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Snowden Just Joined Twitter
 Snowden Just Joined Twitter 

Snowden Just Joined Twitter

Neil deGrasse Tyson apparently talked him into the @snowden handle

(Newser) - "Can you hear me now?" isn't just a Verizon catchphrase anymore. It was also the first official tweet from Edward Snowden on Tuesday from wherever he's holed up in Russia, the Intercept reports. He was apparently cajoled into joining by Neil deGrasse Tyson during a StarTalk Radio...

Appeals Court Dumps Ruling Finding NSA Program Illegal

It's a win for the White House

(Newser) - A federal appeals court today ruled in favor of the Obama administration in a dispute over the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone data on hundreds of millions of Americans. The US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit reversed a lower court ruling that said...

China Snooping in Top US Officials' Emails Since 2010: NSA

And the intrusion is still happening, senior US intelligence official says

(Newser) - For those who've been wondering why such a big deal has been made about Hillary Clinton's private email server, this could add some context. A senior US intelligence official, as well as a "top-secret" NSA document from 2014, indicates that China has been reading the private emails...

Snowden: World Has Kicked Surveillance to the Curb

'This is the power of an informed public,' ex-NSA contractor writes in 'NYT'

(Newser) - Two years ago, Edward Snowden holed up in a Hong Kong hotel room to await reaction to his NSA revelations. Today, from somewhere in Moscow, he celebrates that anniversary by penning a New York Times op-ed that opines on privacy and surveillance in the wake of the expiration of key...

US Tracked Billions of Calls Long Before 9/11
US Tracked Billions of Calls Long Before 9/11

US Tracked Billions of Calls Long Before 9/11

USA Today: DEA, Justice Department collected data for 20 years

(Newser) - Edward Snowden's revelations about the NSA and its surveillance tactics may have riled people up, but the agency apparently took its cue from two other government departments: the DEA and the DoJ. For almost 10 years before 9/11 took place, the agencies secretly kept records of billions of international...

'World-Leading' US Cyberspies Exposed

Report suggests NSA embeds malware deep in hard drives

(Newser) - If computer hacking were an Olympic event, the US would take home the gold medal every time, a report from Russian computer security firm Kaspersky Lab suggests. Not that the American hackers will welcome the recognition: Kaspersky says the spy programs it has unearthed are the most advanced it has...

Report: US Hacked North Korea Years Ago

Meanwhile, unknown hackers have trashed Kim Jong Un video game

(Newser) - The US was able to pin the Sony Pictures cyberattack on North Korea with confidence because the National Security Agency hacked its way into North Korean systems years earlier, according to the New York Times , which cites American and foreign officials as well as computer experts and a newly disclosed...

NSA Xmas Gift: Decade's Worth of Declassified Docs

Reports show numerous instances of 'unintentional technical or human error'

(Newser) - While many people were wrapping presents and prepping for holiday dinners, the NSA did its own holiday sharing on Christmas Eve: The agency released 10 years' worth of declassified documents, Mashable reports. The materials, which covered a period from the middle of 2001 through early 2013, are the heavily redacted...

Snowden: 'I Care More About the Country Than Myself'

Edward Snowden says he think gov't is fearful about what's in leaked docs

(Newser) - "I love my country. I feel like a patriot," Edward Snowden tells Wired in a wide-ranging and lengthy interview for the September issue, which features an already-controversial cover image of the NSA whistleblower wrapped in an American flag, notes Today . Other highlights from the interview, conducted over the...

Thanks to Spying, No One Talks to Reporters Anymore
Thanks to Spying, No One Talks to Reporters Anymore

Thanks to Spying, No One Talks to Reporters Anymore

Human rights agencies say sources fear being prosecuted

(Newser) - Journalists often face danger , compete with robots , and now may find their sources strangely mum: A joint report disseminated by two human-rights agencies today says that the US government’s relentless surveillance is scaring sources into silence and hampering lawyers’ efforts to protect their clients, reports the AP . The NSA’...

Snowden: NSA Snoops Shared Sexy Photos

Inside agency, 'anything goes,' he says

(Newser) - Military personnel working on National Security Agency surveillance programs saw stumbling across explicit photos as one of the "fringe benefits of surveillance positions," Edward Snowden reveals in a wide-ranging interview with the Guardian . They may find, "for example, an intimate nude photo of someone in a sexually...

NSA Can Spy on All Countries—Save 4

Snowden documents contain authorization certificate

(Newser) - The National Security Agency has the authority to spy on pretty much any country, with the exception the other four members of the "Five Eyes": Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The agency is also free to keep an eye on the European Union, the World Bank, the International...

Oliver Stone to Write, Direct Snowden Movie

Bond producers making rival Snowden film

(Newser) - After tackling issues including the Vietnam War, the assassination of JFK, and the presidency of George W. Bush, Oliver Stone says he's taking on another of the "greatest stories of our time": Edward Snowden's National Security Agency whistleblowing. Stone will write and direct an adaptation of Guardian...

Snowden Calls NSA Email Release 'Incomplete'

He says he raised concerns many more times

(Newser) - More back-and-forth between the National Security Agency and its least favorite former contractor: Edward Snowden says the single email from him that the NSA has released is an "incomplete" record and he voiced his concern about the agency's "indefensible collection activities" on multiple occasions. If the White...

Kerry to Snowden: Man Up, Come Home
 If I Could, 
 I Would 
 Go Home 


Snowden: If I Could, I Would Go Home

Snowden says he'd love to return to US—but not to jail cell

(Newser) - Edward Snowden, speaking in his first interview with an American news organization last night, described himself as a "patriot" for trying to stop the violations of the Constitution he saw. "Whether amnesty or clemency ever becomes a possibility is not for me to say," he said. "...

Snowden: I Was a Spy, Given a Fake Name
 I Was a Spy, 
 Had a Fake Name 

Snowden: I Was a Spy, Had a Fake Name

NSA leaker's sit-down with Brian Williams was months in the making

(Newser) - Edward Snowden wants the world to know he was more than the "low-level systems administrator" US authorities have described him as—he was a trained spy and technical expert. In an interview with NBC News' Brian Williams, the National Security Agency leaker says he was a spy "in...

NSA Seeks Codebreakers Via Cryptic Tweets

But agency's effort was easy to crack

(Newser) - The NSA is trying to attract would-be codebreakers with coded tweets—but judging from the one it sent yesterday, it may need to set the bar a little higher, the Washington Post finds. The agency's mysterious tweet—"tpfccdlfdtte pcaccplircdt dklpcfrp?qeiq lhpqlipqeodf gpwafopwprti izxndkiqpkii krirrifcapnc dxkdciqcafmd vkfpcadf"—turned...

Supreme Court Rejects Early NSA Challenge
Cases the Supreme Court Avoided Today

Cases the Supreme Court Avoided Today

Justices duck rulings on NSA, gay rights, campaign finance

(Newser) - The Supreme Court quietly made a bunch of headlines today, mainly by rejecting potentially explosive cases. Here's a roundup of the day's (in)action:
  • Gay rights: The court announced that it would not take up the highly charged case that began when a New Mexico wedding photographer refused to

Obama Looks to Wind Down NSA's Bulk Data Collection

Proposal leaves data with phone companies

(Newser) - President Obama wants the federal government to stop sucking up huge amounts of data on Americans' phone calls, administration officials tells the New York Times . The president—days away from his own deadline for revamping the National Security Agency's phone-surveillance program —is set to roll out a proposal...

Lawyers to Obama: You Have 4 Options to Reform NSA

Scrapping phone-snooping program is one of them

(Newser) - President Obama asked White House lawyers last month to come up with ways to reform the National Security Administration's phone-surveillance program and they have delivered four options, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . One option—and probably the least likely to be adopted—is scrapping the program altogether, while...

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