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Suit Seeks $5M Damages Over Mac-and-Cheese Prep Time

Suit accuses Kraft Heinz of misleading advertising over 3.5-minute prep time

(Newser) - According to the packaging, it takes just 3.5 minutes to prepare Velveeta Shells & Cheese. According to Amanda Ramirez, that’s not true when one accounts for the time it takes to remove the lid, add water, and stir in the cheese sauce (not to mention waiting for that...

Velveeta Recalled Over Lack of Preservatives

Affected product is marked 021000611614

(Newser) - If you buy your Velveeta at Walmart, read on: Kraft is recalling some 260 cases of the cheese product sent to Walmart stores because overly low levels of a preservative—that would be sorbic acid—could lead to spoiling and food-borne illness, the AP reports. The cases were shipped to...

Cheesepocalypse: Velveeta Shortage Looms

High demand eating up supplies, Kraft says

(Newser) - In what some Twitter users have dubbed a Cheesepocalypse, a Velveeta shortage is spreading just as cheesy dip season is reaching its peak, Yahoo finds. "Given the incredible popularity of Velveeta this time of year, it is possible consumers may not be able to find their favorite product on...

3 Stories
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