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Why Dems Scheduled Xmas Eve Health Care Vote
 Why Dems Scheduled 
 Xmas Eve Health Care Vote 
11th hour, much?

Why Dems Scheduled Xmas Eve Health Care Vote

Momentum, urgency, fear of embarrassment, etc.

(Newser) - Lamar Alexander has called the Democrats' push to quickly pass health care reform "a political kamikaze mission toward a historic mistake," but Senate Dems have reasons other than self-immolation for scheduling a 7pm vote on Christmas Eve. Politico looks at five:
  • To maintain momentum: If the latest compromise

GOP to Steele: We Set Policy, Not You

(Newser) - Congressional GOP leaders met with RNC chairman Michael Steele late last month to assert their authority when it comes to policymaking, and while those involved said the get-together in House Minority Leader John Boehner’s office was routine, Politico's sources described it as heated. Of particular concern was Steele’s...

No. 3 Republican Throws Support to Sotomayor

Says they may disagree, but she's 'well-qualified'

(Newser) - Lamar Alexander today became the first Republican leader to support Sonia Sotomayor's nomination to the Supreme Court, Politico reports. Her “political and judicial philosophy may be different than mine, especially regarding Second Amendment rights,” the third-ranking GOP senator said, but “I will vote to confirm her because...

Senate Hits Brakes on Health Care

(Newser) - Would-be health care reformers had a bad day yesterday, hitting a series of obstacles that makes hitting President Obama’s August deadline increasingly unlikely, Politico reports. The Senate Finance Committee said it wouldn’t have a package before the July 4 recess, and the Congressional Budget Office slapped a $1....

Republicans See Rising Debt as Obama's Soft Spot

(Newser) - Republicans think they’ve found one chink in President Obama’s armor: public fear over rising national debt. Some 51% of Americans disapprove of Obama’s efforts to control federal spending, according to a recent poll. In every other area, Obama enjoys positive ratings. “The president is still popular,...

GOP Blasts Pelosi as Dems Rip CIA Over Torture

(Newser) - Republicans are slamming Nancy Pelosi for saying she felt she had no recourse when informed of harsh interrogation tactics in 2003, Politico reports. “If she felt it was wrong, she should have acted,” John McCain said. Some critics suggest the House speaker could have written a letter or...

Kyl Set to Replace Lott as GOP No. 2

Ariz. senator has clear path to becoming minority whip as leadership shuffles

(Newser) - Arizona Sen. Jon Kyl is almost certain to become Republican minority whip, the Hill reports, filling an opening created by the retirement of Trent Lott. Kyl apparently won't be opposed, with other GOP senators instead contesting lower leadership roles. Tennessee's Lamar Alexander, who some thought would try for whip, will...

Tenn. Dems Seek Alexander Foe
Tenn. Dems Seek  Alexander Foe

Tenn. Dems Seek Alexander Foe

Likely candidate drops out of 2008 race

(Newser) - Tennessee Democrats are seeking a new challenger for Lamar Alexander's Senate seat after prospective candidate Mike McWherter dropped out. The race is important because Tennessee is one of the few Southern states where the Democrats are still strong, reports Congressional Quarterly. Former Democratic chairman Bob Tuke and Nashville attorney Kevin...

Dems Willing to Deal on Troop Pullout

They're easing off deadline after some surge progress

(Newser) - Senate Democrats are signaling they are willing to compromise with Republicans on a timetable for withdrawing troops from Iraq. The Democrats, who pushed before the summer recess for a pullout deadline next spring, have been undercut by some progress in Iraq and the success of the White House in maintaining...

Senators Pitch Regional Primary Days

Plan would prevent current race to the top of the calendar

(Newser) - Three senators—a Democrat, an Independent and a Republican—have proposed a radical reinvention of the now-hopelessly-congested presidential primary system. To avoid states racing to the top of the calendar, it would establish four regions, each assigned its own voting day. Drafted by Amy Klobuchar, Joe Lieberman, and Lamar Alexander,...

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