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Daredevil Who Pioneered Bungee Jumping Has Peaceful Death

David Kirke dies in bed aged 78

(Newser) - The Independent uses the word "maverick" to describe him, and a friend says he was an "anarchic buccaneer" who pioneered the extreme sport of bungee jumping and co-founded the Dangerous Sports Club. But David Kirke's death, as the newspaper puts it, was a "peaceful" one in...

He Broke a Bungee-Jump Record Shockingly Fast

Francois-Marie Dibon hit 431 jumps with nearly half-a-day to go

(Newser) - In 2017, Mike Heard of New Zealand set a world record for most bungee jumps over 24 hours with an impressive 430. Now, a Frenchman has made that hair-raising stunt look rather mild, topping Heard's record in just over 12 hours. After a 50-minute rest, 44-year-old Francois-Marie Dibon went...

Colorado Woman Dies in 70-Foot Bungee Fall

Investigators say equipment did not malfunction

(Newser) - Authorities in Colorado are investigating how a 20-year-old nurse died in a bungee jump accident—when the equipment was apparently working properly. Ciara Romero died after a fall Jan. 4 at the 70-foot Get Air attraction at the Silo Trampoline Park in Grand Junction, the Denver Post reports. The jump...

Instructor Said 'No Jump.' Teen Heard 'Now Jump'

Spanish court rules in teen's bungee jumping death

(Newser) - A simple mispronunciation possibly cost a teenager her life in a bungee jumping accident, a Spanish appeals court ruled this month. The Independent reports 17-year-old Vera Mol of the Netherlands died in 2015 after jumping from a bridge in Spain before her cord was secured to anything. According to the...

4 Stories