunting murder hornets. And the media is following. Outlets from CNN to the Seattle Times are reporting on Washington state officials as they track Asian giant hornets in a race against time. The goal: destroy them before the dreaded "slaughter phase" begins. The...

First Male Murder Hornet Is Found in US, Signaling a Hive

7 hornets have now been located in Whatcom County, Wash.

(Newser) - Washington state is on the case of a suspected murder hornet nest following the capture of the first male murder hornet in the US. The Asian giant hornet was retrieved July 29 from a bottle trap near Custer, Wash., where a mated queen had been found dead, reports KOMO News...

Wash. Nabs Its First 'Murder Hornet'
First Murder Hornet Trapped 

First Murder Hornet Trapped

Congratulations, Washington

(Newser) - Good news/terrifying news out of Washington state, which has officially trapped its first Asian giant hornet, popularly known as the murder hornet. As CNN reports, the state has had five sightings since last year, but the specimen found July 14 in Birch Bay is the first ever trapped. "This...

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