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Canada's House Speaker Resigns With 'Profound Regret'

Anthony Rota invited man who fought with Nazis to Parliament during Zelensky visit

(Newser) - The speaker of Canada's House of Commons has resigned under pressure from fellow lawmakers. Liberal Party MP Anthony Rota stepped down as speaker Tuesday, expressing "profound regret" for inviting a man who fought with the Nazis to Parliament during Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's visit last week, the...

After Video, Ukraine No Longer Sure It Killed Top Admiral

Fate of Russian Black Sea Fleet commander Sokolov remains uncertain

(Newser) - On Monday, Ukraine claimed a big military success, saying it killed the commander of Russia's Black Sea Fleet in a missile strike . On Tuesday, Ukraine was no longer so sure about the claim. Russia released video that appeared to show the supposedly dead Viktor Sokolov, and Russian state media...

First US-Supplied Abrams Tanks Arrive in Ukraine
US-Supplied Tanks
Arrive in Ukraine

US-Supplied Tanks Arrive in Ukraine

Abrams tanks will be used for 'very specific' operations, officials say

(Newser) - Saturday was the first day of fall, and the first of 31 Abrams tanks the US promised to Ukraine arrived bang on time, officials say. Defense officials tell the New York Times that two platoons' worth of tanks—eight to 10 tanks—arrived on Saturday, well ahead of the original...

6 Takes on the Biden Impeachment Inquiry
6 Takes on the Biden
Impeachment Inquiry

6 Takes on the Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Opinions range from 'it's a no brainer' to 'nothing ... justifies the drastic step'

(Newser) - The US faces a third possible impeachment of a president in less than four years. GOP House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said the impeachment inquiry into President Biden, launched Tuesday , comes in response to "allegations of abuse of power, obstruction and corruption." Some onlookers agree with the reasoning, claiming...

Russia: We Were Hit in Crimea
Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Russia: Ukraine Hit 2 Warships

Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol shipyard injures 2 dozen

(Newser) - Russia made a rare acknowledgment of a successful Ukrainian attack Wednesday, noting two of its warships were damaged and 24 people were injured in Sevastopol, the largest city on the illegally annexed Crimean peninsula. Ukraine attacked the Sergo Ordzhonikidze shipyard, which serves as a repair base for Russia's Black...

Book: Musk Blocked Drone Attack by Ukraine

Walter Isaacson reveals SpaceX CEO's role in turning off Starlink network near Crimea in 2022

(Newser) - Earlier this year, SpaceX execs acknowledged that they blocked Ukrainian forces from using Starlink communications systems for military purposes in the war against Russia. Now, CNN reports that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk personally had his engineers cut off power last year—the exact date isn't clear—to a Starlink...

Putin: It's a No for Me on Ukraine Grain Deal

After Turkey talks, Russian leader says he could commit to deal 'within days' if his demands are met

(Newser) - Earlier Monday, Vladimir Putin had said he was "open to negotiations" on reviving an agreement that would allow Ukraine to export grain and other commodities through Black Sea ports. Those negotiations are now apparently over, at least for now, and the answer from the Russian leader is a no,...

Ukraine, Russia Launch Major Attacks

2 die during Russian bombardment of Kyiv as Ukraine destroys transport aircraft in Pskov

(Newser) - Russian officials on Wednesday accused Ukraine of launching what appeared to be the biggest nighttime drone attack on Russian soil since the war began 18 months ago. The Kremlin's forces also hit Kyiv during the night with what Ukrainian officials called a "massive, combined attack" that killed two...

At Least 7 Dead, 117 Hurt in Russian Missile Attack

Strike hit theater in Chernihiv

(Newser) - A missile attack in the center of a northern Ukrainian city killed at least seven people and wounded scores of others on Saturday, while Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky traveled to Sweden, his first visit to the country since Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine last year. The dead in the...

Amputations in Ukraine as Bad as in World War I

Veterans also face problems finding affordable treatment

(Newser) - Since Russia invaded Ukraine in early 2022, both soldiers and civilians have faced devastating physical injuries reminiscent of World War I, reports the Wall Street Journal . While data on injuries isn't precise, the Journal indicates "between 20,000 and 50,000 Ukrainians who have lost one or more...

Drones Descended on Moscow. Now, on Crimea

Russian Defense Ministry says it shot down 14, jammed 6 electronically; Ukraine is staying mum

(Newser) - Russia thwarted an attack by 20 Ukrainian drones targeting Moscow-annexed Crimea overnight, the Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday. Fourteen drones were shot down by Russian air defenses and a further six were jammed electronically, the ministry said in a Telegram post. No casualties or damage were reported, per the AP...

Chris Christie Bears an Unusual Gift for Zelensky

POTUS candidate presents Ukrainian leader with lyrics to 'It's My Life,' handwritten by Jon Bon Jovi

(Newser) - One topic that Republicans disagree on is whether the United States should keep sending aid to Ukraine for its war with Russia. Now, one GOP presidential candidate has just made a big gesture reinforcing which side he's on. The Independent reports that former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie surprised...

Woman Accused of Plotting to Kill Zelensky

Ukraine says she was caught 'red-handed' trying to pass information to Russians

(Newser) - The Secret Service of Ukraine, known as the SBU, says it has arrested a woman who allegedly plotted to help Russia kill President Volodymyr Zelensky. The SBU said Monday that the suspect had been "gathering intelligence" about Zelensky's planned movements during a trip to the southern region of...

Ukraine Peace Talks Lack a Key Player

Ukraine says they're productive; Russia, which was not invited, thinks otherwise

(Newser) - Ukraine peace talks took place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, this weekend, and while Ukraine says the discussions were productive, Russia—which was not invited—has a different opinion. Senior officials from 42 countries, including Ukraine, the US, China, India, and European countries gathered in Saudi Arabia to discuss a peace...

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Drone Attack on Moscow

The attack briefly shut one airport

(Newser) - Three Ukrainian drones attacked Moscow in the early hours on Sunday, Russian authorities said, injuring one person and prompting a temporary closure of traffic in and out of one of four airports around the Russian capital. It was the fourth such attempt at a strike on the capital region this...

As N. Korea Displays Nukes, a Message From Putin

Russian leader thanked North for its 'firm support' amid Victory Day celebrations in Pyongyang

(Newser) - Pyongyang hosted quite a military parade Thursday evening, complete with tens of thousands of spectators, a display of North Korea's nuclear weaponry , and delegates from Russia and China . The event, marking the 70th anniversary of the armistice that stopped the fighting in the Korean War, also saw a special...

Ukraine's Latest Move 'Is the Big Test'

Counteroffensive against Russia ramps up in southeastern Ukraine, though fight won't be easy

(Newser) - Things just ramped up in southeastern Ukraine. That's where the nation's forces are now launching a major push to repel Russian invaders as part of its counteroffensive, which began in early June. Pentagon officials tell the New York Times that the action is centering on the Zaporizhzhia region,...

Russia Pulls Out of Grain Deal Vital to World Food Prices

Meanwhile, Ukraine appears to have again attacked a key bridge

(Newser) - Two big developments Monday in the Russia-Ukraine war: Russia has pulled out of an international agreement to let Ukraine export its grain, and an important Russian bridge in the Crimean peninsula again came under attack. Details:
  • Grain deal: Moscow said Monday the grain deal has been "terminated," though

As NATO Summit Wraps Up, Zelensky Takes a Softer Tone
As NATO Summit Wraps Up,
'Ukrainian Outrage' Softens
the rundown

As NATO Summit Wraps Up, 'Ukrainian Outrage' Softens

First meeting of NATO-Ukraine Council took place

(Newser) - The NATO summit in Lithuania wraps up Wednesday, and President Biden will spend much of it in the spotlight: He's set to meet with Volodymyr Zelensky prior to delivering a keynote speech. While Zelensky on Tuesday slammed NATO's failure to share a timetable for Ukraine joining the alliance...

Zelensky Slams 'Absurd' NATO Decision

Alliance won't give timeline on Ukraine's membership

(Newser) - NATO leaders agreed Tuesday to allow Ukraine to join "when allies agree and conditions are met," hours after President Volodymyr Zelensky blasted the organization's failure to set a timetable for his country as "absurd." "We reaffirmed Ukraine will become a member of NATO and...

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