Jade Rabbit

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China Releases HD Photos of Moon

Jade Rabbit delivers in detail

(Newser) - Its mission had a rocky start , but China's Jade Rabbit moon rover is now sending back some nifty high-resolution images of the lunar surface, reports CNN . China has made them available to download here , though Business Insider finds the process "frustratingly complicated." Luckily, it adds, Emily Lakdawalla...

A Rover That Can't Move Made Big Find on Moon

Rock has moderate titanium levels compared with earlier samples

(Newser) - After almost being declared dead , China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover has uncovered something astronauts and earlier rovers missed: a new type of moon rock. While exploring an impact crater in the Mare Imbrium—what Motherboard calls the "right eye" of the "Man in the Moon"—the...

China's Moon Rover 'Back From the Dead'

Jade Rabbit survives lunar night

(Newser) - Zombie on the moon: China's Jade Rabbit lunar rover has shown signs of life despite earlier reports that it had died following mechanical difficulties in the extreme cold of the lunar night. The rover—which signed off with the ominous words "Goodnight humanity" at the end of January—...

China's Moon Lander May Die in Lunar Night

Jade Rabbit hits snag thanks to 'complicated lunar surface'

(Newser) - China's moon rover Jade Rabbit has "experienced a mechanical control abnormality" that might scuttle its mission entirely. The problem came due to the "complicated lunar environment," the state-run Xinhua news service reported on Saturday, just before the rover went into sleep mode for the lunar night....

4 Stories