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Nutella Dream Job Requires Zero Experience

Professional hazelnut spread taster has a nice ring to it

(Newser) - If you love Nutella, its Italian manufacturer may have just the job for you. Per the Local , Ferrero is hiring dozens of "non-professional" testers to help them test ingredients at their Italy headquarters in Alba, Piedmont. Officially dubbed "sensory judges," the 60 new employees will work a...

Supermarket Cuts Price of Nutella, Riots Ensue

'They are like animals,' shaken customer says

(Newser) - In scenes reminiscent of Black Friday—or possibly Brown Friday—violence erupted in supermarkets across France Thursday after a chain offered a discount on Nutella that may have been a little too steep. Shoppers jostled, pushed, and brawled in an effort to grab pots of chocolate hazelnut spread that had...

The Horror: Nutella Maker Changes Spread's Recipe

Twitter not happy

(Newser) - Does your Nutella taste different lately? That's because Ferrero, the maker of the hazelnut cocoa spread, has changed the recipe—without announcing the move. Rather, the Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre, a German consumer group, noticed the difference and posted about it on Facebook ; it says Ferrero is "the...

Thieves Steal 22 Tons of Nutella
Thieves Steal
22 Tons of Nutella

Thieves Steal 22 Tons of Nutella

Cops warn against buying chocolate through 'unconventional channels'

(Newser) - Look, we crave chocolate as much as the next news site, but this is ridiculous. The Telegraph reports thieves in Germany made off with more than 22 tons of Nutella over the weekend. The Nutella—along with Kinder Surprise eggs and other sweet treats—was in a refrigerated trailer that...

2 Countries Got Into a Fight Over ... Nutella

French minister accused spread of ravaging environment

(Newser) - France's environment minister caused an international brouhaha by picking on the wrong nutty spread. Segolene Royal singled out Nutella as the cause of environmental destruction, including climate change and "massive deforestation," and said people should stop eating it because it contains palm oil, the Guardian reports, prompting...

'World's Richest Candyman' Died on Valentine's Day

Michele Ferrero brought Nutella to the world

(Newser) - Pastry maker Pietro Ferrero invented Nutella amid postwar chocolate shortages in Italy, but it was his son who brought the cocoa-hazelnut paste to the world. Michele Ferrero, who died on Valentine's Day at the age of 89, built the family firm into a $30 billion global confectionary empire, creating...

French Court: You Can't Name Your Kid 'Nutella'

'Strawberry' rejected for another baby

(Newser) - Baby Nutella has a new name. A French court has banned parents from using their planned name, saying it's not healthy for the child, Time reports via La Voix du Nord . "The name ‘Nutella’ given to the child is the trade name of a spread," the...

Is Imported Nutella Really Different?

A little, in terms of taste and texture, a Post reporter finds; maybe make your own?

(Newser) - If you ever visit gourmet grocers or Italian markets, you've probably seen it: Imported Nutella, straight from Italy, sold in a glass jar at multiple times the price of the Canadian-made stuff found in most US supermarkets. And perhaps you've wondered: Is it really any different? Many devotees...

8 Stories
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