Inverted Jenny

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Guy Buys 'Holy Grail of Postage' for $2M

Purchase of rare 'Inverted Jenny' is 'a historic moment' in world of stamp collecting

(Newser) - For decades, Charles Hack dreamed of owning "the holy grail of postage"—the "Inverted Jenny," a rare collector's item he never would've been able to afford when he started collecting stamps as a kid. Hack is now living his dream: The Washington Post reports...

He Collected 3 of the 'Greatest Rarities,' Is Parting With Them

Stuart Weitzman is selling famed stamps, coin

(Newser) - "No one takes a U-Haul to the cemetery." So says shoe designer Stuart Weitzman to the New York Times in explaining why he is parting with three remarkable treasures. The 79-year-old said he fulfilled a childhood dream in acquiring the stamp and coin rarities: a block of four...

Unseen Since 1918, Flawed Stamp Is Found

'Inverted Jenny' turns up in Illinois

(Newser) - "Sorry, your stamp is not what you think it is. It's not that special." Workers at the Philatelic Foundation in Manhattan often say such things when shown an unusual postage stamp, but this time foundation curator Lewis Kaufman wasn't so sure. A recent cellphone photo of...

Inverted Jenny Stamp Returned for $50K Reward

Just one stolen stamp remains missing

(Newser) - A rare 1918 US postage stamp featuring an upside-down plane that was stolen six decades ago and ended up in Northern Ireland was returned to its American owner on Thursday. Keelin O'Neill, who inherited the stamp several years ago from his grandfather, turned it over at the World Stamp...

'Inverted Jenny' Stamp Surfaces 61 Years After It Was Stolen

'One of the most notorious crimes in philatelic history'

(Newser) - An incredibly rare and valuable stamp stolen right out of its exhibition frame at a 1955 convention resurfaced this month in New York and has promptly rocked the philatelic world. "Inverted Jenny" stamps are considered the most famous in America: A printing accident in 1918 produced a single sheet...

59 Years Later, Hunt Is On for 2 Stolen 'Jennies'

$100K reward offered for missing stamps

(Newser) - In 1955, thieves stole four prized stamps—and more than half a century later, two still haven't been found. A dealer recently promised a $50,000 reward for each of the stamps, known as Inverted Jennies, the New York Times reports. A stamp library is also prepared to pay...

6 Stories