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Civil Rights Group Issues Grim First for LGBTQ+ Americans

HRC declares state of emergency due to record number of anti-LGBTQ laws

(Newser) - The US set a record with 29 anti-LGBTQ+ laws passed across the country last year. But that record has already been crushed six months into 2023, with more than 75 anti-LBGTQ+ bills passed into law as of Monday, according to the Human Rights Campaign, which just declared a national state...

National COVID Emergency Now Over
National COVID
Emergency Now Over

National COVID Emergency Now Over

Biden signed congressional resolution to bring it to a close

(Newser) - The US national emergency to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic ended Monday as President Joe Biden signed a bipartisan congressional resolution to bring it to a close after three years—weeks before it was set to expire alongside a separate public health emergency, the AP reports. The national emergency allowed...

COVID Emergencies to End on May 11
COVID Emergencies
to End on May 11

COVID Emergencies to End on May 11

Patients will have to pay more drug, treatment costs

(Newser) - President Biden informed Congress on Monday that he will end the twin national emergencies for addressing COVID-19 on May 11, as most of the world has returned closer to normalcy nearly three years after they were first declared. The move to end the national emergency and public health emergency declarations...

Judge: Trump Can't Use Military Money for His Wall

'All President Trump has succeeded in building is a constitutional crisis': California AG

(Newser) - A federal judge on Friday prohibited President Trump from tapping $2.5 billion in military funding to build high-priority segments of his prized border wall in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. in Oakland acted on two lawsuits filed by California and by activists who contended...

Report: Trump Considering Loophole for Saudi Arms Sale

Emergency declaration would bypass Congress

(Newser) - The Trump administration is considering an emergency declaration that would allow it to make an arms shipment to Saudi Arabia without the approval of Congress, two US officials and lawmakers opposed to the move said Thursday. The officials say a decision on invoking a national security waiver in the Arms...

Trump Declares Another National Emergency

Move allows government to ban Huawei technology

(Newser) - President Trump declared a national emergency Wednesday in a move seen as an attempt to crack down on a single company. In an executive order, the president declared a national economic emergency, allowing the government to ban US companies from using telecommunications equipment from "foreign adversaries" that pose an...

McConnell: Senate Will Likely Reject Trump's Emergency

But, he notes, presidential veto will likely not be overriden

(Newser) - The Senate will indeed pass a resolution blocking President Trump's border emergency declaration, Mitch McConnell said Monday, days after Rand Paul's support of the House-passed resolution pushed the chamber to the 51 votes it would need to also pass it. The Senate majority leader's acknowledgment "underscore[s]...

Trump May Have to Use His Very First Veto

Congress looks poised to vote against his national emergency declaration

(Newser) - If President Trump wants to keep his declaration of a national emergency in place, it's looking increasingly likely that he will have to use the first veto of his presidency. The House votes Tuesday on a measure to nullify the emergency, and the measure is expected to pass easily,...

House Democrats Move to 'Terminate' National Emergency

Resolution to block Trump's declaration coming Friday: AP

(Newser) - House Democrats will file a resolution Friday aimed at blocking the national emergency declaration President Trump has issued to help finance his border wall, reports the AP . House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas circulated separate letters Wednesday to lawmakers seeking co-sponsors to his one-sentence resolution saying...

Trump's Declaration Just Got Its Biggest Legal Challenge

16 states sue to block border wall plans

(Newser) - "It’s kind of awkward to say that on Presidents' Day we're going to be suing the president of the United States, but sometimes that's what you have to do," California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said Monday, announcing a major legal challenge to President Trump's...

Trump May Issue His First Veto to the New Congress

Stephen Miller says Trump will stand by his national-emergency plan

(Newser) - President Donald Trump is prepared to issue the first veto of his term if Congress votes to disapprove his declaration of a national emergency along the US-Mexico border, a top White House adviser said on Sunday. White House senior adviser Stephen Miller told Fox News Sunday that "the president...

SNL Goes to Town on Trump's National Emergency

'We need wall,' says Alec Baldwin

(Newser) - President Trump's declaration of a national emergency on the southern border found new scorn on Saturday Night Live, which trotted out Alec Baldwin in its Cold Open to proclaim that “We need wall, OK. We have a tremendous amount of drugs flowing into this country from the southern...

Coulter Leads the Zinger Parade: Trump Is 'an Idiot'

But others are critical on both sides of the aisle

(Newser) - Reactions are percolating around America to President Trump's declaration of a national emergency—not the least of which comes from his political frenemy Ann Coulter, per USA Today . "The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot," she said Friday on KABC Radio in Los...

Here Come the Lawsuits
It's Lawsuit Time

It's Lawsuit Time

Public Citizen files the first federal suit over Trump's national emergency

(Newser) - In case you left Earth recently, President Trump has declared a national emergency to free up funds for his border wall. And now, as he predicted, lawsuits are on their way. The first one comes from the liberal non-profit Public Citizen, which says there's no actual emergency at the...

Trump Declares Emergency, Makes His Case

President will direct $8B to build or repair border barrier

(Newser) - No last-minute surprises: President Trump said in the Rose Garden on Friday that he was declaring a national emergency over the southern border. Trump is going around Congress to direct about $8 billion toward the building or repair of more than 230 miles of a barrier along the US-Mexico...

Trump Downplays Idea of National Emergency

President hints he won't make controversial declaration after all

(Newser) - President Trump once strongly hinted that he would declare a national emergency in order to build a border wall. On Monday, he walked back the threat about the controversial move . "Now I have the absolute legal right to call it, but I'm not looking to do that,"...

Trump: I'll 'Probably' Declare an Emergency
Trump: I'll
Declare an
the rundown

Trump: I'll 'Probably' Declare an Emergency

President hints about border wall move

(Newser) - President Trump did not, as some expected, declare a national emergency in his Tuesday night speech about the need for a border wall. But Trump made clear on Thursday that the controversial move is still very much a possibility. "If this doesn't work out, probably I will do...

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