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Sailor Stranded at Sea Tells His Tale

Tim Shaddock, adrift for months, relied on his dog, journaling, and meditation

(Newser) - He quit his corporate job and moved to Mexico to pursue his dream of sailing solo across the ocean. Australian Timothy Shaddock, 54, bought his 30-foot catamaran two years ago in the Mexican Pacific resort of Puerto Vallarta. He needed a place to live and he liked the isolation. "...

In Ida's Wake, 100 Say They're Stranded Aboard Ship

Crew endured 80-foot waves as hurricane passed by

(Newser) - More than 100 men on a drill ship in the Gulf of Mexico say they endured 80-foot waves as Hurricane Ida passed by and are now stranded, with no clue when they'll be rescued. The crew aboard Noble Corporation's Globetrotter II drill ship, about 100 miles off Louisiana,...

'Living Hell' Ends for 5 Men Stranded at Sea for Years

The crew of the oil tanker MT Iba will be paid, go home

(Newser) - They've called it "living hell," understandably. Five men who have been stuck at sea for years—some since July 2017—have finally set foot on land. The Guardian explains they had been crewing the 5,000-ton MT Iba when the oil tanker's owner, Alco Shipping, ran...

British Artist Stranded at Sea After Shipping Firm Collapses

Rebecca Moss calls it 'completely ironic'

(Newser) - When British artist Rebecca Moss set out to sea for a 23-day adventure last month, it was to to "explore the comedic potential of the clash between mechanical systems and nature," as the Guardian puts it. Little did she know just how real things were about to get....

Ship Rescues 3 Stranded in Rough Seas Off Hawaii

Sailors safe after Hurricane Julio battered boat

(Newser) - A container ship crew yesterday rescued three men who were stranded in a sailboat off the Hawaiian Islands for about 24 hours as their vessel was battered by Hurricane Julio's 30-foot waves and 115mph winds. The sailors from the 42-foot Walkabout made it onto the Maston Inc. container ship...

5 Stories
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