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Marie Kondo After 3 Kids: 'My Home Is Messy'

And the decluttering guru is OK with that

(Newser) - It's an admission that might spark joy in those who tried and failed to live up to the decluttering goals espoused by Marie Kondo : Now that she has three young kids, Kondo herself can't, either. “My home is messy, but the way I am spending my time...

NYT Writer Called Out 2 Big Names, Then Herself
Chef Dumped by
NYT Lands at CNN+

Chef Dumped by NYT Lands at CNN+

Foodie Alison Roman will host 'highly opinionated' cooking program

(Newser) - Update: Alison Roman is out of the "Twitter doghouse." That's how Jezebel paints the "nearly canceled" chef and cookbook author, who in 2020 slammed Chrissy Teigen and Marie Kondo, spurring calls of racism. She eventually parted ways with her employer, the New York Times. Now the...

Decluttering Guru Wants to Sell You Stuff

Marie Kondo now has an extensive online store

(Newser) - Marie Kondo has a lot going on . The decluttering guru's new books may not have been all that shocking, considering the success of her first, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. But her latest move might indeed surprise you: Kondo, the queen of suggesting you toss anything that doesn'...

Marie Kondo Has a Lot Going On
Marie Kondo
Has a Lot
Going On

Marie Kondo Has a Lot Going On

Decluttering guru is out with a children's book, for starters

(Newser) - Not even Marie Kondo can follow all of her rules for tidying all of the time. "Of course, when things get very busy, I need to let go of some of my standards and methods, and I think that's a completely natural thing," the decluttering guru, Netflix...

Author Tweets About Marie Kondo, Twitter Erupts

Barbara Ehrenreich's post about Kondo not speaking English called racist, xenophobic

(Newser) - Japanese organizing doyenne Marie Kondo has been at the front of everyone's mind since her Netflix series Tidying Up With Marie Kondo debuted, placing the question "Does it spark joy?" into the American conversation and teaching everyone how to fold their clothes like origami. Author Barbara Ehrenreich, however—...

5 Stories