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He's the Youngest Ever to Beat a Chess Grandmaster

'I feel very proud of myself,' says 8-year-old Ashwath Kaushik

(Newser) - On Feb. 12, Leonid Ivanovic of Serbia became the youngest chess player to beat a grandmaster in a classical game at 8 years, 11 months, and 7 days. His record stood only six days until Sunday, when an even younger chess prodigy stole the title. Ashwath Kaushik—aged 8 years,...

Piers Morgan Confronts Chess Prodigy on Odd Cheating Theory

Talk show host asks Hans Niemann if he used anal beads to illegally win

(Newser) - Last year, accusations started flying against chess whiz Hans Niemann, with five-time world champ Magnus Carlsen alleging that his fellow grandmaster had cheated as they faced off in the Sinquefield Cup. Now, those accusations are being resurrected, with the 20-year-old Neimann defiantly insisting he's completely on the up-and-up. Niemann,...

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over
Chess Feud for
the Ages Is Over

Chess Feud for the Ages Is Over will welcome back alleged cheater Hans Niemann, with Magnus Carlsen's toleration

(Newser) - The feud between Norwegian former world chess champion Magnus Carlsen and American grandmaster Hans Niemann, which hit its peak with the filing of a $100 million lawsuit , has been resolved., which banned Niemann for cheating and was cited in his defamation suit, announced Monday that Niemann would be...

Hans Niemann Sues for $100M Over Cheating Allegations
Chess Upstart
Gets Bad News
on Huge Lawsuit

Chess Upstart Gets Bad News on Huge Lawsuit

Hans Niemann tried to go after Magnus Carlsen, for $100M

(Newser) - Bad news for the young US grandmaster accused of cheating in a scandal that rocked the chess world: A federal judge on Tuesday tossed the antitrust portion of his lawsuit against prominent chess figures including and former world champion Magnus Carlsen, and since it was dismissed with prejudice,...

Carlsen's Final Game as World Chess Champ Did Not Go Well

He 'mouse-slipped,' handing victory to rival

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen's last game as world chess champion is not one that he is likely to remember fondly. Carlsen, who has held the title since 2013 but chose not to take part in the biennial World Chess Championship this year, was knocked out of the online Chessable Masters tournament...

Chess Champ Magnus Carlsen Accuses His Rival of Cheating
Chess Champ
Finally Unloads

Chess Champ Finally Unloads Cheating Allegations

Magnus Carlsen says Hans Niemann isn't owning up to extent of his trickery

(Newser) - After much speculation, world chess champion Magnus Carlsen officially accused fellow grandmaster Hans Moke Neimann of cheating on Monday. The Norwegian said the 19-year-old American, who's admitted to cheating twice in online matches at the ages of 12 and 16, had "cheated more—and more recently—than he...

Carlsen Drops Hints About Chess Rival's Play

World's top player slips in name of opponent's mentor, for some reason, amid cheating allegations

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen took questions about the suspicions consuming chess that Hans Moke Niemann cheated, but the answers from the world's top-ranked player only raised more questions. On Monday, Carlsen resigned in protest after making one move against Niemann in an online game. The flap began when Niemann beat Carlsen...

Chess World's Weird Drama Just Escalated

Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen resigns game after one move against foe accused of cheating

(Newser) - "Drama" may not be the first word that comes to mind in regard to the world of chess, but it seems to apply these days. On Monday, Norwegian grandmaster Magnus Carlsen resigned an online game after one move against 19-year-old foe Hans Moke Niemann, reports the Guardian . The abrupt...

Theories Abound as to How Niemann Might Have Cheated

Deadspin looks at one interesting one

(Newser) - Last week, American chess grandmaster Hans Niemann achieved the unlikely (albeit not unprecedented) feat of beating world champ Magnus Carlsen, who happens to be the highest-rated player in history . But the 19-year-old’s win was quickly overshadowed by accusations that he cheated (and not for the first time). Niemann passed...

Cheating Uproar Follows Carlsen's Stunning Tourney Withdrawal

Reigning champion provides few clues, but 19-year-old American denies wrongdoing

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen's loss to a newcomer was only the first surprise in the Sinquefield Cup competition in St. Louis. The world's top player withdrew from the tournament hours later without saying why, the Wall Street Journal reports, kicking off widespread suspicion that his opponent, Hans Moke Niemann, had...

World Chess Champ Makes a Stunning Announcement

Magnus Carlsen will give up title: 'I don't have any inclination to play'

(Newser) - The first new world chess champion in a decade will be crowned next year, as reigning champ Magnus Carlsen has no interest in defending his title for a sixth time. "Four championships to five—it didn't mean anything to me." Now, "I don't have any...

16-Year-Old Defeats World Chess Champ

Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa's 'biggest dream' just came true

(Newser) - At age 10, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa became the youngest international chess master in history. At age 12, he became the second-youngest grandmaster in history. He also developed a new goal. It's "my biggest dream" to beat world chess champ Magnus Carlsen just once, he told a newspaper at the...

Collapse Helps Carlsen Remain World Champion

Russian challenger's mistakes make for lopsided title chess match

(Newser) - Although analysts had assured that Ian Nepomniachtchi wasn't afraid of going head-to-head with Magnus Carlsen in the chess world championship, it was not apparent in his performance. The Russian challenger wrapped up a historic collapse Friday in their match in Dubai, helping Carlsen to again win the title. Carlsen...

With Chess Booming, Carlsen Faces Challenger
Title in
New Era

Carlsen Defends Title in New Era

With chess booming, champion says he's more worried about another rising star

(Newser) - Magnus Carlsen is accustomed to defending his world chess title—he's been the champion since 2013—but the atmosphere is a little different this time. Chess is at the top of its game, after booming during the pandemic shutdown, and more people are paying attention to it, Axios reports....

16-Year-Old Brings Down World Chess Champion

Alireza Firouzja beats Magnus Carlsen in Banter Blitz Cup, but they meet again next week

(Newser) - Before they squared off in the Banter Blitz Cup final, World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen said Alireza Firouzja, 16, was going to be "by far my biggest challenge." He wasn't wrong. The Iranian teenager defeated Carlsen 8.5-7.5, this week in the livestreamed event to win...

To Be the Best, American Has to Beat the Best
To Be the Best, American
Has to Beat the Best

To Be the Best, American Has to Beat the Best

Fabiano Caruana could become first US chess champ since 1972

(Newser) - Not since Bobby Fischer nabbed the title in 1972 has an American been named world chess champion. That could change within a week's time. Italian-American Fabiano Caruana, for a time the youngest grandmaster in US history , is facing off against Norway's top-ranked defending champion Magnus Carlsen in a...

For First Time in 46 Years, American Vies for Chess Title
Win Brings 46-Year
First for US Chess

Win Brings 46-Year First for US Chess

Fabiano Caruana to face Magnus Carlsen in world championship

(Newser) - For the first time in almost 50 years, an American has the chance to be crowned world chess champion. Not since Bobby Fischer nabbed the title in 1972 has a US-born player even made it to the final table of the world tournament, reports the Guardian . Fabiano Caruana, however, just...

Meet Chess World's Young New Champ

Magnus Carlsen, 22, seen as a game-changer, literally

(Newser) - The world of chess just got a jolt. In what the Times of India calls "the most one-sided world championship match in modern history," Norway's Magnus Carlsen, 22, beat reigning champ Viswanathan Anand, 43, today to become World Chess Champion. In doing so, he has ushered in...

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