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Washington Was President Last Time the Solstice Came So Early

Thursday is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere

(Newser) - What does everyone in the Northern Hemisphere have in common on Thursday? We're all marking the longest day of the year, aka the summer solstice, which officially takes place at 4:51pm ET when the sun reaches its highest annual point in the sky, as the Earth's axis...

Updated Summer Forecast Is More Uncomfortable

Nearly all states have good chance of a hotter-than-normal summer

(Newser) - The federal Climate Prediction Center has updated its summer forecast, and it's hotter and drier than the last one. The predictions show almost every state moving toward a hotter-than-normal June, July, and August, the Hill reports. That would mean this summer could be a lot like summer 2023, which...

Athletes Will Really Feel the Heat in Tokyo

This could be the hottest Olympics on record, bringing risk of heatstroke

(Newser) - Tokyo claimed "mild" summer weather made it an ideal candidate to host the Olympic Games in 2020. Consider that an oversell, as athletes could now be in for the hottest Olympics on record. The daily maximum temperature recorded at a Summer Olympics was in Sydney, Australia, in 2000 and...

Polar Vortex in July? It's Coming, Sort Of

It's not truly a polar vortex, but next week's front will bring chillier temps

(Newser) - OK, to be fair, the polar vortex that’s heading our way next week isn't technically a polar vortex—but it is going to bring significantly cooler weather, according to the Washington Post . Temperatures are predicted to be 10 to 30 degrees lower than average for July in the...

4 Stories
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