Golden Gate Bridge

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Climb the Golden Gate Bridge? Maybe Soon

Officials seek revenue streams beyond ever-rising tolls

(Newser) - Facing giant budget holes and tired of constantly jacking up tolls in futile efforts to fill them, officials may offer tourists the chance to scale San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. The model is Sydney’s Harbour Bridge, where $200 gets you a guided climb to the top. What San...

Suicide Nets Set for Golden Gate

Board approves barrier to foil jumpers at world's top suicide magnet

(Newser) - A panel has approved a plan to hang nets along the Golden Gate bridge to catch would-be suicides, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The bridge's board voted 14 to 1 in favor of installing the barrier after hearing testimony from psychiatrists, suicide prevention experts, and family members of  people who...

Golden Gate Guardians Study Suicide Barriers

But agency doesn't have the tens of millions the fixes would cost

(Newser) - The Golden Gate Bridge is an increasingly popular spot for suicides, but officials are divided over erecting unsightly barriers that might have discouraged the 35 who killed themselves there last year. The Los Angeles Times reports the agency that maintains the bridge is now studying five designs but doesn't have...

Torch Protesters Climb Golden Gate Bridge

Pro-Tibet students make statement from above

(Newser) - With the Olympic torch due to reach San Francisco tomorrow, protesters climbed the Golden Gate Bridge today to unfurl banners reading “One World, One Dream" and "Free Tibet 08.” The climbers, members of Students for a Free Tibet, were arrested after they rappelled down the bridge’s...

Golden Gate Considers a Fence
Golden Gate Considers a Fence

Golden Gate Considers a Fence

As suicides mount, San Francisco considers changes to beloved landmark

(Newser) - San Francisco may finally be coming to grips with its Golden Gate suicide instrument, from which more than 1,300 people have thrown themselves, reports the Washington Post, making it America’s No. 1 self-annihilation destination. But for years the bridge’s guardians have resisted calls to erect a barrier,...

SF Voters Nix Plan to Tear Down Alcatraz

Motion to transform island prison site into peace center fails

(Newser) - Alcatraz Island shouldn't be transformed into a global peace center, San Franciscan voters decided in rejecting a measure on Tuesday's ballot. Only 28% backed the non-binding proposal to convert the one-time penitentiary and tourist hotspot into a peace dome, the New York Times reports. But DaVid, the measure's main sponsor,...

SF Studies Bridge Jumpers, Ponders Barriers

New stats on Golden Gate suicides dispel copycat theory

(Newser) - After a decade of official silence about Golden Gate Bridge jumpers, San Francisco officials yesterday reversed course and released a study of  suicide statistics, the Chronicle reports.  Having seen a slight increase in suicides in recent years—three people jump each month—officials concluded that it was time to...

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