Miguel de Cervantes

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Scientists: Cervantes' Lost Remains Are Found

But his bones may be impossible to identify

(Newser) - The lost remains of Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes may have finally been found nearly 400 years after the writer's death—and a year after experts began searching for them. Experts working at Madrid's Convent of the Barefoot Trinitarians used ground-penetrating radar among other technology to identify...

Bones Examined in Hunt for Cervantes' Remains

Forensic specialists aim to solve literary mystery

(Newser) - Forensic experts began excavating graves and examining bones yesterday in a tiny chapel in Madrid, hoping to solve the centuries-old mystery of exactly where the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was laid to rest. The author of Don Quixote was buried in 1616 at the Convent of the Barefoot...

Scientists Zero In on Lost Grave of Don Quixote Author

5 possible locations of Miguel de Cervantes' remains pinpointed

(Newser) - Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes is widely considered the most important writer of Spain's Golden Age—but he died poor, and over the centuries since his death on April 22, 1616, the exact location of his grave has been forgotten. Forensic scientists have been looking for it since...

3 Stories