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Nuke Agency's Bizarre Tweet Has Simple Explanation

US Strategic Command staffer's 'very young child' typed some gibberish, set off confusion

(Newser) - A strange tweet from the official US Strategic Command account set off a whole lot of confusion, but the Daily Dot has uncovered the mystery. It seems a staffer's "very young child" got access to the keyboard and typed gibberish. Specifically, the child typed ";l;;gmlxzssaw" and...

US Military Tweets, Deletes Odd New Year's Eve Message

US Strategic Command appeared to drop a bomb threat

(Newser) - US Strategic Command had an odd New Year's Eve greeting for the world, tweeting Monday, "#TimesSquare tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball...if ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger." Drop what, exactly? Apparently a bomb, as the tweet...

No. 2 US Nuke Chief Suspended
No. 2 US
Nuke Chief Suspended 

No. 2 US Nuke Chief Suspended

Amid probe for gambling issues: sources

(Newser) - The No. 2 officer at the military command in charge of all US nuclear war-fighting forces has been suspended and is under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigation Command for issues related to gambling, officials said today. The deputy commander at US Strategic Command, Navy Vice Adm. Tim Giardina, was...

3 Stories