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Samuel Little Is Dead, but LA Detectives Aren't Giving Up

They're still pursuing 16 possible murders committed by the serial killer

(Newser) - The nation's most prolific serial killer died last year in a California prison at age 80, but as the Los Angeles Times explains, that hardly shuts the book on Samuel Little. He described having committed 93 murders, but in the case of 31 of them, authorities still haven't...

Apparent Victim of America's Most Prolific Serial Killer ID'd

It took 44 years to name Clara Birdlong

(Newser) - Authorities have identified a woman found dead in Mississippi 44 years ago, who is believed to be yet another victim of America's most prolific serial killer. Samuel Little, who died in a California prison in January , was convicted of three murders in 2014, but later confessed to killing 93...

America's Worst Serial Killer Is Dead
America's Most Prolific
Serial Killer Is Dead
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America's Most Prolific Serial Killer Is Dead

Samuel Little dies at 80

(Newser) - Samuel Little, America's deadliest serial killer, died early Wednesday at a California hospital. Little, who was serving multiple life sentences at a California state prison, was 80. No cause of death was immediately released, but the AP reports he suffered from various ailments including diabetes and heart problems. Little...

How Worst Serial Killer in US Got Away With It for Decades

Samuel Little enjoyed decades of impunity by targeting the unmissed: Washington Post

(Newser) - America's most prolific serial killer operated for more than 30 years, targeting vulnerable, usually Black women, under the watch of an "indifferent" criminal justice system. That's according to part one of an in-depth investigation by the Washington Post , which interviewed experts and reviewed thousands of pages of...

A Serial Killer Says He Killed This Woman. But Who Is She?

Samuel Little drew her sketch, and authorities are hoping someone recognizes her

(Newser) - Confessed serial killer Samuel Little has been drawing dozens of macabre sketches : Each of them shows a woman he says he killed between 1970 and 2005. The 79-year-old says he strangled a total of 93 victims across the country, which, if confirmed, would make him the most prolific US serial...

FBI: This Man Is the Worst Serial Killer in US History

50 Samuel Little murders have now been confirmed

(Newser) - The FBI says it is now confident that Samuel Little is the most prolific serial killer in American history—and the number of confirmed murders could still rise by more than 40. The 79-year-old, who started cooperating with law enforcement last year, has confessed to murdering 93 women across America...

Investigators Tie Killer to More Slayings

Samuel Little says he struck in 14 states over decades

(Newser) - Investigators have now linked confessed serial killer Samuel Little to 60 killings in 14 states, a Texas prosecutor says. Authorities had tied Little to 34 deaths, CNN reports. The FBI has said Little told investigators he killed more than 90 people. Little chose marginalized and vulnerable women, the FBI says,...

Serial Killer Sketches His Victims for Authorities

FBI releases 16 sketches by Samuel Little

(Newser) - Authorities are still trying to connect Samuel Little , who has been convicted of killing three women but has admitted to killing 90, to cold cases across the country. Now the 78-year-old has started drawing sketches of his victims for authorities, NBC News reports. The FBI has released 16 sketches by...

The Word 'Odessa' Got a Serial Killer to Start Talking

Christie Palazzolo was asked to look into Samuel Little in 2013

(Newser) - Much has been written about Samuel Little , a 77-year-old serving life in California whose recent confessions may make him one of America's deadliest serial killers. In a lengthy piece for the Los Angeles Times , Del Quentin Wilber manages to present new details on how those confessions came to be...

Killer Hoped to Move Prisons, Made Astounding Confession

So far, 34 murders have been confirmed and attributed to Samuel Little

(Newser) - If Samuel Little hadn't wanted a change of scenery, scores of murders across the US might have remained unsolved. The FBI says the 78-year-old man suspected of being America's most prolific killer wasn't happy in California, where he was serving three life sentences for the murders of...

78-Year-Old May Be the Most Prolific Serial Killer in the US

Samuel Little has provided information about more than 90 murders

(Newser) - A 78-year-old man already serving three life sentences for murder may be one of the most prolific serial killers ever in the US. Samuel Little, convicted in 2014 of slaying three women in California in the late 1980s, has provided authorities from across the nation with information about more than...

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