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Apple Yanks Disputed Health Feature From Watches

Blood-oxygen sensor won't work on new Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches

(Newser) - Apple has complied with the latest ruling in a patent dispute over a health feature on its two most advanced Apple Watches—but instead of stopping sales of the Series 9 and Ultra 2, it has turned the feature off. In what the AP describes as a sign of Apple'...

Apple Scores Big Win in Watch Patent Case

Appeals court temporarily lifts import ban

(Newser) - Apple has scored a major victory in the dispute over its two most advanced Apple Watches. An appeals court has paused the import ban on the company's Series 9 and Ultra 2 watches, which it stopped selling last week, CNBC reports. The company filed an emergency motion to halt...

Apple Halting Sales of 2 Smartwatches
Apple Watch Sales Ban
Takes Effect

Apple Watch Sales Ban Takes Effect

White House opts not to intervene in trademark dispute

(Newser) - Apple Stores will be opening Tuesday without the most advanced Apple Watches on their shelves. The White House declined to intervene in an international patent dispute, meaning a sales ban decreed by the International Trade Commission has taken effect, reports Reuters . The ban does not affect the less expensive SE...

There's a Big Problem With Apple's Automatic 911 Calls

Call centers are overwhelmed with calls triggered when there is no emergency

(Newser) - Emergency call centers in various states that have been inundated with false calls and officials are pointing the finger at a single culprit: Apple. Since 2018, Apple devices have been able to detect when a user suffers a hard fall . If a fall is detected, the device buzzes and sends...

Apple Unveils iPhone 13, Upgraded Apple Watch
Apple Introduces iPhone 13

Apple Introduces iPhone 13

Latest model will have up to 1 terabyte of storage

(Newser) - Apple has unveiled its next iPhone line-up, including a model that offers twice the storage available in earlier versions and other modest upgrades to last year’s editions that proved to be a big hit among consumers devouring the latest technology during the pandemic. From the AP :
  • They'll hit

$6.6M in Apple Products Stolen in Truck Heist

British police say driver, guard were tied up

(Newser) - Police in Britain have asked the public to be on the lookout for anybody selling suspiciously cheap Apple products. Police say bandits made off with $6.6 million in iPhone 11s, iPads, Apple Watches, and other products after a truck heist in Northamptonshire, central England, reports Reuters . The truck was...

Apple Unveils Discount Watch, but No New iPhones Yet

It was company's first virtual-only product reveal

(Newser) - Apple introduced a cheaper version of its smartwatch Tuesday in its latest attempt to broaden the appeal of its trend-setting products while many consumers are forced to scrimp during the coronavirus pandemic. The scaled-down Apple Watch follows on the heels of a budget iPhone the company released five months ago...

Smart Watch Saves 3 Lives
He Had a Rape Bag.
She Had a Watch

He Had a Rape Bag. She Had a Watch

And that Apple Watch did one thing very well

(Newser) - Looks like the Apple Watch came in handy for three people in dire straits. One, dubbed Anna by CBC News , awoke in her Calgary apartment in April to find a dark figure moving around. Per court testimony Tuesday, John Joseph Macindoe had broken in with a "rape bag" including...

Man's Apple Watch Calls 911 for Him
Man's Apple Watch
Calls 911 for Him

Man's Apple Watch Calls 911 for Him

Spokane man was unconscious after bike crash

(Newser) - Bob Burdett ended up unconscious after a bike crash earlier this month in Spokane—and his Apple Watch called 911 for him. Burdett, 62, flew off his bike as he approached a curve at the bottom of a hill, and the ensuing hit was so hard his watch detected it,...

2 Get Life-Saving Surgery After Tip From Apple Watch

Device alerted UK men to irregular heartbeats

(Newser) - Two UK men have received life-saving surgery after their Apple Watches alerted them to irregular heartbeats. Paul Hutton of Bradfield, Essex, first visited a doctor after his Apple Watch—updated in September to notify users of irregular heart rates—alerted him that his rate kept dropping below 40 beats per...

Report: Apple Watch Captured Missing Journalist's Murder

Turkish newspaper says audio was recovered from Jamal Khashoggi's synced iPhone

(Newser) - Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi from the Apple Watch he wore when he walked into the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul over a week ago, a pro-government Turkish newspaper reported Saturday. The new claim was published by the Sabah newspaper, through which...

Missing Journalist Wore an Apple Watch, Perhaps Crucially

Investigators reportedly trying to see if they can glean anything from phone connected to it

(Newser) - As Turkey airs its suspicions that Washington Post contributor Jamal Khashoggi was brutally murdered and dismembered inside Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate by a team of 15 Saudi agents, Reuters digs into the situation. One major line of investigation it reports is being chased down: Khashoggi's black Apple Watch....

Here's What Apple Debuted at Today's Event

Including 3 new iPhones, among them the company's most expensive one yet at $1.1K

(Newser) - Apple unveiled three new iPhones on Wednesday, including its biggest and most expensive model yet, as the company seeks to widen the product's appeal amid slowing sales. CEO Tim Cook showed off the iPhone XS Max, which has a bigger screen than the one on last year's dramatically...

Cop Pulled Up to a Light. In the Car Next to Him, a 'Glow'

Canadian woman who used Apple Watch found guilty of distracted driving

(Newser) - A Canadian woman says she was just checking the time, a police officer says her mind wasn't fully on driving, and an Ontario judge has sided with the cop. The National Post reports Victoria Ambrose was found guilty of breaking a distracted-driving law, after a University of Guelph police...

An Apple Watch Alert 'Saved' His Life

Apple Watch app tipped off James Green to a potentially fatal blood clot in his lungs

(Newser) - In what may be the best unpaid ad Apple could hope for, a Brooklyn man says the company’s smartwatch saved his life. James Green, 28, was wearing an Apple Watch last week when he noticed his heart rate spiking, the Telegraph reports. The warning came courtesy of the HeartWatch...

Apple's New Watch Goes on Sale With a Glitch

Its touted new feature, cellular connectivity, doesn't work very well

(Newser) - Talk about a PR mess: Apple's new smartwatch goes on sale Friday in stores as the company scrambles to fix a glitch with its biggest new feature, reports the Wall Street Journal . The $399 Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE is supposed to allow users to connect to cellular...

Red Sox Caught Cheating With Apple Watch: Report

Team was reportedly using it to steal signals from Yankees

(Newser) - The Boston Red Sox have reportedly admitted to Major League Baseball that they improperly used electronic devices to steal signs from their longtime rival, the New York Yankees, the AP reports. According to the New York Times , the Red Sox used an Apple Watch to relay signs by the Yankees...

New iPhones Expected to Be Unveiled on Sept. 12

'Wall Street Journal' sets a date for next Apple showcase

(Newser) - Those waiting to upgrade their iPhones can expect to see the new options on Sept. 12. The Wall Street Journal reports that as the date for the next Apple product unveiling. Assuming that's the case—last-minute production glitches could throw off the schedule—customers should be able to order...

Apple Racing to Develop Blood-Sugar Monitor: Sources

It would be a breakthrough for people with diabetes

(Newser) - Here's another thing you may soon be able to do on your Apple Watch: Check your blood sugar. Sources tell CNBC that Apple has a secret team working to develop sensors that could continuously track blood sugar levels. If successful, it would be a breakthrough for people with diabetes,...

Smartwatches Could Sound Death Knell for Rolex

They're the biggest threat to traditional Swiss brands, report says

(Newser) - Could the end be near for luxury watch brands like Rolex? Probably not anytime soon, but the explosion of smartwatches represents the biggest threat to Swiss watchmakers since Seiko introduced its landmark Quartz watch in 1969, Business Insider reports. Classic analog watches can't match the technology of wrist computers...

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