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There's a New DunKing on the Block
Dunkin' Has a
New Celebrity

Dunkin' Has a New Celebrity Pitchman

Will Arnett steps in for Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and he's got Dunkin'terns for the summer

(Newser) - Ben Affleck and Matt Damon might've teamed up for a little film that won some Oscars, but they more recently teamed up for a little Super Bowl commercial for Dunkin' . They've apparently now got the summer off, and the coffee-and-doughnut chain has a new pitchman in the form...

Energy Drink Didn't Work Out for Panera, So Dunkin' Tries It Out

Sparkd' Energy contains a lot of caffeine, as did beverages consumed by 2 late Panera patrons

(Newser) - At least two people have died after drinking caffeine-infused lemonade at Panera, but that's not stopping Dunkin' from launching their own series of fruit-flavored drinks that will offer a "revitalizing burst of energy." The coffee chain debuted its Sparkd' Energy beverage on Wednesday, a fizzy energy drink...

Dunkin' Merch Sold Out in 19 Minutes After Affleck Ad

Orange tracksuits worn by 'Air' actor and his fake boy band are apparently a coveted item

(Newser) - If you haven't had a chance yet to catch the Ben Affleck-Matt Damon-Jennifer Lopez-Tom Brady commercial for Dunkin' that aired on Super Bowl Sunday, everyone else made up for you. In fact, so many people were invested in the coffee and doughnut company's ad—which shows the three...

Dunkin' Debuts New Dish in Reinvigorated 'Breakfast Wars'

Breakfast tacos are latest menu item that chains are serving up to draw in morning customers

(Newser) - You'd think Taco Bell would be the first major fast-food chain to offer morning tacos, but a different eatery entirely now has them on the menu. As Insider puts it, "the breakfast wars are heating up again," as Dunkin' makes a front-line push with its Wednesday debut...

Dunkin' Fans Revolt After Chain Changes Rewards Program

Drama erupted on social media after the switch

(Newser) - Dunkin' fans are revolting after the coffee and donuts chain updated its rewards program to what customers say is a much worse deal. Tweets on the matter, which are worth perusing Twitter for, include such gems as "The new dunkin rewards system is my villain origin story" and "...

Dunkin' Worker Who Killed Customer Gets 2 Years House Arrest

Corey Pujols was called a racial slur by Tampa customer

(Newser) - Update: A Dunkin' employee who punched a customer, causing the man's death three days later, has been sentenced to two years of house arrest plus three years probation after pleading guilty to felony battery, reports the Tampa Bay Times . The charge was reduced from aggravated manslaughter under a plea...

Dunkin' Introduces 'Free Coffee Mondays'

Promotion will last through 'home stretch of winter'

(Newser) - Dunkin'— formerly known as Dunkin' Donuts—says it is offering its fans a "little extra boost" to get through the "home stretch of winter." The chain says it is introducing "Free Coffee Mondays" from Feb. 1 through to Feb. 22, Delish reports. Members of the...

Election Day Have You Stressed, Hungry? Check Out the Freebies

Doughnuts, chicken, and massages are gratis

(Newser) - Once you've voted, head to the gym for a free workout and massage, then reward yourself with a free doughnut. Still waiting around for election results early Wednesday? You can snag a free coffee, too. It's all possible with perks offered by various businesses this Election Day, which...

They Rule the Roast Beef World. Now They Want the Doughnuts

Arby's owner Inspire Brands to bring Dunkin', which owns Baskin-Robbins, private

(Newser) - Doughnuts and ice cream go with chicken wings and roast beef sandwiches, right? Hopefully so, because Dunkin', which owns Baskin-Robbins, is about to get scooped up by Inspire Brands, the holding company that owns Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, Sonic, and other eateries, CNN Business reports. The $11.3 billion...

Dunkin' Offers Bright Spot in Job Market

Chain will be hiring as many as 25K workers

(Newser) - The job market has been pretty dismal of late , but amid signs of recovery , CBS News reports one chain plans to hire as many as 25,000 workers. Dunkin', which has kept 90% of its locations open (with modifications) amid the COVID-19 pandemic, plans to hire that many counter workers...

Dunkin' Is Officially Done With Foam Cups

Hot beverages now come in double-walled paper cups

(Newser) - Dunkin' says it has officially transitioned to paper cups at all of its global restaurants, eliminating "approximately one billion foam cups from the waste stream annually." Two years ago, the company vowed to phase out its polystyrene foam cups, in use for 20 years. Double-walled paper cups, with...

Starbucks Used to Have a Much Longer Name

Why company dumped Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spices, and why other brands changed their names

(Newser) - In a world where our texting shorthand includes "BRB," "LOL," and "K," is it any surprise that we now have brands calling themselves WW, RH, and KFC? USA Today reports on eight companies that have truncated or otherwise modified their original monikers, for various...

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