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Tortured Turpin Siblings Describe 'Hell' They Endured

'I thought I was going to die,' Jordan Turpin tells Diane Sawyer

(Newser) - Reflecting on her childhood, Jennifer Turpin says "the only word I know to call it is 'hell.'" It's no wonder considering the 32-year-old grew up in what media outlets have dubbed a "house of horrors." Turpin was one of 13 siblings rescued in...

New Book Unmasks More of Turpin Parents' Extremes
Family: Turpin Parents
Had Gambling Problem

Family: Turpin Parents Had Gambling Problem

Louise Turpin's sister describes an incident in Louisiana in John Glatt's new book

(Newser) - David and Louise Turpin's story is well known, for all the wrong reasons. They're the parents of the 13 kids who were rescued from a "house of horrors" in Perris, Calif., in January 2018; the two are now serving life with the possibility of parole on...

Parents Get Life Terms in Torture Case

Children of David and Louise Turpin were shackled, beaten, and malnourished

(Newser) - The abuse was nearly unspeakable , and now the parents who inflicted it on 12 of their 13 children may spend the rest of their lives in prison. David Turpin, 57, and wife Louise, 50, of the Los Angeles suburb of Perris received life terms Friday after pleading guilty to charges...

Calif. Parents of 13 Enter Plea in Torture Case

It's a guilty plea for David and Louise Turpin

(Newser) - A new development in the case of David Turpin , 57, and his wife, Louise, the California couple accused of holding their 13 children captive inside their home: a guilty plea on charges including torture, child endangerment, false imprisonment, and others. CNN notes Louise Turpin, 50, could be seen crying as...

911 Call Played in California House of Horrors Case

David and Louise Turpin are accused of living in abusive isolation with their 13 kids

(Newser) - In a plea to a police dispatcher to "help my sisters," a 17-year-old girl in a childlike, quivering voice detailed years of abuse she and 12 siblings suffered in a house where she said they were shackled to beds, choked and went unbathed so long the stench was...

Kids Held Captive, Tortured by Parents Are Now 'Joyful'

The latest on the Turpin children

(Newser) - The six youngest Turpin children, part of the group of 13 allegedly held captive and, in the case of all but the youngest, tortured for years by their parents, are out of the hospital and in foster homes. Their seven older siblings are living together in a rural home with...

Captive Children 'Starting to Make Plans for Future': Mayor

Meanwhile Turpin parents face new charges in massive child abuse case

(Newser) - Two California parents already facing dozens of charges for allegedly keeping their 13 children captive and torturing all but the youngest are now facing even more charges, CNN reports. A spokesperson for the Riverside County District Attorney announced Friday three more counts of child abuse against both Louise and David...

Classmate Recalls Students Treating Turpin Girl Like Dirt

Taha Muntajibuddin's recollections make for tough reading

(Newser) - David and Louise Turpin essentially can't have anything to do with their children for the next three years following a judge's Wednesday court order. The Desert Sun reports Riverside County Judge Emma Smith has barred the parents from any attempts at communication with their children, including electronically or...

13 Siblings Held Captive Could Shower Once a Year
13 Siblings Held Captive
Could Shower Once a Year
the rundown

13 Siblings Held Captive Could Shower Once a Year

Charges filed Thursday against David and Louise Turpin

(Newser) - First came their daughter's escape from an alleged house of horrors. Now come the charges. David Turpin, 56, and Louise Turpin, 49, of Perris, Calif., were charged Thursday with multiple felony counts of torture, child abuse, abuse of dependent adults, and false imprisonment. David Turpin was hit with an...

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