Ahmaud Arbery

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Homeowner Shoots Teen Who Went to Wrong Address
Homeowner Charged
in Teen's Shooting at Door

Homeowner Charged in Teen's Shooting at Door

Ralph Yarl, 16, is hospitalized after arriving to pick up siblings

(Newser) - Missouri prosecutors announced charges late Monday against the white man who shot a Black teenager who came to his Kansas City front door by mistake. Andrew Lester, 85, faces assault in the first degree and armed criminal action charges, both felonies, per CNN . "I can tell you there was...

Ahmaud Arbery's Killers Get More Life Sentences

Father, son, and neighbor sentenced for federal hate crime

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. The white man who fatally shot Ahmaud Arbery after chasing the 25-year-old Black man in a Georgia neighborhood was sentenced Monday to life in prison for committing a federal hate crime. Travis McMichael, 37, was sentenced by US District Court Judge Lisa...

Ahmaud Arbery's Killers Guilty in Hate Crimes Trial

Federal charges followed earlier convictions in state court

(Newser) - Update: (Updated with new details on the convictions.) The three white men convicted of murder in Ahmaud Arbery’s fatal shooting were found guilty of federal hate crimes Tuesday for violating Arbery’s civil rights and targeting him because he was Black, per the AP . The jury also found...

Where Things Stand in Next Ahmaud Arbery Trial

After deals fall through, all three will stand trial on federal hate-crime charges, starting Monday

(Newser) - The last week has seen a flurry of developments related to the upcoming federal trial of the three men already convicted in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. But after much back-and-forth, we're right back where we started: Plea deals have fallen through, and all three men will stand trial...

Ahmaud Arbery Killer Will Stand Trial Again

Greg McMichael will change his plea on federal hate crime charge

(Newser) - One of the men convicted of murder in the chase and fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery says he plans to stand trial for a second time in the killing rather than plead guilty to a federal hate crime, the AP reports. Greg McMichael reversed course late Thursday on a planned...

Ahmaud Arbery’s Killers Strike a Plea Deal
Judge Rejects Plea Deal
for Travis McMichael

Judge Rejects Plea Deal for Travis McMichael

Victim Ahmaud Arbery's mother opposed father-and-son deal ahead of federal trial

(Newser) - Update: A federal judge has rejected the plea deal on hate crimes charges Travis McMichael reached with prosecutors. US District Judge Lisa Wood made the unusual move at a hearing Monday after protests from the family of Ahmaud Arbery, who said the deal to avoid a federal trial for their...

3 Guilty Verdicts Delivered in Arbery Case
3 Life Sentences for Men
in Ahmaud Arbery Case

3 Life Sentences for Men in Ahmaud Arbery Case

Father and son denied chance of parole, while neighbor must serve 30 years before possibility

(Newser) - Update: The three men convicted of murdering Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia were sentenced to life in prison on Friday, reports the AP . Greg and Travis McMichael, the father and son who first began chasing Arbery, were denied even the chance of parole. Neighbor William “Roddie” Bryan, who joined and...

Mother: Arbery Will Now Rest in Peace
Sharpton: Arbery Verdict
Will Go Down in History

Sharpton: Arbery Verdict Will Go Down in History

Mother says he will now 'rest in peace'

(Newser) - Ahmaud Arbery's parents were among the many people praising the verdict after all three defendants in the case were found guilty of murder Wednesday. The 25-year-old Black man's mother said she did not expect the three white men to face justice after prosecutors last year argued that his...

Arbery Jury Makes Request on 2nd Day of Deliberations

They asked to see shooting video again, hear 911 call made by defendant

(Newser) - Update: The jury in the Ahmaud Arbery case continued its deliberations Wednesday and asked to watch two versions of the video of Travis McMichael shooting the 25-year-old Black man. The jury foreperson asked the judge if they could watch the original cellphone video and a version enhanced to reduce shadows...

Defense Lawyer's Remark on Arbery's Toenails Spurs Outrage

'Beyond rude,' is how Arbery's mother characterized Laura Hogue's comment

(Newser) - The trial over the shooting death of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery continues, and on Monday, one of the defense attorneys found herself taking heat for a comment she made about Arbery's appearance. Per 11Alive , Laura Hogue, who's representing Gregory McMichael, stood up during closing arguments and insisted that what...

Key to White Supremacists' Lingo: the Guise of Humor
Key to White Supremacists'
Lingo: the Guise of Humor
the rundown

Key to White Supremacists' Lingo: the Guise of Humor

Charlottesville trial includes testimony about the strategy

(Newser) - The Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery trials aren't the only cases involving volatile race issues winding down at the moment. Jurors in Charlottesville, Virginia, begin deliberations Friday in a civil trial over the deadly violence that broke out at the Unite the Right rally in 2017, reports CNN . Details:...

Court Told Shotgun Blasts Left Gaping Hole in Arbery's Chest

Dr. Edmund Donoghue testifies as graphic autopsy photos are shown

(Newser) - First responders would have been powerless to save Ahmaud Arbery, a forensic pathologist at the Georgia Bureau of Investigation testified Tuesday at the trial of the three men accused of his murder. USA Today reports Dr. Edmund Donoghue described the bullet wounds Arbery suffered in detail, specifying injuries to his...

Defense Tries to Oust Jesse Jackson From Courtoom

But judge in Ahmaud Arbery case allows him to stay

(Newser) - The flap over "Black pastors" in the courtroom in the Ahmaud Arbery trial took another turn on Monday. Tensions flared when the Rev. Jesse Jackson sat in the back row of the courtroom between Arbery's parents, per the AP . Defense attorney Kevin Gough asked the judge to make...

Attorney in Arbery Trial: Sorry for 'Black Pastors' Remark

Defense lawyer Kevin Gough apologizes to those who were 'inadvertently' offended

(Newser) - Update: The defense attorney in the Ahmaud Arbery murder trial who told the judge he didn't want to see any more "Black pastors" in the courtroom is now offering a mea culpa. "My apologies to anyone who might have inadvertently been offended," Kevin Gough said, per...

'Squirming' as Graphic Photos of Ahmaud Arbery Are Shown

Jurors see closeup photos of his wounds

(Newser) - Jurors were shown graphic, closeup police photos Monday of the gunshot wounds that killed Ahmaud Arbery, while the first officer to find the 25-year-old Black man bleeding in the road testified he did not try to render medical aid because it would not have been safe. Three white men are...

Judge in Ahmaud Arbery Trial to Seat Jury With 11 White People

Despite finding defense may have practiced 'intentional discrimination'

(Newser) - The judge in the trial over the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, a Black man, will seat a jury consisting of 11 white members and one Black member. This despite the fact that Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley found, he said Wednesday, "that there appears to be intentional discrimination" on...

Ahmaud Arbery Trial Has a Big Challenge Early

Selecting a jury is expected to take weeks

(Newser) - Hundreds of people were ordered to report for jury duty Monday in Georgia for what could be a long, laborious effort to find jurors to hear the trial of three white men charged with fatally shooting Ahmaud Arbery as he was running in their neighborhood, per the AP . The slaying...

Ex-Prosecutor Indicted in Arbery Case

Jackie Johnson also violated her oath, Georgia filing says

(Newser) - A former prosecutor was indicted Thursday on charges of obstructing a police officer in the Georgia investigation of the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. Jackie Johnson, who was Brunswick Judicial Circuit district attorney at the time, also is charged with violating her oath of office, CNBC reports. One of the...

One Year After George Floyd Death, a Mix of Views
One Year After George Floyd
Death, a Mix of Views
OPINION roundup

One Year After George Floyd Death, a Mix of Views

'I think the verdict is still out on that,' says one observer of the prospects of real change

(Newser) - Tuesday is the one-year anniversary of the death of George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis, and as part of the observances, members of Floyd's family will visit President Biden at the White House, reports CNN . Others are weighing in on the changes over the past year....

Ahmaud Arbery Suspects Hit With Federal Charges

Georgia men accused of hate crime in death of Black jogger

(Newser) - Three Georgia men awaiting trial on state charges in the death of Ahmaud Arbery are now facing federal charges as well. The Justice Department announced Wednesday that Travis McMichael; his father, Gregory McMichael; and William "Roddie" Bryan have been indicted by a federal grand jury on hate crime and...

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