Russia-Ukraine war

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Ukraine Law to Boost Its Troops Raises Concerns

The legislation will make it easier to identify every conscript in the country amid new push by Russia

(Newser) - A divisive mobilization law in Ukraine came into force on Saturday, as Kyiv struggles to boost troop numbers after Russia launched a new offensive that some fear could close in on Ukraine's second-largest city. The legislation, which was watered down from its original draft, will make it easier to...

Putin Says Russia Is Creating 'Buffer Zone'

He claims Moscow doesn't plan to capture Kharkiv

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday that Moscow's offensive in Ukraine's Kharkiv region aims to create a buffer zone but Russia has no plans to capture the city, for now. Speaking to reporters Friday on a visit to Harbin, China, Putin said that Moscow launched attacks in the...

Xi, Putin Reaffirm 'No Limits' Partnership
Putin Praises Xi
in Show of Unity

Putin Praises Xi in Show of Unity

Russian leader hails Xi's efforts to 'regulate' the 'situation in Ukraine'

(Newser) - China's leader Xi Jinping welcomed Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday as he began a two-day state visit. Putin thanked Xi for his effort to resolve the Ukraine conflict at a Beijing summit, where the two leaders reaffirmed a "no-limits" partnership that has grown deeper as both countries...

Putin Changes Defense Ministers
Putin Removes
Defense Minister

Putin Removes Defense Minister

Andrei Belousov, former vice prime minister, is nominated for the job

(Newser) - Days into his fifth term, Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday ousted his longtime defense minister. Sergei Shoigu has been nominated to instead lead a council that advises Putin on defense and security, the Washington Post reports. The announcement on an official government Telegram channel says Putin has nominated Andrei...

Russia Captures Villages as Ukrainians Flee
Ukrainians Flee as Villages
in Northeast Fall

Ukrainians Flee as Villages in Northeast Fall

Zelensky pleads for delivery of promised military aid

(Newser) - The Russian Defense Ministry said Saturday that its forces have captured five villages as part of a renewed ground assault in northeastern Ukraine. Ukrainian officials haven't officially confirmed whether Russian had taken the villages, which lie in a contested "gray zone" on the border of Ukraine's Kharkiv...

Images May Reveal Putin's Nuclear Depot in Belarus

'New York Times' analyzes satellite photos

(Newser) - In the past week, Russia and Belarus have announced measures that could be interpreted as readying nuclear weapons. Russia said that President Vladimir Putin had ordered drills near Ukraine to simulate the use of tactical nuclear weapons. And Belarus' defense minister said that his country's forces, including a unit...

Russia Unleashes 'Massive' Attack on Ukraine's Power Grid

Russia sent barrage of missiles and explosive drones overnight

(Newser) - Russian forces unleashed a nighttime barrage of 55 missiles and 21 explosive Shahed drones at Ukraine's power grid on Wednesday, in what President Zelensky called a "massive" attack. The Ukrainian air force said it managed to down 39 of the missiles and 20 of the drones, but the...

Enemies Largely Vanquished, Putin Begins His 5th Term

Power consolidated, he'll be in office until at least 2030

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin began his fifth term Tuesday as Russian leader at a glittering Kremlin inauguration, setting out on another six years in office after destroying his political opponents, launching a devastating war in Ukraine, and concentrating all power in his hands. Already in office for nearly a quarter-century and the...

2 Ukrainian Colonels Accused in Plot to Kill Zelensky

They were allegedly recruited by Russia

(Newser) - Two of Volodymyr Zelensky's own colonels are accused of joining a Russian plot to assassinate him. Multiple assassination plots have surfaced previously, but the BBC notes this one stands apart because of the military officers involved. They were allegedly working with Russia's FSB—successor to the KGB—and...

Weightlifting Champ Killed in Ukraine War

Ukraine's Oleksandr Pielieshenko won European title twice

(Newser) - Two-time European weightlifting champion Oleksandr Pielieshenko died on the front line in the war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian Olympic Committee said on Monday. Pielieshenko "died in the war with the enemy" on Sunday, the committee posted on Telegram. He was 30. He joined Ukraine's armed forces in the...

Russia Announces Nuclear Weapons Drills

Kremlin blames 'threats' by UK, France

(Newser) - Russia said Monday that because of statements made by UK and French officials, its military has begun planning for drills simulating the use of tactical nuclear weapons near Ukraine. A Kremlin statement said the exercises are planned "in response to provocative statements and threats by certain Western officials against...

Russian 'Foothold' in Ukrainian Town Ends in Utter Devastation

Drone footage from Ocheretyne suggests no building was spared from Russia's attacks

(Newser) - The Ukrainian village of Ocheretyne has been battered by fighting, drone footage obtained by the AP shows. Russian troops have been advancing in the area, pounding Kyiv's depleted, ammunition-deprived forces with artillery, drones, and bombs. Ukraine's military has acknowledged the Russians have gained a "foothold" in Ocheretyne,...

Ukraine to Athletes: Avoid Russians at the Olympics

Committee warns of possible 'provocative actions' from neutral athletes in Paris

(Newser) - There won't be any Russian flags at the Paris Olympics but there will be Russian athletes, and Ukrainian athletes have been told to steer clear of them. Ukraine's National Olympic Committee said Thursday that athletes should avoid "direct contact" with representatives of Russia and Belarus, which it...

US: Russia's Using Chemical Agents in Ukraine

Russia said to be using the choking agent chloropicrin and tear gases banned in war

(Newser) - Weeks after Russia launched its war in Ukraine, President Biden warned his Russian counterpart would pay a "severe price" if he approved the use of chemical weapons. Now, the US is handing out new sanctions, alleging Russia has indeed used chemical weapons. The State Department accuses Russia of using...

98-Year-Old Walks 6 Miles to Safety in Ukraine—in Slippers

Lidia Stepanivna Lomikovska was separated from family, walked alone with her cane

(Newser) - A 98-year-old woman in Ukraine who escaped Russian-occupied territory by walking almost 6 miles alone, wearing a pair of slippers and supported by a cane, has been reunited with her family days after they were separated while fleeing to safety, the AP reports. Lidia Stepanivna Lomikovska and her family decided...

Ukraine: Russia's Overnight Strike Targeted Energy Sites

Ukraine's air force says it shot down 21 of 34 missiles fired

(Newser) - Russia launched a barrage of missiles against Ukraine overnight, in attacks that appeared to target the country's energy infrastructure. Meanwhile, Russia said its air defense systems had intercepted more than 60 Ukrainian drones over Russia's southern Krasnodar region. Ukraine's air force said Saturday that Russia had launched...

Aid for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan Advances in Senate
$95B Foreign Aid Package
Passes Senate 79-18

$95B Foreign Aid Package Passes Senate 79-18

'Very few things we have done have risen to this level of historic importance,' Schumer says

(Newser) - This story has been updated with new developments. The Senate has passed $95 billion in war aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, sending the legislation to President Biden after months of delays and contentious debate over how involved the United States should be in foreign wars. The bill passed the...

Russia Convicts Meta Spokesperson of Justifying Terrorism

Andy Stone, tried in absentia, receives 6 years

(Newser) - A court in Russia on Monday convicted the spokesperson of US technology company Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, of justifying terrorism and sentenced him to six years in prison in a swift trial in absentia, Russia's independent news site Mediazona reported. According to the outlet, the charges against...

Russia Accuses Ukraine of Massive Drone Strike

Moscow says 50 drones were shot down over 8 Russian regions, with 2 people reportedly killed

(Newser) - Ukraine launched a barrage of drones across Russia overnight, the Defense Ministry in Moscow said Saturday, in attacks that appeared to target the country's energy infrastructure. Fifty drones were shot down by air defenses over eight Russian regions, including 26 over the country's western Belgorod region close to...

Johnson's $95B Foreign Aid Bill Gets Boost From Dems

In 'rare bipartisan' moment, House votes 316-94 to advance aid packages for Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan

(Newser) - With rare bipartisan momentum, the House pushed ahead Friday on a foreign aid package of $95 billion for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan, including for humanitarian support, as a coalition of lawmakers helped it clear a procedural hurdle to reach final votes this weekend. Friday's vote produced a seldom-seen outcome...

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