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McDonald's Is Ending AI Drive-Thru Test

Chain is exploring 'voice ordering solutions more broadly' after end of IBM partnership

(Newser) - McDonald's says that after a "thoughtful review," it is calling time on its artificial intelligence drive-thru partnership with IBM. CNBC reports that the chain has told franchisees that the Automated Order Taker—AOT—technology will be shut down no later than July 26. The technology had been...

Starbucks: You Can Use Your Own Cup at Drive-Thru
Starbucks Has
Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Starbucks Has Gone 'Fully BYOC'

Patrons can now fill up not only at the counter, but also at drive-thru or via mobile app with their own cups

(Newser) - Starbucks has made a big move in the new year—it's gone "fully BYOC." That's "bring your own cup," per the Washington Post , which reports that the coffee giant is now permitting customers to fill up on their favorite beverage using their own reusable...

We May Never Get Out of Our Cars Again to Eat

Drive-thru use has spiked since the pandemic hit, as consumers still balk at being social

(Newser) - There's always something going on at the drive-thru, but that may be simply because so many people are using it these days. It's an uptick that arose after COVID's arrival, with customers who now crave "speed and solitude" when picking up a meal outside the home,...

Starbucks Staffer: Wow, Are These Tip Screens Awkward

Employee at coffee chain details how gratuity prompts are a double-edged sword

(Newser) - Most service workers wouldn't turn away a decent tip. Now, however, an increasing number of businesses are using gratuity prompts built right in to electronic transactions—aka "tip screens." It's a convenient way to remind consumers to pony up a few extra bucks, but also one...

Your Fast-Food Order May Be Taken by A.I. Soon

Trial program is being rolled out at Wendy's next month

(Newser) - Wendy's says drive-thru customers at one of its restaurants will soon be giving their orders to a "very conversational" AI chatbot instead of a human. The burger chain says the Wendy's FreshAI system, developed with Google Cloud, will be launched in a test program at a Columbus,...

This Is the Country's Slowest Drive-Thru

Chick-fil-A, though customers don't seem to mind

(Newser) - And the award for the most molasses-like drive-thru line in the US goes to ... Chick-fil-A. The chicken chain came in last in a new study that looked at, among other things, the country's slowest drive-thrus. Though there is a caveat: The study, carried out by IT customer service firm...

Man Killed While Reaching for Dropped Card in Drive-Thru

He was reaching for it out his open door when his car rolled forward

(Newser) - A Canadian man died in a McDonald's drive-thru last Wednesday after he dropped his payment card on the ground. Tony Eyles, 42, opened his door to reach for it, but while doing so, his car rolled forward, CTV News reports. It hit a structural part of the restaurant, pinning...

Burger King Customer Accused of Drastic Measure at Drive-Thru

Cops seeking woman they say was angry over wait time, shot into drive-thru window in Memphis

(Newser) - An incident at a Burger King drive-thru in Tennessee last week has police asking for the public's help. FOX13 reports on a shooting Tuesday at one of the fast-food chain's Memphis locations after a customer apparently didn't appreciate the wait time on the drive-thru line. According to...

Minn. Drive-Thru Sees 2-Day, $10K Pay-It-Forward Chain

Minnesota nice is real

(Newser) - In a tough time for folks everywhere, a ray of holiday light seemed to concentrate on a Minnesota Dairy Queen last week, where one drive-thru customer began a pay-it-forward chain that continued for over 900 cars. Per CNN , it all began when one man offered to pay for the car...

State Might Toss Nearly 127K Ballots in Tight Race

Republicans challenge the ballots in Harris County, Texas

(Newser) - Nearly 127,000 people have voted at drive-thru polling places in Harris County, Texas—but new lawsuits might render those ballots null and void, the Texas Tribune reports. A conservative activist, a state representative, and two GOP candidates have filed their second lawsuit against what they call an illegal extension...

Welcome to the 'Restaurant of Tomorrow'

Burger King releases redesign for 'COVID world' that focuses on drive-thru, pickup options

(Newser) - The fast-food industry has been faring somewhat better during the pandemic than the restaurant industry as a whole, but a newly released redesign by a casual-dining giant shows just how much the coronavirus era has changed the way we grab a quick bite. Burger King has debuted its plans for...

Taco Bell Worker Was 'Extremely Scared' of COVID. She Began CPR

Sonja Frazier helps save man's life after he passed out in Tennessee drive-thru

(Newser) - Strange things often happen at fast-food drive-thrus, but luckily for one man at a Taco Bell in Clarksville, Tenn., Sonja Frazier was working the day he drove up to place an order. People reports that on Aug. 12, Frazier and her co-workers noticed that the drive-thru line had suddenly stopped...

Starbucks Makes Big Move Toward a New 'Vision'

Company to close 400 stores to focus on takeout-only locations

(Newser) - Starbucks is shifting away from its famous cafe experience in a change only partly inspired by the coronavirus pandemic. The coffee company tells CNN that it was reevaluating its coffee-selling model before the pandemic, as about 80% of transactions at its 15,000 US stores are "on-the-go" purchases. As...

Ohio Family Creates a Drive-Thru for the Lonely

Simply honk for a chat in Columbus, Ohio

(Newser) - Isolation was wearing hard on the Roush family to the point that 8-year-old Charlie said he was "losing his mind." That's when the Columbus, Ohio, family set up a "drive-thru chat," encouraging area residents to pull up their driveway so that mom Corrine, dad Matt,...

In 2 States, a 'Giant Leap Forward' in Virus Testing

CVS Health launches 2 new rapid-testing drive-thrus in Georgia, Rhode Island

(Newser) - People who think they might have COVID-19 now have two new locations to go to for confirmation: CVS Health drive-thrus in Georgia and Rhode Island. Per CNBC , the company hopes to handle up to 1,000 tests daily, using Abbott Laboratories' new rapid-testing kits, at the sites in Atlanta and...

Student Working Drive-Thru Shift Gets Best Customer Ever

Kaitlyn Watson informed by school administrator she's her class valedictorian

(Newser) - Kaitlyn Watson has been out of school for nearly two weeks due to the closures spurred by the coronavirus. But the Michigan high school senior has still been working her shifts at the Culver's fast-food drive-thru, and recently she waited on her best customer ever. That customer, per CBS...

This Chick-fil-A Worker Has Gone Viral. You'll See Why

Jeremiah Murrill brightens everyone's day with a smile, a fist bump, and a positive attitude

(Newser) - Jeremiah Murrill doesn't do anything outrageous when he takes customers' meal orders on the Chick-fil-A drive-thru line—but with what KPRC describes as his "infectiously upbeat customer service and bright attitude," the 20-year-old North Carolinian has attracted nationwide attention. Per CNN , Murrill is beloved by regulars who...

McDonald's Drive-Thru Customer Has Chilling Message for Workers

Woman mouthed 'help me,' employees took action

(Newser) - Thanks to quick-thinking McDonald's workers that ABC News calls "servers turned saviors," a woman who stopped in at one of the chain's California restaurants may have been saved from a dangerous situation. Per KABC and a Facebook pos t by the San Joaquin County Sheriff's...

Chick-fil-A Worker Jumps Out Drive-Thru Window in Heroic Save

Logan Simmons took what he thought was quickest way out to help a choking child

(Newser) - He went to work ready to serve up chicken sandwiches; he left work a hero. Logan Simmons, a 19-year-old Chick-fil-A employee in Hall County, Ga., went to work on Wednesday just like any other day—except it didn't turn out to be like any other day. Simmons, who was...

Ireland Gets Krispy Kreme Drive-Thru, Loses Its Mind
Irish Utterly Lose Their Minds
Over ... Krispy Kreme 

Irish Utterly Lose Their Minds Over ... Krispy Kreme

Dublin 24-hour drive-thru shuts down after one week due to chaos

(Newser) - Honking horns, bumper-to-bumper traffic, and tempers converged upon the Irish capital of Dublin over the past seven days—and it was all due to tasty fried dough. Mashable reports that the Sept. 26 grand opening of the city's first 24-hour Krispy Kreme drive-thru quickly resulted in long lines of...

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