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Nobel Team Rescinds Invite to 3 Nations

Invites to Russia, Belarus, Iran withdrawn after Swedish lawmakers said they'd boycott awards

(Newser) - The Nobel Foundation on Saturday retracted its invitation for representatives of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to attend this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies after the controversial decision "provoked strong reactions." Several Swedish lawmakers said Friday they would boycott this year's Nobel Prize award ceremonies in the...

Netherlands, Denmark Come Through on F-16s
Ukraine to Get Coveted F-16s

Ukraine to Get Coveted F-16s

US had backed transfer once pilots are trained

(Newser) - President Volodymyr Zelensky has long been calling for Western nations to supply his armed forces with F-16 fighter jets, a plea that has become more urgent as Russian air dominance has slowed Ukraine's counteroffensive . On Sunday, Zelensky visited the Netherlands and Denmark to receive the promise of the fighters...

Greta Thunberg: 'Justifiable' That I Ignored Cops

20-year-old climate activist fined $240 for refusing to leave protest site in Sweden last month

(Newser) - Last month, an unsurprising attendee showed up at a fossil fuels protest in Sweden and was detained: Greta Thunberg, who's been demonstrating in the name of climate change awareness since at least 2018. Local media reports that the 20-year-old activist was among those who stopped traffic on June 19...

Sweden Aims to Build World's Biggest Wooden City
Sweden Is Building
a City Out of Wood

Sweden Is Building a City Out of Wood

Advocates say fire risks are minimal and the construction has a better carbon footprint

(Newser) - Swedish urban developer Atrium Ljungberg's upcoming project in Stockholm is an interesting foray into sustainability. In 2025, the company says it will begin construction of what it calls the "world's largest wooden city." CNN reports that Atrium Ljungberg envisions "Stockholm Wood City" as an activity...

Iraqi Protesters Storm Swedish Embassy

Iraqi protesters denounced plans to burn Koran outside country's Stockholm embassy

(Newser) - The Swedish embassy in Baghdad was stormed Thursday by hundreds of protesters angered by plans to burn a Koran outside the Iraqi embassy in Sweden. Protesters broke into the compound, which also houses the Finnish embassy, and set a small fire, the AP reports. Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billstrom said...

Turkey Reverses Course, Will Let Sweden Join NATO

Turkish President Erdogan now wants his nation to be allowed to join the EU

(Newser) - Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has relented and agreed to allow Sweden join NATO. NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg made the announcement after talks with Erdogan and Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson on the eve of a NATO summit in Lithuania, per the AP . Sweden's NATO accession has been held...

NATO May Grow by One, but Only if Turkey Budges

Nation continues to oppose the addition of Sweden

(Newser) - Finland became the 31st member of NATO earlier this year. Neighbor Sweden's hopes of becoming the 32nd this month continue to run into a wall of opposition otherwise known as Turkey. All members of the alliance must agree to any new members, explains the Wall Street Journal , and Sweden'...

Riders Fall From Roller Coaster After Derailment in Sweden

One person is killed at Stockholm amusement park, seven are hospitalized

(Newser) - One person was killed and several others injured when a roller coaster derailed in Stockholm on Sunday, Swedish TV reported. Park officials told public broadcaster SVT that that one of the carriages on the Jetline roller coaster derailed and people fell to the ground at the Grona Lund amusement park....

Climate Protesters Smear Paint on Monet

It was behind protective glass in Swedish musem

(Newser) - Climate protesters have once again targeted a famous artwork, this time in Sweden, where two women smeared red paint on the protective glass covering Claude Monet's The Artist's Garden at Giverny and glued themselves to the artwork. Police arrested the protesters at the National Museum in Stockholm, which...

Swedish Economist Blames Inflation on Beyonce

Stockholm concerts created a small but noticeable uptick, he says

(Newser) - The start of Beyonce's world tour was an event so big in Sweden that it produced a bump in the inflation rate, according to Danske Bank's chief economist in the country. Michael Grahn says the star's two concerts in Stockholm last month added around 0.2 percentage...

Alleged Russian Spy Whale Turns Up in a New Country

Hvaldimir, first spotted off of Norway 4 years ago, is now in Swedish waters

(Newser) - In 2019, when a white beluga whale showed up off of Norway , experts suspected it was a spy whale that had defected from the Russian military. Scientists also feared the creature wouldn't be able to survive very long on its own after a lifetime in captivity—but now, four...

Sweden Accidentally Fires Rocket Into Norway

Its neighbor, a little peeved, claims notice wasn't relayed through 'proper channels'

(Newser) - Monday morning is perhaps not the best time for a rocket launch, as Sweden may have learned when it fired off a research rocket, only to have it land off target in neighboring Norway. The rocket launched at 7:20am local time Monday from the Esrange Space Center in northern...

Report: Russia Is Spying With Civilian Boats

Nordic public broadcasters say they've uncovered spying program in the North Sea

(Newser) - A joint investigation by the public broadcasters of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland has uncovered a large fleet of Russian spy ships allegedly posing as fishing vessels in the North Sea. The broadcasters—DR in Denmark, NRK in Norway, SVT in Sweden, and Yle in Finland—say about 50 Russian...

Holdout Turkey Approves Finland Joining NATO

Sweden, which applied at the same time, is still waiting

(Newser) - Turkey on Thursday endorsed Finland's pending membership in NATO on a parliamentary vote, removing the last obstacle to the security alliance's expansion. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had come out in support of the move, but he has not yet said Sweden—which applied to NATO on the same...

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

This Is the
Nation on Earth

This Is the Happiest Nation on Earth

The honors go to Finland, per annual World Happiness Report; US comes in 15th

(Newser) - It may be cold in the Nordic countries, but residents' hearts are warm. At least, that's what the 10th annual World Happiness Report found during this year's ranking of 137 nations. Per the Verge , the report—which uses study data and self-assessed life evaluations—found that we've...

They Want to Join NATO Together. One May Go Solo

Finnish defense minister says his nation may join alone if Turkey keeps holding up Sweden

(Newser) - Finland's defense minister said Saturday that his country will join NATO without waiting for Sweden if its Nordic neighbor's accession is held up by the Turkish government. Mikko Savola told the AP on Saturday that Finland would prefer that the two countries join the alliance together, but it...

Sweden Plans to Abolish Dance Permits

'It is not reasonable for the state to regulate people’s dance'

(Newser) - Sweden's center-right coalition government wants to cut red tape when it comes to dancing by abolishing a decade-old requirement for restaurants, nightclubs, and other venues to obtain permits before they let patrons shimmy and sway. The proposal means that venues no longer would need a license to organize dances....

Discovery May Ease Reliance on China for Rare Earth Materials

It will be a while before mining can begin in northern Sweden

(Newser) - The beginning of the end of Europe's dependency on China for precious rare earth materials may lie buried deep under the rugged reaches of northern Sweden, well above the Arctic Circle. Sweden's iron-ore miner LKAB said Thursday it has identified "significant deposits" in Lapland of rare earth...

3 Chimpanzees Shot Dead After Zoo Escape

Swedish zoo warned area residents to stay inside with doors, windows locked

(Newser) - Five chimpanzees escaped from a zoo enclosure in Sweden and it did not end well for four of them. Authorities say four of the animals were shot, three of them fatally, while the fifth made its own way back to the enclosure, joining three other chimpanzees that didn't leave,...

Long-Lost Warship From 1600s Is Finally Found

The Applet, sister ship of the doomed Vasa, discovered off Stockholm

(Newser) - The sister ship of the iconic 17th-century Swedish warship Vasa has finally been found, almost 400 years after its intentional sinking. The Applet was discovered in a strait off Vaxholm island outside Stockholm in December, then explored further this past spring, according to the Swedish Museum of Wrecks . "Our...

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