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He's a 'Strange, Strange Boy' Who Became Wildly Influential

Max Chafkin excerpts his new book on the PayPal, Palantir founder Peter Thiel

(Newser) - Peter Thiel was "a strange, strange boy," Max Chafkin quotes a former classmate as saying. After reading the piece Chafkin adapted from his new biography of the PayPal and Palantir founder for New York Magazine , some stronger adjectives and descriptions might come to mind. The excerpt zeroes in...

High-Profile Data Company Makes Unusual Investment

Palantir buys $51M worth of gold as a hedge against 'black swan event'

(Newser) - In its latest SEC filing, the data analytics firm Palantir revealed what Bloomberg calls an "unusual investment strategy." The company bought $51 million worth of gold bars. "You have to be prepared for a future with more black swan events," chief operating officer Shyam Sankar tells...

Secrets of Mysterious Silicon Valley Company Revealed

BuzzFeed takes a deep dive into Palantir Technologies

(Newser) - BuzzFeed is offering a first-ever look inside what it calls "one of Silicon Valley's most secretive and highly valued companies," courtesy of hundreds of internal documents company insiders. Palantir Technologies was founded by Peter Thiel in 2004, partly using CIA money. The software-making, Lord of the ...

'Tight-Lipped' Startup Is Taking Over Palo Alto

Some complain Palantir Technologies is making it tough for the little guys

(Newser) - When it comes to the legions of Bay Area startups, Palantir Technologies may not be a household name, but after reading this, you're not likely to forget it. Described by the Mercury News as "secretive" and "tight-lipped," Palantir's name is a nod to a crystal...

4 Stories