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Astronomers Have New Tool in Hunt for Asteroids

New telescope part of initiative by European Southern Observatory to track dangerous ones

(Newser) - Scientists said Tuesday they've switched on a new telescope at the European Southern Observatory as part of an effort to create an automated network for spotting asteroids that might pose a risk to Earth, per the AP . The 22-inch TBT2 telescope that's now seen "first light" at...

A Big Asteroid 'Snuck Up' on Earth, Whizzed By

Astronomers were surprised by 'Asteroid 2019 OK'

(Newser) - The Earth had a surprise visitor Thursday, and not a welcome one. An asteroid big enough to earn the nickname "city-killer" from astronomers whizzed by at a close distance, and it wasn't detected soon enough to take any defensive action had that been necessary, reports the Washington Post ...

Asteroid Makes a Close Pass on Friday

2018 CB will be much closer to us than the moon, but there's no danger

(Newser) - Celebrate the end of the work week and continued survival of our planet Friday with a glance up at the sky. There, you could get a glimpse of an asteroid whipping past Earth at a distance of 39,000 miles—roughly five times closer to us than the moon—around...

NASA Scientist Finds Michigan Meteorites

Weather radar is the key for Marc Fries

(Newser) - If the United States Geological Service's reading of a magnitude 2.0 earthquake in Michigan on Tuesday night wasn't enough to convince you that a meteor did in fact streak through the sky there, let Marc Fries. The NASA scientist says he managed to track the meteorites (those...

Chelyabinsk Meteor Is From Ancient Space Collision
Chelyabinsk Meteor Is From Ancient Space Collision
study says

Chelyabinsk Meteor Is From Ancient Space Collision

Scientists think long-ago smashup led to last year's bang in Russia

(Newser) - Two big rocks collided in deep space about 290 million years ago, and a new study suggests that we earthlings felt the impact via that amazing meteor strike in Chelyabinsk, Russia, last year. Scientists analyzing meteorite fragments think that the chunk of asteroid that exploded over the city in 2013...

Huge Asteroid to Whiz Near Earth Today

But odds of a hit are just 1 in 10M, NASA says

(Newser) - A massive asteroid will be hurtling past Earth today, and it's expected to sail past a bit closer than the moon does. At somewhere between 60 and 140 feet in diameter, asteroid 2014 DX110 is bigger than the space rock that injured hundreds of people in Russia last year...

Big Meteor Strikes Way More Common Than Thought

Chelyabinsk-size strike happens every 30 years or so

(Newser) - A meteor strike like the one in Chelyabinsk, Russia , earlier this year might seem like a once in a lifetime event, but a new study in Nature says that isn't the case. Using data from sensors around the world, researchers found that big asteroids have hit Earth's atmosphere...

Half-Ton Meteorite Pulled From Russia Lake

Believed to be part of one that struck earlier this year

(Newser) - A big chunk of meteorite, believed to be part of the one that rocked Russia in February , has been pulled from a lake in the Ural Mountains. Divers hauled the 5-foot rock out of Lake Chebarkul today, in an event broadcast live on Russian TV. Things got a bit rocky,...

8 Stories
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