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Marianne Williamson Has Beef With DNC

'Politics is dirty' but 'I've never seen anything like this,' candidate says in leaked audio

(Newser) - Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign is "desperate for cash," as she told volunteers during a two-hour Zoom call leaked Thursday, per Politico . "I have put my own money in, and I don't have the money to continue putting it in at the level I have,"...

Andrew Yang Forms New Party With Ex-Republicans

The Forward party aims to attract the 'moderate, common-sense majority'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang is teaming up with ex-Republicans to launch his new political party: the Forward party, which is looking to attract what its founders call the "moderate, common-sense majority." Yang, the former Democratic presidential candidate who first announced the new party last year , is merging his political organization...

Andrew Yang Forms 'Inclusive' 3rd Party

Key principles include universal basic income and 'grace and tolerance'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang wants to overhaul politics, from the two-party system to political campaigns, as he writes in a new book out Tuesday. In the final chapter of Forward: Notes on the Future of Our Democracy, the former Democratic presidential and New York City mayoral candidate reveals the name of a...

Voting Twist Makes It Tricky to Forecast NYC Race
A Different Voting System
Gets a High-Profile Test
the rundown

A Different Voting System Gets a High-Profile Test

Ranked-choice being used in New York City's mayoral race Tuesday

(Newser) - It's Election Day in New York City. More precisely, Tuesday is the Democratic primary in the mayoral race, and the winner is all but assured to become the city's next mayor in November's general election. The race has an interesting twist: The city is using ranked-choice voting...

In NYC Mayor's Race, a Strategic Pairing of Rivals

Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia team up to take advantage of ranked-choice system

(Newser) - New York's Democratic primary is in its final days, and the city's new voting system led to an odd sight on Saturday: Rivals Andrew Yang and Kathryn Garcia campaigned together, reports the Hill . The pair trail frontrunner Eric Adams, and they're taking advantage of this year's...

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor
NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

NYT Makes Its Pick for Mayor

Editorial board says Kathryn Garcia is 'the most qualified person'

(Newser) - Andrew Yang is probably the biggest of more than a dozen names in the race to be mayor of New York City. "But nothing so far suggests that he has the experience to run New York City on Day 1," according to the New York Times ' editorial...

Response to Andrew Yang Interview: 'Gay, Gay, Gay. Wow'

LGBTQ organization declined to endorse him for mayor of NYC

(Newser) - Andrew Yang was hoping for a political endorsement Wednesday when he virtually sat down with members of the Stonewall Democratic Club of New York City, which the New York Times says is "arguably the leading LGBT club" in NYC. Instead, the mayoral candidate, currently a frontrunner in the city'...

A Woman Mayoral Frontrunner Like Yang? Not a Chance

'NYT' columnist: Men enjoy perception of being a 'visionary' that's often belied by actual experience

(Newser) - With primaries for the New York City mayoral race set for June, three hopefuls have ascended the Democrats' list, according to recent polling: Comptroller Scott Stringer, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, and, at the very top, businessman and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang. Writing for the New York Times , Michelle...

Mayoral Hopeful Yang Catches Flak for Video Reaction to 'Joke'

NYC contender is seen laughing in clip after man asks him, 'Do you choke b----es?'

(Newser) - Running for office in the Big Apple is tough business, and Andrew Yang is quickly finding out just how tough. The front-runner mayoral candidate is taking heat after he was seen in a now-viral video, interacting and laughing with a group of men after one made misogynistic remarks. In the...

Andrew Yang Tests Positive for COVID
Andrew Yang
Has Coronavirus

Andrew Yang Has Coronavirus

New York mayoral candidate reports 'mild symptoms' and says he'll self-quarantine

(Newser) - Andrew Yang, the tech entrepreneur who sought the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination and now is running for mayor of New York, has tested positive for the coronavirus. In a statement, Yang said that he had tested negative "as recently as this weekend" but received a positive test result Tuesday,...

Yang Is Running in Another Crowded Field

Announces run for NYC mayor

(Newser) - Andrew Yang has entered another crowded Democratic primary field 11 months after dropping his White House bid . On Wednesday, his 46th birthday, the tech entrepreneur confirmed his run for New York City mayor, CBS reports. "I moved to New York City 25 years ago. I came of age, fell...

Yang Complained About His Digs. New Yorkers Hit Back

Potential NYC mayoral candidate griped of having to work, deal with 2 kids in small space

(Newser) - As buzz grows around Andrew Yang's possible run for mayor of New York City, he's also making headlines for a different story. The 45-year-old former presidential candidate, who's a dad to two young children, has a Manhattan apartment, but due to the pandemic, he's been living...

Is Online Poll a Clue to What's Next for Andrew Yang?

A number of the questions relate to Yang as a potential NYC mayoral candidate

(Newser) - A potential clue that Andrew Yang might indeed make a run for mayor of New York come June? An online poll that Politico got a look at. It reports that someone who took the survey, which is run on the Survey Monkey platform and accessed via a Facebook ad, shared...

Jack Dorsey Spends Big on Universal Basic Income

Twitter CEO donates $5M to be distributed through Andrew Yang's program

(Newser) - Jack Dorsey, the billionaire CEO of Twitter and Square, is donating $5 million to the nonprofit created by Andrew Yang to make the case for a universal basic income in America. Dorsey, a donor to the former Democratic presidential candidate's campaign, announced the donation to Humanity Forward while appearing...

The New York Presidential Primary Is Back On

Judge restores it after pushback from Sanders, Yang

(Newser) - The New York Democratic presidential primary must take place June 23 because canceling it would be unconstitutional and deprive withdrawn presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang of proper representation at the Democratic convention, a judge ruled Tuesday. US District Judge Analisa Torres in Manhattan ruled after lawyers for Sanders...

Andrew Yang Sues Over New York's Primary Move

Says he should still be on the ballot

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders is outraged —and Andrew Yang is suing. The former Democratic presidential candidate is suing New York's Board of Elections in federal court, arguing that by removing all candidates other than Joe Biden from the ballot, thus effectively canceling its presidential primary , the state "denies voters...

Yang: WH Tapping My Brain on Cash-for- Americans Plan

Trump administration, mulling payment to each US adult amid pandemic, seems to want Yang's advice

(Newser) - Front and center of Andrew Yang's 2020 campaign was his "Freedom Dividend" concept—a $1,000 universal basic income payment given monthly to every American adult to "help solve economic inequality by giving workers a financial safety net, bolster innovation, and pay people for household domestic work,...

Yang Endorses Biden After Michigan Win

'We need to bring the party together,' he says

(Newser) - After biding his time, Andrew Yang has decided it's Biden time. The tech entrepreneur, who dropped out of the Democratic race after a disappointing result in New Hampshire last month, endorsed Joe Biden in a CNN appearance Tuesday night. He said Sanders was an inspiration for him, but "...

For Andrew Yang, a 'Natural Next Step'

Ex-presidential candidate sets up Humanity Forward nonprofit

(Newser) - Even though his presidential bid is officially kaput, Andrew Yang isn't done talking about some of the ideas he advanced during his run—and he wants to make sure everyone's still listening. He's taken what he tells the New York Times is the "natural next step"...

Andrew Yang Reveals What's Next
Andrew Yang
What's Next

Andrew Yang Reveals What's Next

A gig on CNN as a political commentator

(Newser) - What's next for Andrew Yang after the businessman dropped out of the 2020 presidential race? A gig on CNN. "I'm excited to join @CNN to help shed light on the election and the candidates' experiences. Learned a lot these past months and am glad to contribute to...

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