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Inmates in Hot Prison Return to Their Cells Peacefully

Prisoners objected to lack of air conditioning, limited access to showers

(Newser) - A Minnesota prison has "resolved without incident" a situation involving about 100 inmates in one housing unit who would not return to their cells Sunday, in what a former inmate called an act of "self-preservation" in the face of dangerously high temperatures in the region. The situation was...

Extreme Heat? There Are US Workers Blistering in It

Efforts are being made at state and federal levels, but in the meantime, the suffering continues

(Newser) - Santos Brizuela spent more than two decades laboring outdoors, persisting despite a bout of heatstroke while cutting sugar cane in Mexico and chronic laryngitis from repeated exposure to the hot sun while on various other jobs. But last summer, while on a construction crew in Las Vegas, he reached his...

There's More 'Record-Breaking Heat' to Come

Temperatures will near 100 degrees in many cities before weekend brings relief for some

(Newser) - Much of the country continues to bake under a heat dome, with more than 110 million people in 20 states under heat alerts as of Thursday. More than 81 million are under excessive heat warnings , including in New Orleans, Dallas, and Louisville. The National Weather Service expects "another day...

July Shattered the Record, and It Wasn't Close

By mid-century, this kind of weather will seem like a cool spell, scientist says

(Newser) - Scientists showed the numbers on Monday, confirming that last month was the planet's hottest July ever recorded. That data led to a related conclusion, NBC News reports. "Last month was way, way warmer than anything we've ever seen," said Sarah Kapnick, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric...

Scientists Begin to Understand Effect of Heat on Mental Health

Sound sleep is a crucial casualty, worsening certain conditions

(Newser) - There's plenty of reason to think hot weather takes a psychological toll as well as a physical one. Researchers have found suicides increase when it's hot, as does violent crime, trips to the emergency room, hospitalizations for mental problems, and deaths overall, the New York Times reports. But...

Man Making Trek With Dad's Ashes Meets Tragedy

Texas' James Hendricks apparently died of heatstroke in Arches National Park

(Newser) - It was meant to be an emotional but meaningful journey from Texas to the Sierra Nevada, where Austin local James Bernard Hendricks intended to spread his late father's ashes. Instead, his family is now dealing with a new tragedy, after Hendricks is believed to have succumbed to heatstroke during...

Heat Is Affecting Vehicles in So Many Ways

Experts suggest keeping an eye on systems, as well as on mechanics

(Newser) - This summer's extreme heat is breaking vehicles in ways drivers might not expect. Some of the parts affected have been more likely in the past to have problems in winter. The high temperatures are damaging windshield wipers, tires, and batteries for starters, Jalopnik reports. It's not good for...

After Wild Month, Phoenix Finally Gets a Break
Phoenix Ends Its
Blistering Streak

Phoenix Ends Its Blistering Streak

Briefly, very briefly

(Newser) - After a remarkable 31 days in a row with temperatures of at least 110 degrees, Phoenix is finally getting a break. Temperatures peaked at 108 degrees at the city's airport on Monday, ending the record-breaking heat streak . The previous record for consecutive days of 110 degrees or higher was...

Extreme Heat Costs Us in More Ways Than One

Lost productivity is a very real problem

(Newser) - Phoenix smoldered through its 31st day in a row of temps of 110 degrees Fahrenheit or above on Sunday, putting an exclamation point on what's set to have been the hottest month ever recorded. USA Today reports August is scheduled to bring some relief to the Northeast but...

Get Ready, East Coast: You're Next in Extreme Heat's Sights

Super-high temps are working their way from Midwest to Northeast, mid-Atlantic states

(Newser) - Nearly 200 million people in the United States, or 60% of the US population, are under a heat advisory or flood warning or watch and have been since Thursday, according to the National Weather Service. Dangerous heat is forecast to "engulf" much of the eastern half of the United...

Extreme Heat Brings More Deaths in National Parks

Visitors often underestimate the danger, Death Valley reports

(Newser) - Heat-related causes have killed more people in the nation's national parks so far in 2023 than in a typical entire year, and the month that's usually the deadliest hasn't arrived yet. Five people have died in conditions at least 100 degrees, the National Park Service says, the...

Italy's 'Week of Hell' Reaches Its Apex

Some 23 cities are on red alert due to the heat

(Newser) - Europe is baking yet again on Wednesday, with the BBC putting a spotlight on Italy and its "settimana infernale," as the media are calling it: The "week of hell." In that country, 23 cities—"from Trieste in the northeast to Messina in the southwest"—...

Tourists Flock to Death Valley as Temperature Could Go Above 130 Degrees

In fact, it might be the potential for a record that's drawing some there

(Newser) - Temperature records could be broken this weekend in Death Valley amid a brutal heat wave sweeping much of the nation, but that apparently hasn't scared off the tourists. The Guardian reports people are still visiting the national park in California, which bills itself as the lowest, hottest, and driest...

Texas to Overheated Locals: Cut Back on Power to Save Grid

Other parts of South also suffering from sweltering temps, post-storm power outages

(Newser) - Texas' power grid operator asked residents Tuesday to voluntarily cut back on electricity due to anticipated record demand on the system, as a heat wave kept large swaths of the state and southern US in triple-digit temperatures. On the last day of spring, the sweltering heat felt more like the...

After Heat Kills Dozens, Doctors Issue Warning

They're telling people over 60 in India's Uttar Pradesh to stay indoors during daytime

(Newser) - At least 34 people have died in the past two days as a large swath of the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh swelters under severe heat, officials said Saturday, prompting doctors to advise residents over 60 to stay indoors during the daytime. The dead were all over 60 years...

Finally, a Very Cool Amenity for UPS Drivers

Company strikes tentative deal with Teamsters union to install air conditioning in delivery trucks

(Newser) - "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds" may be the creed of US postal workers, but UPS drivers, also charged with making deliveries to Americans nationwide, just scored a victory in taking the "heat"...

Heat Exhaustion Got to Her. He Went for Help, Never Returned

Body of Tim Sgrignoli, 29, found 4 days after hike with girlfriend in sweltering California mountains

(Newser) - The alerts from the Santa Barbara County Fire Department began late Sunday, noting the rescue of a female hiker suffering from mild heat exhaustion in the mountains over Gaviota, California, per NBC News . The initial post in that series of tweets from Scott Safechuck reported that the "search continues...

'Extreme Heat Belt' Emerging in US
'Extreme Heat Belt'
Emerging in US

'Extreme Heat Belt' Emerging in US

Nonprofit foundation projects more than 100M will be at risk by 2053

(Newser) - A new study suggests the US is acquiring a new geographical "belt" in the coming decades, and it is very much an unwanted one. The report from the nonprofit First Street Foundation foresees the emergence of an "extreme heat belt" by 2053. The location of the belt, which...

Anchor's Weather Remarks Likened to Don't Look Up

'I want us to be happy about the weather,' UK presenter said after heat wave warning

(Newser) - Since its launch last year, the GB News channel in the UK has often been compared to Fox News—but critics say a bizarre exchange last week was more like Don't Look Up. In video that has gone viral since record-breaking heat reached the UK earlier this week, meteorologist...

One 'Vulnerable Community' Isn't Prepared for Rising Temps

They're a particular threat for our incarcerated population

(Newser) - A heat index—meaning how hot it feels—of 103 can cause heat stroke. In a piece for Fast Company , Kristin Toussaint explains that a 2014 study out of Texas found the heat index in Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facilities could hit 149 degrees. "They’re built...

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