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From Smallville to Jail Cell, Allison Mack Is Now Free

Actor involved in NXIVM sex cult is released from prison after 2 years of 3-year sentence

(Newser) - NXIVM leader Keith Raniere isn't getting out of prison anytime soon, but one of the highest-ranking members in his sex cult is now free. Per Federal Bureau of Prisons records, former Smallville actor Allison Mack was released Monday from a federal prison in Dublin, California, as first reported in...

Allison Mack Gets 3 Years in NXIVM Cult Case
Actress Allison Mack
Is Now an Inmate

Actress Allison Mack Is Now an Inmate

Convicted in NXIVM case, she starts her sentence early

(Newser) - Update: Allison Mack is now behind bars. The actress started her prison sentence early, with the Bureau of Prisons confirming Wednesday that Mack entered its custody Monday. She's at a low-security federal correctional facility for women in California, NBC reports. The 39-year-old, best known for Smallville, was convicted in...

NXIVM Co-Founder Sentenced to 3.5 Years
NXIVM Co-Founder
Learns Her Fate

NXIVM Co-Founder Learns Her Fate

Nancy Salzman sentenced to 3.5 years

(Newser) - A former nurse who helped Keith Raniere launch the cult-like NXIVM group more than 20 years ago has become the latest high-ranking member to get a prison sentence. Nancy Salzman, a former president of the purported self-help group, was sentenced to 42 months in Brooklyn federal court Wednesday, though she...

Allison Mack Apologizes for Her Role in NXIVM Cult

'Smallville' actress will be sentenced Wednesday

(Newser) - Days before her sentencing in the NXIVM sex trafficking case, Smallville actress Allison Mack apologized for her role in the cult-like group. Mack, best known for playing Chloe Sullivan on the WB/CW series, wrote a nearly 800-word statement for the federal judge who will sentence her Wednesday describing the "...

Sex Cult Founder Gets 120 Years
Sex Cult Founder
Learns His Fate

Sex Cult Founder Learns His Fate

NXIVM leader Keith Raniere gets 120 years

(Newser) - Defense lawyers said self-help guru and NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere should be sentenced to only 15 years in prison after being found guilty of sex trafficking, racketeering, and other crimes. But after hearing searing testimony from 15 victims Tuesday, US District Judge Nicholas Garaufis sentenced the unrepentant 60-year-old...

NXIVM Leader Keith Raniere 'Is Not Sorry': Lawyer

Racketeering and sex trafficking convictions could bring life sentence Tuesday

(Newser) - The leader of the self-help organization/sex cult Nxivm is scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday in New York after being convicted of charges including racketeering and sex trafficking. For hours, the court will hear statements from Keith Raniere's victims, the New York Times reports. It could be his last chance...

Billionaire's Daughter Gets 81 Months in Sex-Cult Case
Heiress Sentenced
in Sex-Cult Case

Heiress Sentenced in Sex-Cult Case

Clare Bronfman gets 81 months for her involvement in Nxivm

(Newser) - An heiress is heading to prison for her role in an abusive cult that turned women into sex slaves, the New York Daily News reports. A judge sentenced Clare Bronfman, the daughter of late Seagram's billionaire Edgar Bronfman Sr., to 81 months in prison and fined her $500,000...

Prosecutor: NXIVM Head Had Sex With Teen 'Virgin Camilla'

Sex trafficking and racketeering trial of Keith Raniere is now underway in New York

(Newser) - The inevitable salacious details are emerging at the sex trafficking and racketeering trial of Keith Raniere, the leader of the cult-like NXIVM group, and those details started flowing in a Brooklyn courtroom Tuesday via "Sylvie." The New York Times details testimony of the 32-year-old UK woman, who says...

Bronfman Heiress Pleads Guilty in Sex Cult Case

'I am truly sorry,' she tells court

(Newser) - An heiress pleaded guilty Friday in a sensational case accusing a cult-like upstate New York group of creating a secret harem of sex slaves for the group's spiritual leader. Clare Bronfman admitted in federal court in Brooklyn that she harbored someone who was living in the US illegally for...

Actress Allison Mack Pleads Guilty in Sex Cult Case

'Smallville' star admits her role in NXIVM

(Newser) - With jury selection beginning at the federal case against a cult-like upstate New York group, TV actress Allison Mack pleaded guilty Monday to charges she manipulated women into becoming sex slaves for the group's spiritual leader, the AP reports. Mack, 36, who is best known for her role as...

'Sex Cult' Co-Founder Pleads Guilty on Racketeering Charge

Feds unveil new NXIVM charges

(Newser) - Nancy Salzman, co-founder of an alleged sex cult that branded female followers with the initials of its leader, has pleaded guilty to a racketeering conspiracy charge in federal court in New York. The 64-year-old told the court Wednesday that she had hacked the email accounts of NXIVM's critics and...

Liquor Heiress Charged in Sex Cult Case

Prosecutors say Bronfman used fortune to protect leader

(Newser) - Liquor heiress Clare Bronfman was among four people arrested Tuesday as part of an investigation into what prosecutors say was a sex trafficking organization masquerading as a self-help group. Bronfman, the 39-year-old daughter of late billionaire philanthropist and former Seagram chairman Edgar Bronfman Sr., pleaded not guilty to racketeering charges...

Documents Detail More Allegations Against Allison Mack

Actress allegedly received 'financial benefits [and] financial opportunities' for her role in cult-like group

(Newser) - Allison Mack, the Smallville star fighting sex trafficking charges after being accused of helping run a cult-like "self-help" group, received somewhat of a reprieve Tuesday from a federal judge, who agreed to let Mack be released to her parents' custody on a $5 million bond, NBC News and CNN...

Tweets Suggest Allison Mack Had Her Eye on Emma Watson

The 'Smallville' actress is accused of recruiting women into sex cult

(Newser) - "I'm a fellow actress like yourself & involved in an amazing women's movement I think you'd dig. I'd love to chat if you're open." What may have sounded like a friendly invitation when it was tweeted in January 2016 has turned nefarious, at...

She Starred on a Hit CW Show. Now, Sex Trafficking Charges

'Smallville' star Allison Mack accused of luring women into cult-like group run by Keith Raniere

(Newser) - A statement from the DOJ Friday revealed two indictments for sex trafficking, and fans of a former CW show are shocked to see one of the stars as one of the accused. CNN and the AP report Allison Mack, who appeared on the Superman-themed show Smallville, was hit with charges...

She Thought It Would Be a Tattoo. It Was a Branding

Women recount bizarre initiation of secret group within Nxivm self-help organization

(Newser) - It's called Nxivm, pronounced Nex-e-um, and thousands have gone through its various self-help and executive training seminars since the 1990s. As the New York Times explains in a lengthy story about the group, most people take a few classes and leave after that. But others become devoted adherents to...

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