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Dr. Oz Caught in 'Complex and Fact-Intensive Family Drama'

GOP Pa. candidate for US Senate, sister are battling another sister over large inheritance

(Newser) - Dr. Mehmet Oz is headed toward the general election in Pennsylvania, where the Republican celebrity doctor will face off for a Senate seat against the state's Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman. But behind the scenes, Oz, 62, is in a multimillion-dollar inheritance fight with one of his siblings that'...

She Died Without Heirs, Left $7.5M to Neighbors

Renate Wedel left her stock portfolio, property to her German neighborhood

(Newser) - There are good neighbors and there are bad neighbors, and then there's the late Renate Wedel, who surely has ascended to the level of "pretty great" in the eyes of those from the Germany community she lived in for decades. Wedel died last December at the age of...

Nation's King: I Refuse to Accept My Inheritance

King Felipe VI says his father's financial irregularities were too much

(Newser) - Spain’s royal house said Sunday that King Felipe VI has renounced any future personal inheritance he could receive from his father, King Emerit Juan Carlos I, over the alleged financial irregularities involving the former monarch, the AP reports. The royal house said in a statement that in addition to...

Laurene Powell Jobs on Family Wealth: 'It Ends With Me'

Steve Job's widow says she wants her $24B to be spread around

(Newser) - The world's 35-richest person says her children aren't likely to inherit very much, Business Insider reports. Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of the late Steve Jobs, says she wants to distribute the former Apple CEO's money "in ways that lift up individuals and communities in a sustainable...

She Was Worth Millions. Who Did She Want It to Go To?

Inside the battle over Jill Morris' will

(Newser) - Charlie Martin often helped out Jill Morris and her partner of 18 years, Joan Anderson, with maintenance chores. And so Morris turned to Martin—who had worked as an engineer, in webcasting, and as a music promoter, but never as a lawyer—for help with her will: He had the...

Aunts Say He Killed Twice for Inheritance. He'll Get It Anyway

New Hampshire judge dismisses case against Nathan Carman

(Newser) - A Vermont man suspected by his aunts of murdering his mother and maternal grandfather is set to nab millions in inheritance money stemming from the two deaths. Valerie Santilli, Elaine Chakalos, and Charlene Gallagher sued in New Hampshire in 2017 in an effort to block Nathan Carman from getting his...

Trump Responds to NYT Report on His Inheritance

'Very old, boring'

(Newser) - Those waiting for President Trump's response to the New York Times investigation into what it says was the $413 million inheritance (in today's dollars) he received and the alleged "dubious tax schemes" around it got it mid-morning. The president tweeted , "The Failing New York Times did...

She Learned She Wasn't in the Will, Allegedly Killed Mom

Gabriela Perero has been charged with premeditated murder

(Newser) - A woman from Fort Lauderdale, Fla., is accused of beating her 85-year-old mother to death after learning she wouldn't be receiving an inheritance from her. After Luisa Perero died from her injuries, police charged her daughter Gabriela Perero, 53, with premeditated murder and aggravated battery on a person over...

Parkland Suspect May Have Surprising Financial Status

Nikolas Cruz's potential inheritance is discussed in a court hearing

(Newser) - The man accused of massacring 17 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School may have a small fortune coming to him from his late mother's estate. But Nikolas Cruz says he doesn't want it. "He would like that money donated to an organization that the victims' families believe...

Determined Banker Counts 5K Pounds of Coins by Hand

All that work amounted to just $9.4K

(Newser) - A German bank employee spent six months dealing with a family's inheritance, which totaled in the millions—of coins. Deutsche Welle has the somewhat improbable story of Wolfgang Kemereit, a worker at the Oldenburg branch of the Deutsche Bundesbank who was tasked with counting 5,500 pounds of coins...

UPS Lost $850K Inheritance. Family Says Bank Isn't Helping

Family says TD Canada Trust is placing unfair demands on them to get new bank draft issued

(Newser) - Last February, Ontario's Louis Paul Hebert went to the UPS Store to pick up a TD Canada Trust bank draft for nearly $850,000—his portion of an inheritance from his father. But the bank draft never showed, and now his family is mired in what CBC News calls...

Suit: Nephew Killed His Mom, Granddad to Inherit Riches

Linda Carman's sisters don't want Nathan Carman to get his grandfather's millions

(Newser) - The family of a man suspected in the slaying of his millionaire grandfather filed a lawsuit in New Hampshire on Monday accusing him of killing his grandfather and possibly his mother, who was lost at sea during a mother-son fishing trip, in a bid to collect a multimillion-dollar inheritance. Nathan...

Daughter Loses in Odd Battle Over Estranged Mom's Will

She was upset her mom cut her out of her will in favor of animal charities

(Newser) - After a 10-year legal fight over her mother's will, Heather Ilott lost this week. The UK woman became estranged from her mother in 1978 when Ilott, at 17, went to live with her boyfriend, who ultimately became her husband. In 2002, Ilott's mother, Melita Jackson, made her last...

Man Inherits House Filled With Hidden Treasure
Man Discovers $3.7M Worth
of Gold in His New House

Man Discovers $3.7M Worth of Gold in His New House

'It was under the furniture, under piles of linen, in the bathroom ... everywhere'

(Newser) - Inheriting a house from hoarders isn't so bad when the stuff they hoarded is ... a whole bunch of gold. The AFP reports a man inherited a house in France from a deceased relative only to discover $3.7 million worth of hidden gold. “It was under the furniture,...

Grandmother Thumbs Nose at Heirs, Shreds $1.1M
Grandmother Thumbs Nose
at Heirs, Shreds $1.1M
in case you missed it

Grandmother Thumbs Nose at Heirs, Shreds $1.1M

It won't work though

(Newser) - Authorities believe an elderly Austrian woman must have really hated her heirs after they found more than $1 million in cash cut up on her bed, the AFP reports. The 85-year-old woman died in a retirement home surrounded by thousands of destroyed euros—in 100 and 500 notes, according to...

NYC Cockatiels Inherit $100K
 NYC Cockatiels Inherit $100K 

NYC Cockatiels Inherit $100K

The deceased millionaire's birds are set

(Newser) - Look out, high society: 32 cockatiels currently living in a private New York City aviary just came into quite a bit of money. The New York Post reports millionaire Leslie Mandel, who died in June, left $100,000 to her 32 pet cockatiels with explicit instructions on how to care...

Two Daughters Inherit $20M, Must Follow Some Rules

Real estate magnate Maurice Laboz offers money from the beyond

(Newser) - "Want my money while you're still young? Then you have to play by my rules." That's pretty much what deceased Manhattan real estate landlord Maurice Laboz has posthumously told his two daughters, the New York Post reports. According to his will, 17-year-old Victoria and 21-year-old Marlena...

National Enquirer Heirs in ... Enquirer-Like Money Battle

Founder's broke son wants slice of mom's $200M

(Newser) - The heirs to the fortune of National Enquirer founder Generoso Pope are engaged in a fight over cash that wouldn't be out of place in the very pages of the publication that made Pope rich, the Miami Herald reports. Pope's widow, Lois, a respected Palm Beach philanthropist, has...

Maid in Famed Rags-to-Riches Tale Dead at 76

Barbara Piasecka Johnson battled Johnson family over inheritance

(Newser) - It was one of the great American immigrant success stories—a young Polish woman comes to America with shaky English and $200 in her pocket, takes a job as a maid ... and marries her way into a $500 million fortune. But not only did Barbara Piasecka Johnson strike it rich,...

ASPCA Pushing Trusts for Your Pet
ASPCA Pushing Trusts
for Your Pet
I Can Haz Leegul Protecshun?

ASPCA Pushing Trusts for Your Pet

Pet group recommends legal protection for Mr. Whiskers after owner's death

(Newser) - We spend our lives spoiling our pets—to the tune of $53 billion this year, by one estimate—but what about what happens after that? Animals are considered property, not family, so if you pass away, pets can be in trouble. That's why the ASPCA and online legal-documents provider...

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