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Egypt Names New PM, ElBaradei as VP

Hazem el-Beblawi named as interim prime minister

(Newser) - Opposition leader and pro-democracy activist Mohamed ElBaradei—who was named , then un-named , Egypt's interim prime minister over the weekend—will serve as interim vice president, the AP reports, citing a spokesperson for interim president Adli Mansour. (Rather than going with VP, Reuters calls ElBaradei a "deputy to the...

Brotherhood Rejects Egypt Elections, Wants 'Uprising'

Interim administration's decree a return to 'square one'

(Newser) - Egypt's interim leadership has set an elections timetable to establish a new democratic government, but the Muslim Brotherhood immediately rejected the idea and has called for an "uprising." The interim administration wants the current, suspended draft constitution to be amended and ratified in a referendum; parliamentary elections...

In Egypt, 'Tense Calm' After Violent Night

30 dead, more than 1K wounded in clashes

(Newser) - Last night's clashes in Egypt left at least 30 people dead and more than 1,000 injured, raising the big question: Was it a prelude to even greater unrest today and in the near future? A "tense calm" prevails for now, reports al-Jazeera , but the Muslim Brotherhood wants...

Interim Egypt Prez Dissolves Upper House of Parliament

As Muslim Brotherhood leader addresses supporters

(Newser) - The top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood defiantly spoke before a cheering crowd of supporters in Egypt's Tahrir Square today, vowing to reinstate ousted President Mohammed Morsi and end military rule. In his first public appearance since Mohamed Morsi's ouster, Mohammed Badie declared to tens of thousands of...

Interim Leader Takes Over in Egypt

Adli Mansour lauds military

(Newser) - With Mohamed Morsi under house arrest , Egypt has a new leader, at least for now: Adli Mansour, the boss of the country's constitutional court. He was appointed chief justice just four days ago and was sworn in this morning for that job, the BBC notes; afterward, he was sworn...

Obama Orders Review of US Aid to Egypt
 Obama Orders Review 
 of US Aid to Egypt 

Obama Orders Review of US Aid to Egypt

But is careful not to call it a 'military coup'; Morsi under house arrest

(Newser) - Well now what? Celebratory fireworks were exploding over Tahrir Square after the Egyptian military announced it had ousted Mohamed Morsi , but Morsi himself continues to reject the move. The big question is whether those who support him and the Muslim Brotherhood will respond with violence, as Morsi himself suggested yesterday...

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