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Taylor Swift Is Even Queen of the Snowplows

Winner of Minnesota DOT's annual snowplow-naming contest: Taylor Drift

(Newser) - Travelers in northwestern Minnesota can shake off their trepidation about hitting the winter roads knowing Taylor Drift is clearing a path ahead of them. The snowplow named for Taylor Swift was the runaway winner of Minnesota's fourth annual "Name a Snowplow" contest , with eight new names announced this...

Betty White Gets Unusual Honor in Minnesota

'Betty Whiteout' snowplow has been named after her in 2nd annual naming contest

(Newser) - Betty White fans came through and donated to animal rights causes in her name after her death on New Year's Eve. Now, a new honor for the late comedian and actress, albeit a more unusual one. MPR News reports that Minnesota's Department of Transportation has held a snowplow-naming...

New Pandemic Shortage: Snowplow Drivers

States struggling to fill positions as winter arrives

(Newser) - More US drivers could find themselves stuck on snowy highways or have their travel delayed this winter due to a shortage of snowplow drivers, per the AP . States from Washington to Pennsylvania, including Montana and Wyoming in the Rocky Mountains, are having trouble finding enough people willing to take the...

A Snowplow Buried His Car in 4 Feet of Snow. He Was Still in It

A determined Sgt. Jason Crawley finally found him after 10 hours in upstate New York

(Newser) - A man trapped in his car for 10 hours under almost 4 feet of snow almost didn't get found, save for the efforts of a persistent police officer. USA Today and NBC News report that Tioga County authorities in upstate New York received a series of 911 calls Wednesday...

Snowplow Hits Buried Car, Then a Bigger Surprise

A woman in South Lake Tahoe was inside, and she's OK after being removed

(Newser) - A snowplow driver in South Lake Tahoe, California, may have saved a woman's life by accidentally hitting her buried car. When he heard the collision, the snowplow operator called police, and he helped authorities dig the car out so it could be towed. It was only when they saw...

Pa. Man Builds Most Creative Snowplow Ever

Jonathan Schill's cardboard-box contraption is a big online hit

(Newser) - Innovators often arise out of the most grueling circumstances, and Jonathan Schill is no exception. As the Chambersburg Public Opinion reports, the young Pennsylvania man was shoveling snow at his new home last Saturday when he got tuckered out after 15 minutes. He didn't have a snowplow to tap...

His Wife in Labor, Husband Jumps in Front of Snowplow

Hugh Dawson did what he had to do to get his wife to the hospital

(Newser) - A winter storm led to icy, snowy conditions throughout much of the South over the weekend, and for one North Carolina couple it proved more than a minor inconvenience, the AP reports. Stephanie Dawson, 28, went into labor at around 3:30 Sunday morning at her home in Moyock,...

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