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Germans Blame Barbenheimer for COVID Surge

Mass gatherings may have played a role in rise in case numbers

(Newser) - Germany is experiencing a summer surge in COVID cases, and experts say something Spiegel calls the "Barbenheimer effect" is partly to blame. Epidemiologists say mass gatherings, including trips to the cinema to see blockbusters Barbie and Oppenheimer, often as a double bill, have played a role in what appears...

New COVID Variant Comes on CDC's Radar

BA.2.86 has an unusually large number of mutations

(Newser) - The days when a new strain of COVID could make headlines may seem like the distant past, but the CDC is calling attention to what it says is a potentially worrisome one, reports CBS News . It's called BA.2.86, and it's been spotted so far in the...

For Long COVID Sufferers, Good News and Bad News
For Long COVID Sufferers,
Good News and Bad News
new study

For Long COVID Sufferers, Good News and Bad News

Researchers say it's like having the brain age 10 years; but NIH is rolling out treatment studies

(Newser) - For those battling the vague but debilitating condition that has come to be known as long COVID , it's a mix of good and bad news.
  • The bad: British researchers measured the cognitive impairment of those with the diagnosis and found that it's the equivalent of their brains aging

Detecting COVID May Get a Lot Easier
Detecting COVID
May Get a Lot Easier
New Study

Detecting COVID May Get a Lot Easier

Researchers develop a portable device that can detect it in a room's air in a few minutes

(Newser) - Researchers have developed a portable gizmo the size of a microwave that can determine if COVID is present in the air of a room in five minutes, reports Science News . The new tool described in Nature is akin to an air-quality monitor and can detect the airborne virus in real...

Family Guilty of Selling Bleach as Fake COVID Cure

Floridians did so through their Miami church

(Newser) - Four members of a Florida family were convicted Wednesday of selling a toxic industrial bleach as a fake COVID-19 cure through their online church, per the AP . A federal jury in Miami found Mark Grenon, 65, and his sons, 37-year-old Jonathan, 35-year-old Joseph, and 29-year-old Jordan, guilty of conspiring to...

RFK Jr. Accused of Antisemitic Remarks on COVID
RFK Jr. Denies Antisemitism
in New COVID Remarks
the rundown

RFK Jr. Denies Antisemitism in New COVID Remarks

Candidate takes flak after 'New York Post' reports on his comments at a dinner

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. finds himself in more political controversy this weekend, accused of bigotry over comments he made while discussing the COVID-19 virus at a dinner in New York City this week. The New York Post published videotape of the dinner. Coverage:
  • What he said: "COVID-19. There is

After Humans Spread COVID to Deer, They Got Us Back

Researchers identify cases of deer-to-human transmission

(Newser) - Humans spread COVID-19 to American deer more than 100 times, according to a new analysis, which shows the "deer-adapted" virus jumped back to humans on a few occasions. The study, confirming early alpha and gamma variants were circulating in deer after becoming rare in people, raises concerns that the...

COVID Vaccines Likely Getting a Big Update

FDA advisers endorse updating the shots

(Newser) - The COVID-19 vaccines are on track for a big recipe change this fall, the AP reports. Today’s vaccines still contain the original coronavirus strain, the one that started the pandemic—even though that was long ago supplanted by mutated versions as the virus rapidly evolves. Thursday, the Food and...

Long COVID Patients May Fare Worse Than Some With Cancer

Fatigue is No. 1 symptom among this group, which sees 'shockingly' low quality-of-life scores

(Newser) - Medical experts and researchers are still wrangling with the intricacies of long COVID , the label given to health issues that persist or emerge after one's initial bout with the coronavirus is believed to have "ended." Now, a study out of the UK sheds more light on how...

At &#39;Disease Detectives&#39; Forum, a COVID Outbreak
181 Caught COVID
at CDC Conference

181 Caught COVID at CDC Conference

Gathering of 'disease detectives' gets unwanted surprise

(Newser) - A group of CDC specialists described as "disease detectives" by the Washington Post have gotten an unexpected case study to examine—their own. Of the 1,800 people who attended an agency conference in Atlanta last month, at least 181 contracted COVID, reports Ars Technica , citing an agency news...

At This Rate, Child Marriage Will Continue for Centuries: UN

Progress is being made, but not fast enough, according to new report

(Newser) - The world isn't moving fast enough to combat child marriage as, at current rates, it will be another 300 years before the practice is eliminated. That's according to a UN report , which finds 12 million girls are married as minors each year. The report does highlight progress made...

WHO Delivers 12 Long-Awaited Words on COVID

Agency says the virus is no longer a global health emergency

(Newser) - The leader of the World Health Organization delivered 12 words Friday that were three years in the making: “With great hope, I declare COVID-19 over as a global health emergency,” said WHO director general Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, per the New York Times . The declaration is more symbolic...

Report: China Frees COVID Whistleblower After 3 Years

Sources say Fang Bin is back home in Wuhan in good health

(Newser) - A whistleblower who disappeared three years ago after publicizing videos of overcrowded hospitals and bodies during the early days of the COVID-19 outbreak in China has been released from jail and returned to his Wuhan home, sources tell the BBC . The report has not been independently verified. Fang Bin and...

FDA Clears COVID Booster for Seniors This Spring

Also for people with compromised immune systems

(Newser) - US regulators on Tuesday cleared another COVID-19 booster dose for older adults and people with weak immune systems so they can shore up protection this spring—while taking steps to make coronavirus vaccinations simpler for everyone else, per the AP . The FDA said anyone 65 or older can opt to...

National COVID Emergency Now Over
National COVID
Emergency Now Over

National COVID Emergency Now Over

Biden signed congressional resolution to bring it to a close

(Newser) - The US national emergency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic ended Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to bring it to a close after three years—weeks before it was set to expire alongside a separate public health emergency, the AP reports. The national emergency allowed...

Report: Florida's Top Doc Nixed Key Data From Vaccine Study

Analysis shows State Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo cut data on COVID being riskier than shot

(Newser) - An analysis that was the basis of a highly criticized recommendation from Florida's surgeon general cautioning young men against getting the COVID-19 vaccine omitted information that showed catching the virus could increase the risk of a cardiac-related death much more than getting the mRNA shot, according to drafts of...

Injection Restores COVID Patient&#39;s Loss of Smell
Coffee Aroma
Made Her Cry,
for Good

Coffee Aroma Made Her Cry, for Good Reason

Ohio woman who had COVID has sense of smell restored at Cleveland Clinic

(Newser) - Lots of people love the smell of coffee. Few have been as overjoyed with it as Ohio's Jennifer Henderson, and for good reason. A video released by the Cleveland Clinic shows the 54-year-old bursting into tears as she is handed a cup and is able to detect the aroma,...

Chinese Scientists Throw Cold Water on COVID Origin Theory

They say there's still a chance the virus was carried to Wuhan market by humans or products

(Newser) - An analysis of samples from the market in Wuhan by an international group of scientists, offering evidence that COVID-19 jumped from animals to humans there, has sped up the release of another analysis from Chinese government scientists, based on the same data. The early, unedited version of the study, published...

Boris Johnson, Lawmakers Spar Over COVID Parties
Boris Johnson: 'I Did Not Lie'

Boris Johnson: 'I Did Not Lie'

Lawmakers question former prime minister about parties he hosted during lockdown

(Newser) - UK lawmakers questioned Boris Johnson for more than three tense hours on Wednesday, pressing him about whether events he hosted while prime minister broke COVID lockdown rules and drawing defiant denials that he misled them. A House of Commons committee is investigating assurances Johnson made to Parliament after parties at...

Biden Signs Bill to Release Intelligence on COVID Origins

Bipartisan legislation gives agency 90 days

(Newser) - President Biden on Monday signed a bill directing the government to declassify intelligence about how COVID-19 originated. The law allows redactions to protect sensitive sources and methods, Axios reports. It requires the Office of the Director of National Intelligence to act within 90 days. "My administration will declassify and...

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