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Women Want Pay Equity Suit to Cover 12,000 Apple Workers

Filing says company violates California law

(Newser) - A suit filed Thursday saying that Apple pays women less than men for similar work includes the company's hiring practices used to set compensation and its performance-review policies. The suit, filed in a San Francisco state court, was brought by two female employees and seeks class-action status, which would...

Olivia Colman: If My Name Was Oliver, I'd Be Richer

'Crown' star slams pay disparity in salty conversation with Christiane Amanpour

(Newser) - Olivia Colman is mad as hell over salary discrimination and she's not going to take it anymore. The Crown actor sat down for a chat Saturday with CNN's Christiane Amanpour, where she ripped into wage disparities in Hollywood, even for an Academy Award-winning performer such as herself, reports...

On Equal Pay Day, a 'Particularly Strange' Finding

Gender wage gap continues to narrow, but it's seen a big slowdown over past 2 decades

(Newser) - Tuesday is Equal Pay Day in the US, a shifting annual marker that documents the gender pay gap by indicating how far into the new year women have to work to catch up to what their male counterparts made the previous year. The good news is that, even as recently...

In America's Largest City, a Big Change in Job Listings

New York City now requires companies with 4 or more workers to disclose salary ranges

(Newser) - It's not only a new month on Tuesday—it's the first day in the nation's largest city where job seekers will finally know how much most positions pay before they get too deep into the application process. A new law has officially gone into effect in which...

Gender Parity Index Puts Japan Near Bottom

Report says world has a long way to go for equality—about 132 years

(Newser) - The World Economic Forum's new Gender Gap Report found that Japan compares well with other nations in women's access to education and health. In Japan's political and economic fields, however, women's participation is still low, driving the nation's ranking to 116th among the 146 countries...

Pay Gap? In These US Cities, It's Flipped

Young women outearn their male counterparts in NYC, Washington, per new Pew analysis

(Newser) - Equal pay may seem a distant dream we won't reach for hundreds of years , but for women just starting out in the workplace, the news is bright in certain parts. A new Pew Research Center analysis, which pored over Census Bureau stats from 2015 to 2019, finds that in...

Equal-Pay Win for US Women's Soccer Comes With a Catch

Cheryl Cooky argues athletic superiority shouldn't be a prerequisite

(Newser) - The US Women's National Team's big win last week didn't happen in a stadium. After a six-year fight, the soccer team reached a settlement with the sport's American governing body. Writing for NBC News , Cheryl Cooky writes their case "is believed to be the first...

Equal Pay Is Coming. In 257 Years
Equal Pay Is Coming.
In the Year 2277
new report

Equal Pay Is Coming. In the Year 2277

World Economic Forum is out with its annual Global Gender Gap Report

(Newser) - The good news: A new report finds women and men in the workplace will eventually achieve gender parity. The bad news: That won't happen until right around 2277. The World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Report finds that at the current rate of change, the gender pay gap...

This Version of Monopoly Gives Women an Edge

Hasbro out with 'Ms. Monopoly'

(Newser) - Hasbro is out with a new version of Monopoly that has a twist: Girls and women have a built-in edge. For example, female players of Ms. Monopoly get $1,900 from the bank at the start of the game, while male players gets $1,500, reports USA Today . Similarly, female...

Crazy Rich Asians Screenwriter Wanted Pay Equity, Didn't Get It

So Adele Lim dropped out of the sequel

(Newser) - Crazy Rich Asians will have a sequel—but co-screenwriter Adele Lim won't be involved. The veteran TV writer, whose first feature film was Crazy Rich Asians, is exiting the sequel because co-screenwriter Peter Chiarelli was to be paid more. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Chiarelli, an "experienced feature...

Women's Team Sues Over 'Institutionalized' Discrimination

Soccer players want better pay, along with back pay

(Newser) - Players for the US women's national soccer team have filed a federal gender discrimination lawsuit seeking pay that is equitable to that of their male counterparts. The action comes just three months before the team will defend its title at the Women's World Cup in France, per the...

Google: We Underpaid Thousands of Men

After pay equity study, a higher percentage of raises go to male employees

(Newser) - Facing claims that it underpays female employees, Google conducted a pay equity study this year that instead found men were earning less than their peers, leading it to issue raises to thousands of men. The company gave $9.7 million in additional compensation to 10,677 employees—both men and...

Top Flutist Makes $250K a Year, and Is Suing Over It

Elizabeth Rowe argues the BSO has refused to pay her the same as her male colleague

(Newser) - When the Boston Symphony Orchestra's selection committee heard 29-year-old Elizabeth Rowe audition, it didn't know her gender: As Geoff Edgers writes in a lengthy piece for the Washington Post , the orchestra's blind auditions dictate that a screen obscures the musician's identity. She landed her "dream...

Doc Sorry After Gender Pay Gap Comments

Plano physician Gary Tigges said female doctors don't work as hard

(Newser) - A Texas physician who caused a stir with comments he made justifying the gender pay gap in a medical journal has apologized. Per the Guardian , Dr. Gary Tigges of Plano made waves when he told the Dallas Medical Journal's “Big and Bright Ideas” section that women choose not...

Highest-Paid Female Athletes Don't Come Close to the Men

3 male athletes each made more than top 10 women athletes' combined earnings for 2018

(Newser) - A quick perusal of Forbes' list of the highest-earning female athletes of 2018 reveals why women were so upset with this male-dominated list . If all 10 combined their earnings, they wouldn't touch the highest-paid male athlete. Or the runner-up. Or the third-place finisher. As expected, Serena Williams leads the...

Male, Female Surfers Competed in Same Event, Won Very Different Amounts

Social media outcry over gender pay gap in surf competition

(Newser) - The image is head-scratching: The two young winners of the Billabong Junior Series at the Ballito Pro, a surf competition held in South Africa, stand next to one another holding their prize checks—but the male winner's check (about $600) is for twice the amount of the female winner'...

The Gender Wage Gap Is Widening for Women Under 40

New report is out for Equal Pay Day

(Newser) - In 2015, US women under 40 earned 81 cents on the dollar compared to men. By 2017, that number had gone ... down: Last year, it was just 79 cents on the dollar for that demographic, according to a new report from HR analytics and software company Visier, released Tuesday for...

Martina 'Angry' BBC Pays Her 10 Times Less Than McEnroe

'It's still the good old boys' network,' tennis star says of Wimbledon pay disparity

(Newser) - The BBC has exposed a gender pay gap taking place within … itself. And among the women getting the short end of the stick is tennis great Martina Navratilova, who said she was thrown to find out she was getting paid 10 times less than John McEnroe by the broadcaster...

She Killed It as Queen, but Male Co-Star Earned More

Matt Smith considered more established than The Crown's Claire Foy

(Newser) - At a cost of $7 million per episode, The Crown is one of the most expensive TV series ever made. But while its star's wardrobe has benefited from such a hefty budget, she hasn't. Claire Foy, who won a Golden Globe and two Screen Actor Guild awards for...

Branding Misfires on Women's Day 2018
Branding Misfires
on Women's Day 2018
the rundown

Branding Misfires on Women's Day 2018

McDonald's, Mattel come under criticism, and Spain's women go on strike

(Newser) - Thursday is International Women's Day, an annual event getting more attention than usual in 2018 because it's the first in the wake of the #MeToo movement. As expected, brands ( including McDonald's ) are looking to capitalize, though critics are calling out examples of perceived misfires. Here'...

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