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France Readies a Plan B for Olympic Ceremony

Amid heightened security concerns, opening of Paris Games may be moved

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday said the opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics planned on the River Seine could be shifted instead to the country's national stadium if the security threat is deemed too high. France is on a high security alert ahead of the Paris Olympics and...

His Dive in Front of a President Doesn't End Well

Alexis Jandard of France entered the water the hard way as Emmanuel Macron watches

(Newser) - France's Alexis Jandard is an excellent diver, and he has the world medals to prove it. On Thursday, though, not so much. While diving in front of French President Emmanuel Macron and other French dignitaries, Jandard lost his footing on the board, fell onto his back, then kind of...

Scientists Urge French to Cut Down on Frog Legs

French taste for the delicacy was called out by 557 experts as overconsumption

(Newser) - Hundreds of concerned scientists are asking French President Emmanuel Macron to put the brakes on a very French custom: eating frog legs. The open letter , signed by 557 research, veterinary, and conservation professionals, notes that the European Union isn't exactly practicing what it preaches in how native frogs are...

Kremlin Warns West: Don't Send Troops to Ukraine

French president earlier said the idea is not 'ruled out'

(Newser) - Following what the New York Times calls the "provocative" comment regarding the possibility of Western troops on the ground in Ukraine from French President Emmanuel Macron, Russia has warned against such a move. The Kremlin said Tuesday that if a NATO member intervenes on the ground, it would lead...

Macron: France Could Recognize Palestinian State

The suggestion, already expressed by the UK, is a first for a French leader

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron has said recognizing a Palestinian state is not a "taboo" for France, as international frustration grows with Israel's actions in the Palestinian territories. France and the EU have long supported a two-state solution in the Mideast, but as part of a negotiated settlement, the...

France's New PM Is Nation's Youngest, and Openly Gay

Gabriel Attal, 34, takes over after the resignation of Elisabeth Borne

(Newser) - Gabriel Attal was named Tuesday as France's youngest-ever prime minister, as President Emmanuel Macron seeks a fresh start for the rest of his term amid growing political pressure from the far right. Macron's office announced the appointment in a statement. Attal, 34, rose to prominence as the government...

French Prime Minister Resigns Amid Turmoil

Elisabeth Borne was country's second female PM

(Newser) - French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne resigned Monday following recent political turmoil over immigration, paving the way for President Emmanuel Macron to seek fresh momentum by appointing a new government in coming days. The shakeup was widely seen as an attempt by the 46-year-old centrist Macron to head off looming lame-duck...

Stars Come Out to Back Depardieu
Stars Come
Out to Back

Stars Come Out to Back Depardieu

Some 56 French luminaries write essay defending actor in wake of sexual misconduct accusations

(Newser) - More than 50 French performers, writers, and producers published an essay Tuesday defending film star and national icon Gerard Depardieu amid growing scrutiny of his behavior toward women during his five-decade career. And, as the AP reports, advocates for sexual abuse victims expressed dismay at the outpouring of support. Depardieu...

Macron Slammed for 'Despicable' Remarks on Depardieu

French president said he opposes 'manhunt' over sexual assault allegations

(Newser) - Gerard Depardieu is facing a growing number of rape and sexual assault allegations but the French actor appears to have a powerful ally: President Emmanuel Macron. The French president is being strongly criticized for defending Depardieu in an interview with broadcaster France 5 on Wednesday, the Guardian reports. Asked about...

Pope to Europe: There's No Migrant 'Emergency' Here

Francis implores Macron, other leaders to open their doors to people fleeing hardships

(Newser) - Pope Francis challenged French President Emmanuel Macron and other European leaders to open their ports to people fleeing hardship and poverty, insisting Saturday that the continent isn't facing a migration "emergency," but rather a long-term reality that governments must deal with humanely. For a second straight day...

Macron Received a Most Unusual Package in the Mail

Severed finger from living human arrived at Elysee Palace on Monday, sans note

(Newser) - The last time that "Emmanuel Macron" and "finger" appeared in a headline together, it was due to commotion over a selfie he'd taken with two young men, one of whom flipped the bird in the photo. This time around, the finger in question is a bit more...

45K Cops, 1.3K Arrests Amid 4th Night of Violence

Rioting in France spurred by fatal police shooting of 17-year-old in the Paris suburb of Nanterre

(Newser) - Rioting raged in cities around France for a fourth night despite a huge police deployment and 1,311 arrests, with cars and buildings set ablaze and stores looted, as family and friends prepared Saturday to bury the 17-year-old whose killing by police unleashed the unrest. France's Interior Ministry announced...

Macron Slams 'Inexcusable' Killing of Teen at Traffic Stop

Video shows officer who shot 17-year-old may have lied about the circumstances

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron called for calm Wednesday while denouncing the "inexplicable and inexcusable" killing of a teenager during a traffic stop in a Paris suburb. A 17-year-old delivery driver identified as Nael M. was shot Tuesday by an officer who appeared to lie about the circumstances afterward, the...

Macron's Despised Retirement Plan Is a Go

Top court signed off on plan on Friday

(Newser) - There have been 12 days of protests organized over the past three months against French President Emmanuel Macron's decision to up the retirement age from 62 to 64, and a 13th—and more beyond that—are looking likely. France's top court on Friday approved the unpopular plan and...

Macron Continues Push for 'European Sovereignty'

But he's facing a lot of criticism on both sides of the Atlantic

(Newser) - After French President Emmanuel Macron warned that Europe shouldn't let the US drag it into conflict with China over Taiwan, Sen. Marco Rubio wondered whether Macron was speaking only for France or for all of Europe. Based on the reaction being rounded up in various outlets—at least from...

Macron's Warning to Europe: Don't Be 'America's Followers'

French president is worried about tension over Taiwan; Graham open to using US forces

(Newser) - Tensions between the US and China over Taiwan continue to ratchet up. The latest example came over the weekend when GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said he is "very much open to using US forces to defend Taiwan, because it is in our national security interest to do so,"...

Macron Urges Xi to Talk Sense Into Russia

Russia expresses no hope for peace negotiations

(Newser) - On a state visit to Beijing, French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday pressured Chinese President Xi Jinping to help persuade Russia to end its invasion of Ukraine. "I know I can count on you to bring Russia to its senses, and bring everyone back to the negotiating table,"...

Macron Narrowly Survives No-Confidence Vote

Deeply unpopular change to retirement age will now become law

(Newser) - The government of French President Emanuel Macron survived two no-confidence votes Monday, either of which could have brought down the government and its deeply unpopular plan to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64. The first vote, tabled by centrist lawmakers in the National Assembly, narrowly failed with 278...

Macron's Plan to Change Retirement Age Hits a Nerve
A Look at Why
France Is Seething

A Look at Why France Is Seething

Pride in pension system, Macron's broken promise inspire street protests

(Newser) - The pension changes being forced into law in France are doing more than raise the retirement age—they're testing the people's faith in government in more than one way. The pension system, including its current retirement age of 62, is a point of pride there. Every worker receives...

Macron Bypasses Parliament, Raises Retirement Age

It's now up from from 62 to 64, in risky move on unpopular plan in France

(Newser) - French President Emmanuel Macron shunned Parliament and opted to push through a highly unpopular bill that would raise the retirement age from 62 to 64 by triggering a special constitutional power on Thursday. The risky move is expected to trigger a quick no-confidence motion in Macron's government. The decision...

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