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This Game Is Known to Offend. It May Have Gone Too Far

Target pulling Cards Against Humanity's 'Chosen People Pack' off shelves for anti-Semitic content

(Newser) - First Target had a problem with fidget spinners . Now it's taking heat for another item in its toy department, apologizing for a game that's designed to be offensive but looks to have crossed the line. TMZ reports the retailer is pulling an expansion pack for the popular game...

Cards Against Humanity Takes Aim at Border Wall

Gamemaker plans to tie up land near Mexico in endless red tape

(Newser) - The company that once collected $100,000 to dig a meaningless hole has cooked up a new stunt, CNET reports. Taking aim at President Trump's planned border wall, Cards Against Humanity has bought a chunk of land on the Mexican border and plans to tie it up in red...

Cards Against Humanity Creator Rails Against Congress

But his plan, and others', to strike back over web privacy may fall flat—at least for now

(Newser) - Congress has decided Americans' web browsing history isn't private , so Americans are now trying to turn the tables on Congress. Per the Washington Post , hundreds of thousands of dollars have been raised via various crowdfunding efforts—including more than $73,000 by Supernatural star Misha Collins and more than...

Cards Against Humanity's CEO Search: Psst, Obama

Party game for terrible people is looking for a leader with a Nobel Peace Prize

(Newser) - Wanted: a "highly qualified executive" with "minimum eight years experience President of the United States or equivalent nation." If that sounds like a job for the recently unemployed Barack Obama, well, you're not seeing things. Cards Against Humanity posted an ad on Craigslist and in the...

People Donated $100K to Dig a Meaningless Hole

Cards Against Humanity launches another Black Friday stunt

(Newser) - Somewhere in America, a large, pointless hole has been dug, and people chipped in more than $100,000 to make sure it happened. As CNET explains, the Holiday Hole is another stunt from the creators of the popular game Cards Against Humanity as a statement of sorts against the commercialism...

Game Maker: Our Trump 'Survival Kit' Sold Out Fast

Cards Against Humanity is having some fun

(Newser) - The makers of the popular card game for "horrible people" say they've put together doomsday survival kits should Donald Trump be elected president—and they say the $25 pre-packed duffle bags sold out in less than a day, reports Time . In creating the "Donald Trump Bug-Out Bag,...

Cards Against Humanity Might Shred This Picasso

150K subscribers will vote to donate or destroy

(Newser) - Should Pablo Picasso's "Tete de Faune" be donated to a museum or cut up into tiny pieces? The decision rests with fans of Cards Against Humanity—the game that's managed to get people to spend their hard-earned cash on poop and, well, nothing at all . With some...

Cards Against Humanity Makes $71K Selling Nothing

The Black Friday prank involved employees unveiling how they spent the windfall

(Newser) - Anyone familiar with the Kickstarter game Cards Against Humanity ("A party game for horrible people") has likely also heard about its previous Black Friday antics, including selling actual bullshit, reports Gizmodo . This year the people behind the game have taken their tongue-in-cheek approach a step further by offering...

8 Stories
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