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Houthis Show Video of Downed US Drone
Houthis Show Video
of Downed US Drone

Houthis Show Video of Downed US Drone

Pentagon acknowledges an MQ-9 'crashed in Yemen'

(Newser) - Yemen's Houthi rebels on Saturday claimed they shot down another of the US military's MQ-9 Reaper drones, airing footage of parts that corresponded to known pieces of the unmanned aircraft. The Houthis said they shot down the Predator with a surface-to-air missile, part of a renewed series of...

Latest Houthi Attack on Ship Ends in Fatalities

It's the rebels' first fatal assault on shipping since they launched assaults over war in Gaza

(Newser) - Houthi attacks on commercial ships in the wake of the Israel-Hamas war have ended in fatalities for the first time. US officials say two crew members were killed in a missile strike on the Liberian-owned, Barbados-flagged True Confidence in the Gulf of Aden on Wednesday. Survivors were forced to abandon...

Red Sea Chaos Exposes New Vulnerability: the Internet
Red Sea Chaos Exposes
New Vulnerability: the Internet
the rundown

Red Sea Chaos Exposes New Vulnerability: the Internet

Big disruptions reported overseas because vital undersea cables were cut

(Newser) - Lots of people overseas on Monday are getting a reminder that our digital world is heavily dependent on the not-so-digital infrastructure of giant undersea cables. Roughly 25% of internet traffic between Asia and Europe, as well as in the Middle East, has been disrupted because cables belonging to four major...

US, UK Strike Houthi Targets in Yemen
US, UK Pound Houthi
Targets in Yemen

US, UK Pound Houthi Targets in Yemen

18 sites hit in response to recent uptick in attacks on commercial ships in Red Sea

(Newser) - The US and Britain struck 18 Houthi targets in Yemen on Saturday, answering a recent surge in attacks by the Iran-backed militia group on ships in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, including a missile strike this past week that set fire to a cargo vessel. According to US...

Suspected Houthi Attack Sets Ship Ablaze

Palau-flagged cargo ship was hit in the Gulf of Aden

(Newser) - A suspected missile attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels set a ship ablaze in the Gulf of Aden on Thursday as Israel intercepted what appeared to be another Houthi attack near the port city of Eilat, authorities said. The attack Thursday in the Gulf of Aden saw two missiles fired,...

Houthis Say Missile Attack Sank Cargo Ship

US says strikes hit underwater drone for first time

(Newser) - A missile attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels that damaged a Belize-flagged ship traveling through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait that connects the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden has forced the crew to abandon the vessel, authorities said Monday. The Iran-backed Houthis also claimed they shot down an American...

Houthis Suspected of Another Drone Attack in Red Sea

Slight damage caused to UK-owned ship

(Newser) - A ship traveling through the southern Red Sea was attacked by a suspected Yemen Houthi rebel drone early Tuesday, authorities said, the latest assault in their campaign targeting vessels over Israel's war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the AP reports. The attack happened west of Hodeida, Yemen, and...

US Launches Airstrikes on Iran-Backed Militias

Airstrikes hit targets in Iraq, Yemen

(Newser) - The US military struck three facilities in Iraq and two anti-ship missiles in Yemen operated by Iranian-backed militias that have continued to instigate attacks on US personnel and ships in the region as the US continues to try to keep the Israel-Hamas war from spilling over into a wider conflict....

How 2 Navy SEALs Were Lost in the Arabian Sea

Christopher Chambers, 37, and Nathan Gage Ingram, 27, died during a raid

(Newser) - Under the darkness of night, in the roiling high seas off the coast of Somalia, members of the US Navy's SEAL Team 3 began to climb aboard an unflagged ship that was carrying illicit Iranian-made weapons to Yemen. As Navy Special Warfare Operator 2nd Class Nathan Gage Ingram began...

Joint Mission Hits 8 Houthi Sites
Joint Mission Hits 8 Houthi Sites

Joint Mission Hits 8 Houthi Sites

US, UK struck missile storage sites and launchers in Yemen, officials say

(Newser) - The US and British militaries bombed eight locations they said are used by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen on Monday night, the second time the two allies have conducted coordinated retaliatory strikes on an array of the rebels' missile-launching capabilities. According to officials, warship- and submarine-launched Tomahawk missiles and fighter...

Navy SEALs Were Lost Boarding This Boat
Navy SEALS Who
Went Missing Are Dead

Navy SEALS Who Went Missing Are Dead

US Central Command makes announcement after 10 days of searching

(Newser) - The two Navy SEALS who went missing off the coast of Somalia while attempting to board a boat during a nighttime raid have been declared dead. "We regret to announce that after a 10-day exhaustive search, our two missing US Navy SEALs have not been located and their status...

Iran Threatens Israel After Fatal Airstrike

US fires again on Houthi target, and American troops are injured in Iraq

(Newser) - Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi blamed Israel on Saturday for an airstrike that killed five senior members of his nation's security forces and warned of retaliation. Syrian civilians also died in the attack on Damascus, with the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights saying that 10 people in all were...

Biden: Strikes Aren't Stopping Houthis, Will Continue

'We never said the Houthis would immediately stop,' Pentagon says

(Newser) - US forces on Thursday conducted a fifth strike against Iranian-backed Houthi rebel military sites in Yemen as President Biden acknowledged that the American and British bombardment had yet to stop attacks that have disrupted global shipping. The latest strikes destroyed two Houthi anti-ship missiles that "were aimed into the...

US Launches Strikes, Saying Houthis Were About to Attack

Round fired from Red Sea is the fourth in less than a week

(Newser) - For the fourth time in less than a week, the US has attacked Houthi targets in Yemen. US officials said the airstrikes on Wednesday successfully targeted several sites that were about to launch missiles, the Washington Post reports. US Central Command said that the rebel group had struck an American-owned...

Houthis Are Back on the US Terror List

Officials say they will try to minimize harm to ordinary Yemenis caused by sanctions

(Newser) - The United States on Wednesday put Yemen's Houthis rebels back on its list of specially designated global terrorists, piling financial sanctions on top of American military strikes in the Biden administration's latest attempt to stop the militants' attacks on global shipping. Officials said they would design the financial...

Yemen-Launched Missile Hits US-Owned Cargo Ship

Houthis are suspected as tensions escalate in the Red Sea

(Newser) - A missile fired from Yemen struck a US-owned ship just off the coast of Yemen in the Gulf of Aden, less than a day after Yemen's Houthi rebels fired an anti-ship cruise missile toward an American destroyer in the Red Sea, officials said. Suspicion immediately fell on the Iranian-backed...

US Downs Houthi Missile Fired at Warship

Rebels fire missile in first attack after American-led strikes

(Newser) - Yemen's Houthi rebels fired an anti-ship cruise missile toward an American destroyer in the Red Sea on Sunday, but a US fighter jet shot it down in the latest attack roiling global shipping amid Israel's war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the AP reports. The attack marks...

US Strikes Houthis Again, Biden Balks at Criticism

Conflict continues in Yemen, a day after first round of airstrikes against rebels

(Newser) - The US military early Saturday struck another Houthi-controlled site in Yemen that it had determined was putting commercial vessels in the Red Sea at risk, a day after the US and Britain launched multiple airstrikes targeting Houthi rebels. AP journalists in Sanaa, Yemen's capital, heard one loud explosion. US...

Houthis Vow to Respond to US, British Strikes
Houthis Say Retaliation
Will Be 'Beyond Imagination'

Houthis Say Retaliation Will Be 'Beyond Imagination'

Rebels vow to respond to US, British strikes

(Newser) - Houthi rebels in Yemen vowed to respond Friday after American and British airstrikes hit dozens of targets across the country . Houthi military spokesman Yahya Saree said five people were killed in a total of 73 strikes, Al Jazeera reports. "The American and British enemy bears full responsibility for its...

US Launches Airstrikes Against Houthis in Yemen

Biden says response shows assaults on commercial ships in Red Sea won't stand

(Newser) - Along with allies, the US launched airstrikes against more than a dozen Houthi installations in Yemen on Thursday, retaliation that President Biden said demonstrates that a 20-nation coalition "will not tolerate" the persistent attacks on commercial shipping in the Red Sea. The US strikes involve Tomahawk cruise missiles fired...

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