Hurricane Matthew

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A Hurricane Damaged His Floor, Revealed Bit of History

Remains of some of America's first colonists possibly found in St. Augustine

(Newser) - Florida's St. Augustine was founded decades before Jamestown and Plymouth, and now the remains of some of those very first American colonists have likely been found. Credit Hurricane Matthew , reports First Coast News : After the hurricane descended on the city in October, David White decided to redo the resulting...

He Couldn't Reach Police, So He Called Papa John's

Nebraska man got quick confirmation his grandma was OK in hurricane's wake

(Newser) - The far-flung family of Claire Olsen found a novel way to contact the 87-year-old after Hurricane Matthew knocked out her phone service. Eric Olsen talked to his grandmother Friday morning but as of Sunday hadn't heard anything since. "I was calling the police department, I was calling the...

Haiti After Matthew: 'Much Worse' Than a Crisis

Hurricane has 'completely destroyed' some areas; aid is finally started to arrive

(Newser) - Food, water, and building supplies began to reach remote corners of Haiti on Wednesday as tens of thousands of people slowly rebuilt their lives after Hurricane Matthew hit as a devastating Category 4 storm last week. In the southern seaside community of Les Cayes, a UN truck delivered water to...

'One in a Million': Chance Drone Pic Saves Trapped Man

Texas' Craig Williams just happened to see photo online of brother's flooded home in NC

(Newser) - A drone photo, a Twitter hashtag, and a concerned brother more than a thousand miles away all helped save a North Carolina veteran trapped in his home by Hurricane Matthew flooding. Craig Williams, who lives in Austin, Texas, was worried about his twin, Chris, who had fled Saturday night to...

A Civil War-Era Find on a SC Beach, Thanks to Matthew

16 rusty cannonballs were discovered near Charleston after hurricane

(Newser) - Local media alerted residents in and around Charleston, SC, on Sunday that they were probably going to hear something "like an explosion. That heads-up was because 16 rusty cannonballs were unearthed by Hurricane Matthew on Folly Beach, the city's Facebook page announced, and per USA Today , they appeared...

A New Worry in Hurricane Matthew's Wake: Zika

Scientists warn that infection rate could rise as standing water attracts mosquitoes

(Newser) - Hurricane Matthew left more than devastation behind on its rampage from Haiti to North Carolina. Experts are worried the storm created conditions that could unleash the Zika virus from southern Florida up the Atlantic coast, reports McClatchy . Pools of standing water left in the storm's wake make prime breeding...

Weekend's Oddest 911 Call: Bald Eagle Stuck in Car Grille

Rescuers think the bird flew in front of a car while hunting

(Newser) - The Clay County Sheriff's Office in northern Florida has been busy in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, but one emergency call over the weekend has gotten more attention than the rest: a bald eagle stuck in the grille of a car. Local police and fire and rescue were able...

No Longer a Hurricane, Matthew Heading Out to Sea

After dropping staggering amounts of rain on North Carolina

(Newser) - A deteriorating Matthew was stripped of hurricane status Sunday morning and began making its slow exit to sea after unloading more than a foot of rain on North Carolina, flooding homes and businesses as far as 100 miles inland. What will go down as one of the most potent hurricanes...

Couple Rides Out Hurricane on Tower 30 Miles Off Coast

'We are getting some amazingly huge waves'

(Newser) - Talk about braving the storm. The AP reports a North Carolina man and his fiancee are riding out Hurricane Matthew on top of an old Coast Guard light station more than 30 miles off the Atlantic coast. Richard Neal is the owner of Frying Pan Tower, a platform that is...

Hurricane Matthew Kills 3, Can't Stop Football Game

NC State hosts Notre Dame in 'torrential downpour'

(Newser) - Hurricane Matthew killed at least three people when it hit North Carolina on Saturday, the Weather Channel reports. And according to the Chicago Tribune , multiple flood warnings were issued for Raleigh, which was expecting 7 inches of rain. But that didn't stop NC State from hosting its scheduled football...

Weakened Hurricane Matthew Makes Landfall in US

Four deaths have been reported, all in Florida

(Newser) - A weakening Hurricane Matthew continued its march along the Atlantic coast Saturday, lashing two of the South's most historic cities and some of its most popular resort islands, flattening trees, swamping streets and knocking out power to hundreds of thousands, the AP reports. According to the AP , it made...

Still Dangerous, Matthew Plows Up Atlantic Coast

Category 2 storm set to lash Carolinas

(Newser) - Some of the South's most historic cities faced the weakening but still powerful Hurricane Matthew as it plowed north along the Atlantic coast Saturday, flooding towns and gouging out roads in its path. The storm killed at least four people in Florida and knocked out power to more than...

Obama: This Is 'Still a Really Dangerous Hurricane'

600K without power in Florida

(Newser) - President Obama is echoing a meteorologist in warning that Hurricane Matthew is no joke. This is "still a really dangerous hurricane," Obama said Friday, per the AP . He urged people not to be complacent after early headlines suggesting the storm isn't as bad expected, noting that people...

Now a Category 3, Matthew Hammers Florida

Matthew Hammers Florida
as Southeast Braces
the rundown

Matthew Hammers Florida as Southeast Braces

'Devastating' damage predicted

(Newser) - Hurricane Matthew's howling wind and driving rain pummeled Florida early Friday, starting what's expected to be a ruinous, dayslong battering of the Southeast coast. The hurricane has not yet made landfall. Its strongest winds of 120mph were just offshore, but Matthew's wrath still menaced more than 500...

Weather Channel Warns on Matthew: 'This Is Not Hype'

Mandatory evacuation declared for 1.5M Florida residents

(Newser) - "This is like no storm in the record books," Business Insider quotes a Weather Channel hurricane specialist as saying. "This is not hype. This is not hyperbole, and I am not kidding." A mandatory evacuation has been declared for approximately 1.5 million Florida residents as...

Haiti After the Hurricane: Situation 'Catastrophic'

More than 100 are reported dead after Matthew barreled its way through

(Newser) - As Florida and the rest of the East Coast are bracing for Hurricane Matthew , Haiti is starting to dig out from the storm's devastation. Officials from the island nation reported Thursday that at least 108 are dead so far, with that number expected to rise and "catastrophic" damage...

Clinton Buys $63K in Weather Channel Ads Pre-Hurricane

This could be a smart buy in battleground state of Florida—or it could backfire

(Newser) - One wouldn't think buying commercial spots on the Weather Channel would be the obvious media choice for presidential candidates vying for votes, but with Hurricane Matthew barreling toward the battleground states of Florida and North Carolina just a month before Election Day, that's exactly what Hillary Clinton's...

With Florida in the Crosshairs, Hurricane Matthew Intensifies

Devastating storm was Haiti's worst disaster since quake

(Newser) - Hurricane Matthew gained new fury as it hammered the central Bahamas early Thursday, and forecasters say the life-threatening storm is expected to strengthen as it approaches Florida's Atlantic coast. The US National Hurricane Center in Miami says Matthew, though still a dangerous Category 3 hurricane as the day dawned,...

Hurricane Matthew Could Hit Florida Twice

It could do a U-turn after first hit, forecasts say

(Newser) - Hurricane Matthew is an unusual storm and authorities in Florida fear it could take a very unusual path: Skimming the state's east coast before veering east, doing a U-turn, and swinging back to hit Florida again. Forecasters say only a few models show this path, but all prediction tracks...

Hurricane Matthew Is Even Scary by Satellite

Storm resembles skull in infrared satellite image

(Newser) - An ominous "face" spotted in an infrared satellite image of Hurricane Matthew isn't likely to calm fears as the storm heads toward the US . Noticed by a Weather Channel meteorologist, the gray shape, sort of like a skull—though others say it resembles the Grinch —appeared to...

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