Russian hackers

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Overflowing Texas Water Tower May Be a 'Worrisome Escalation'
In Texas, an
Water Tower
Points to Russia
in case you missed it

In Texas, an Overflowing Water Tower Points to Russia

Russian hackers have claimed responsibility, in what may be nation's first attack on US water

(Newser) - A water tower in a small Texas town overflowed in January, spilling tens of thousands of gallons into the streets. Now, Google-owned cybersecurity company Mandiant says the incident in Muleshoe may be the first hack into US water systems by Russia after infiltrators tied to one of that country's...

Microsoft: Our Email Was Hit by 'Midnight Blizzard'

Company says Russian hackers that accessed leadership emails also did SolarWinds breach

(Newser) - State-backed Russian hackers broke into Microsoft's corporate email system and accessed the accounts of members of the company's leadership team, as well as those of employees on its cybersecurity and legal teams, the company said Friday. In a blog post, Microsoft said the intrusion began in late November...

Energy Department, Other Agencies Hit by 'Intrusions'

Ransomware attack that appears to have exploited a computer flaw has affected other groups globally

(Newser) - The Department of Energy and multiple other federal agencies are the victims of a ransomware attack that has already hit businesses in the UK and elsewhere around the globe. The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, or CISA, is lending support to those agencies "that have experienced intrusions,"...

Convicted Leaker Insists 'I Am Not a Traitor'

Reality Winner released US report on Russian election interference

(Newser) - A former intelligence contractor convicted of espionage has explained her thought process in leaking classified documents. "I am not a traitor. I am not a spy," Reality Winner told CBS' 60 Minutes in an interview that aired Sunday. Winner, a contractor for the National Security Agency, was arrested...

US: 4 Russians Tried to Hack Energy Sites

Justice Department calls cases a warning during Ukraine tensions

(Newser) - The Justice Department made public on Thursday charges against four Russians accused of trying to hack energy sites for their government. Had one of the efforts succeeded, US officials said in a statement, Russia would have gained the capability to disrupt energy sector computer systems whenever it wanted, which could...

DOJ: Russians Hacked Dozens of Federal Prosecutors

More than 2 dozen US attorney offices had emails breached, per Justice Department

(Newser) - The Russian hackers behind the massive SolarWinds cyberespionage campaign broke into the email accounts some of the most prominent federal prosecutors' offices around the country last year, the Justice Department said. The department noted that 80% of Microsoft email accounts used by employees in the four US attorney offices in...

Russian Ransomware Gang Disappears From Dark Web
Ransomware Gang's
Sites Go Dark

Ransomware Gang's Sites Go Dark

Suspects include the US, Putin, and REvil itself

(Newser) - The REvil ransomware gang's latest message is: "A server with the specified hostname could not be found." That's what appeared on the Russian hackers' sites on the dark web Tuesday, CNBC reports. The group's sites had been active and were used in negotiating with its...

Microsoft: Hackers Got Further In Than We Thought

They viewed, but didn't change, source code

(Newser) - Microsoft said Thursday in a blog post that hackers tied to a massive intrusion of dozens of US government agencies and private companies sneaked further into its systems than previously thought, although the intrusion doesn't appear to have caused any additional harm. The company said the hackers were able...

Russians' Hacks Might be Leaving Door Open for Return

State and local government networks have been hit, US says

(Newser) - Two US agencies are warning that Russian hackers are hitting dozens of state and local government networks, stealing data from at least two of them. The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency issued the alert Thursday, Politico reports. The hackers recently have attacked...

Most Destructive Hackers Ever? So Says Justice Department

Feds indict 6 Russian intelligence officers

(Newser) - Six Russian military officers sought to disrupt through computer hacking the French election, the Winter Olympics, and US businesses, according to a Justice Department indictment unsealed Monday that details attacks on a broad range of political, financial, and athletic targets, per the AP . However, the indictment does not charge the...

Firm: Russians Hacked Burisma Amid Impeachment Hearings

Russian military intelligence is implicated, again

(Newser) - "You're looking at a repeat, potentially, of 2016." So says New York Times journalist Matthew Rosenberg, whose reporting indicates that the same Russian hacker group that stole emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman has now hacked Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company at the heart of President...

Fla. Gov: Russians Hacked 2 Counties' Voting Systems

He says the FBI won't let him say which 2

(Newser) - Florida's governor says Russian hackers breached voter databases in two counties during the 2016 election—but he's not allowed to say which two. At a press conference Tuesday, Gov. Ron DeSantis said FBI and Homeland Security officials asked him to sign a nondisclosure agreement, Politico reports. He said...

My Daughter Got 5 Years. And Trump's Boys Get What?

Reality Winner's mother has something to say

(Newser) - "I am writing now because I am outraged: While my daughter languishes in prison, those actually responsible for threatening our election continue to get off easy." So writes Billie Winner-Davis in an Intercept article about her daughter, Reality Winner. A 27-year-old US Air Force veteran, Winner got five...

Russian Disinformation Teams Went After Mueller
Russians 'Fluent in
American Trolling Culture'

Russians 'Fluent in American Trolling Culture'

Reports say they went after Mueller following the election

(Newser) - After Robert Mueller was appointed to investigate alleged Russian election interference, the same Russian operatives that worked to divide the American people and help President Trump get elected made the special counsel a target, according to two reports prepared for the Senate Intelligence Committee. Researchers say the Russians used Facebook,...

Microsoft: Russian Hackers Targeted Conservative Groups

Latest attack described as 'focused on disrupting democracy'

(Newser) - Microsoft says it has uncovered new Russian hacking attempts targeting US political groups ahead of the midterm elections. The company said Tuesday that a hacking group tied to the Russian government created fake internet domains that appeared to spoof two American conservative organizations: the Hudson Institute and the International Republican...

Vulnerable Dem's Aide Told to Change Password in Ruse

Sen. Claire McCaskill confirms Russian hacking attempt against her

(Newser) - It's a dubious honor: The Daily Beast reports that Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is the first known target of Russian meddling in advance of the 2018 elections, though its report says the GRU intelligence agency behind the attack isn't believed to have gotten very far. The Daily Beast,...

FBI Releases Top-Secret Wiretapping Request in Russia Probe

The FBI thought Russians were recruiting Carter Page

(Newser) - Thought Carter Page was just a kooky dream you had? Not so: The FBI released Saturday a redacted version of its FISA warrant to wiretap the former Trump campaign advisor, the New York Times reports. "This application targets Carter Page," the document reads. "The FBI believes Page...

Mueller Plans to Question the 'Hollywood Madame'

Kristin Davis is close friends with Roger Stone

(Newser) - Next up, the "Hollywood Madame": Robert Mueller's team has told Kristin Davis that they want to sit down and talk, the Washington Post reports. Mueller's people are expected to question Davis—who's known for her pricey 2000s prostitution ring linked to the downfall of Elliot Spitzer—...

Trump Now Holds Putin 'Responsible'
Trump Now Holds
Putin 'Responsible'

Trump Now Holds Putin 'Responsible'

Trump continues to turn 'would' into 'wouldn't'

(Newser) - Head on a swivel, people: President Trump now says he would hold Vladimir Putin personally responsible for Russian meddling in the 2016 election, CNN reports. Trump—who said two days ago that "I don't see any reason why it would be Russia" and then added a key contraction...

Russian Bots Poised to Target US Midterm Elections

A site linked to the 2016 meddling claims to provide 'objective and independent" information'

(Newser) - An array of Russia-linked bots, trolls, and sites like one called USAReally appear to be testing the waters for pulling off meddling similar to that seen in the 2016 presidential election in the upcoming midterms, reports the AP . USAReally was launched in May by the Federal News Agency, part of...

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