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Why Some Olympic Athletes Are Sporting Tourniquets

Blood flow restriction is an in-vogue training technique, according to the 'NYT'

(Newser) - Not a sentence you'd expect to read in relation to the Olympics: "This year, the hot thing appears to be tourniquets." But that's exactly what the New York Times proclaims in looking at the trendy training/recovery method some of this Games' athletes have adopted. The idea...

He Got Shot Several Times, Then Applied Own Tourniquet

Move may have saved Pennsylvania trooper Seth Kelly's life

(Newser) - A Pennsylvania State Police trooper who was shot several times during a traffic stop likely saved his own life by applying a tourniquet to his leg before help arrived, per the AP . Cpl. Seth Kelly, 39, remained hospitalized in critical condition after suffering gunshot wounds to his neck and shoulder...

Marathon Bombing Tourniquet May Have Saved Boston Officer's Life

The veteran officer was shot during a traffic stop Friday

(Newser) - In the immediate aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, improvised tourniquets were credited with saving 17 lives, ABC News reports. After that, officers with the Boston Police Department were issued 1,500 tourniquets. On Friday, one of those tourniquets may have saved a veteran officer's life, according to...

FDA Approves Battlefield Device for US Streets

It can plug a gunshot wound in seconds

(Newser) - A device developed by the military to save lives in the battlefield could soon be saving lives on US streets. The FDA has approved the XStat Rapid Hemostasis System, a syringe that pumps scores of tiny sponges into gunshot wounds, for general use by first responders in the US, the...

Tourniquets in Every School? Many Now Say Yes

Obama and health care professionals say the simple devices could save many

(Newser) - The US military knows firsthand the effectiveness of a relatively simple tool in saving lives—the tourniquet. Consider the eye-opening stat in one military study that 90% of those who died from a potentially survivable wound did so specifically from "uncontrolled blood loss," notes the Atlantic . Its use...

'Long-Disdained' Tourniquets Back in Vogue

Controversial technique finds new support in wake of Boston bombing, wars

(Newser) - Tourniquets have long been cut off from the medical community, derided for decades as too risky due to the possibility that in staunching blood flow, they could force the amputation of a limb. But now some doctors are rethinking their stance, reports the Wall Street Journal . In the aftermath of...

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