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SCOTUS to Hear Case on GOP-Backed Social Media Laws

Legislation enacted in Texas, Florida aim to prevent social media sites from censoring users

(Newser) - The Supreme Court agreed Friday to decide whether state laws that seek to regulate Facebook, TikTok, X (formerly known as Twitter), and other social media platforms violate the Constitution. The justices will review laws enacted by Republican-dominated legislatures and signed by Republican governors in Florida and Texas. While the details...

Irish Regulator Hits TikTok With $367M Fine

Watchdog says social media app violated EU law on handling of children's data

(Newser) - Irish eyes are not smiling on how TikTok handled children's data in the second half of 2020. After reviewing the company's procedures during that period, Ireland's data watchdog fined the social media company $367 million for breaking European Union law and issued a reprimand, the Guardian reports....

TikTok Star After Cliff Fall: 'I Thought I Was Going to Die'

Caleb Coffee suffered multiple broken bones, faces 'long road to recovery'

(Newser) - A young TikTok star has survived a fall from a cliff in Hawaii in what his family describes as a "miracle." Caleb Coffee, 18, was hiking with friends Wednesday when he tumbled, falling 60 to 80 feet onto a bed of lava rocks, according to a GoFundMe page....

Obama's Dissent to Book Ban Hits TikTok

Former president says censorship of opposing viewpoints is 'profoundly misguided'

(Newser) - Fighting back against efforts to ban books from schools and public libraries, the American Library Association has found a prominent supporter in former President Obama. In an open letter to the nation's librarians, Obama denounces attempts to censor "some of the books that shaped my life—and...

The Jig Is Up for TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'

The Jig Is Up for
TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'
in case you missed it

The Jig Is Up for TikTok's 'Dr. Roxy'

Ohio's Medical Board finds she 'put patients in danger for the social media world'

(Newser) - A plastic surgeon who made a name for herself in livestreaming procedures on TikTok can no longer practice in Ohio after the state's Medical Board found she'd neglected patients while focused on her viewers. The board voted Wednesday to strip Dr. Katharine Roxanne Grawe, better known as Dr....

Judge Accused of Posting Inappropriate TikTok Videos

New Jersey judge lip-synched explicit lyrics, complaint states

(Newser) - A New Jersey Superior Court judge is accused of having very poor judgment when it came to what he posted on TikTok. According to a complaint filed against Gary Wilcox, some of the dozens of videos the judge posted under the name "Sal Tortorella" over a two-year period featured...

College Intern's Grueling 1.2K-Mile Commute Goes Viral

Sophia Celentano actually saves money by flying from SC to gig in NJ every Wednesday

(Newser) - College student Sophia Celentano gets up around 3am every Wednesday to get ready for her summer internship—not because her gig starts very early (it's a traditional 9-to-5), but because she's a "super commuter," flying 600 miles one way from her home in Charleston, South Carolina,...

Meet 'Heaven's Receptionist'
Meet 'Heaven's

Meet 'Heaven's Receptionist'

She is former Miss New York Taryn Delanie Smith, and she is charming all of TikTok

(Newser) - If heaven were a place on Earth, its receptionist's office would be located in the home, and more specifically the TikTok account , of one Taryn Delanie Smith. As NPR reports, Smith—the 2022 Miss New York and 2023 runner-up Miss America, and, yes, a onetime receptionist—has created a...

TikTok Sues Montana
TikTok Sues Montana

TikTok Sues Montana

Company says ban is based on 'unfounded speculation'

(Newser) - TikTok is taking Montana to court over the state's first-in-the-nation ban complete ban of the app , which was due to take effect Jan. 1 but could now be delayed. In a complaint filed Monday in US District Court for the District of Montana, TikTok said the ban violated First...

Hours After First State Bans TikTok, It Gets Sued

Lawsuit filed against Montana after it tries to entirely ban the social media app

(Newser) - Five TikTok content creators wasted no time filing a lawsuit challenging Montana's first-in-the-nation TikTok ban ; their complaint was filed Wednesday night, hours after Montana Gov. Greg Gianforte signed the law, which goes way beyond a prohibiting TikTok on government devices. The Montana ban aims to prohibit the Chinese-owned app...

This Could Be the First US State to Ban TikTok
State OKs Total TikTok Ban

State OKs Total TikTok Ban

ACLU calls Montana law unconstitutional

(Newser) - The nation's first complete ban on TikTok has been approved in Montana. Gov. Greg Gianforte, a Republican, signed the legislation on Wednesday, possibly kicking off a court battle that could not only decide whether Montana's law ever takes effect, but also the future of similar federal legislation, the...

Their Uplifting TikTok Ditty Went Viral in a Hurry
This Uplifting TikTok
Ditty Has Struck a Chord

This Uplifting TikTok Ditty Has Struck a Chord

'If I Were a Fish' has resonated online with its message of acceptance

(Newser) - They didn't set out to create a viral online sensation, but a Nashville couple has nevertheless done so with a song equal parts catchy and uplifting. The song is "If I Were a Fish," and the singers are Corinne Savage (whose stage name is Corook) and her...

Congressman Ridiculed Over TikTok WiFi Question

Some think he has no idea how internet access works, others think he has a point

(Newser) - TikTok users took to—what else—TikTok during the social media app CEO's congressional appearance Thursday to mock lawmakers who seemed like, as some called them, "embarrassing" "corpses" who are too old and "out-of-touch" to have any idea how technology works. One of the questions being...

One Exchange Sums Up TikTok Exec's Testimony

Lawmaker demands guarantee China can't use the site to spy, doesn't get one

(Newser) - The CEO of TikTok was being grilled by members of a House committee on Thursday, and one exchange in particular seemed to encapsulate the early going. A big concern of lawmakers on the House Energy and Commerce Committee panel is that because TikTok is owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance,...

TikTok to Defend Against Claims It's 'Digital Fentanyl'

CEO Shou Zi Chew to respond to security, content concerns at Thursday hearing

(Newser) - The fate of TikTok in the US could rest on a Congressional hearing taking place Thursday, which will see CEO Shou Zi Chew claim the data of its 150 million US users is protected from the Chinese government. Lawmakers aren't convinced. As the New York Times reports, the app...

Report: Feds Threaten Nationwide TikTok Ban

Company says it has been told Chinese owners need to sell their stake in app

(Newser) - After more than two years in office, President Biden apparently now holds the same position as his predecessor on TikTok. The administration has threatened to ban the app unless Chinese company ByteDance sells its stake, sources tell outlets including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal . In 2020,...

46 UMass Students Hospitalized After Drinking 'Borgs'

Another TikTok challenge gone awry

(Newser) - Another social media challenge is making headlines for unfortunate reasons. This one has to do with "borgs," or one-gallon containers of water in which some of the water is dumped out and replaced with alcohol and some sort of flavoring that has electrolytes. After consuming "borgs" (which...

TikTok Says It Will Set Time Limits for Teens
TikTok Is Bringing in
Time Limits for Under-18s

TikTok Is Bringing in Time Limits for Under-18s

But they'll be able to opt out, company says

(Newser) - TikTok, which has been criticized for having an algorithm so addictive that many teens say they are on the app constantly, is bringing in a screen time limit for younger users—though it's not one that will be strictly enforced. The company says that in changes that will be...

TikTok Kicked Off Government-Issued Devices in Canada

App 'presents an unacceptable level of risk to privacy and security'

(Newser) - Canada has become the latest country to crack down on TikTok over data collection policies seen as unsafe. Officials said Monday that the Chief Information Officer of Canada had decided, after a review, that the Chinese-owned social media app should not be allowed on government devices because it "presents...

Cops: TikTok Challenge Drove Teens to Act Like Kool-Aid Man

Kids busted for crashing through residents' fences on Long Island

(Newser) - Another day, another stupid TikTok challenge. This time it involves a group of Long Island teens who allegedly decided to emulate the Kool-Aid Man's move of busting through walls —except in their case, they're accused of kicking down local fences. Fox News reports that Suffolk County police...

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