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Energy Drink Didn't Work Out for Panera, So Dunkin' Tries It Out

Sparkd' Energy contains a lot of caffeine, as did beverages consumed by 2 late Panera patrons

(Newser) - At least two people have died after drinking caffeine-infused lemonade at Panera, but that's not stopping Dunkin' from launching their own series of fruit-flavored drinks that will offer a "revitalizing burst of energy." The coffee chain debuted its Sparkd' Energy beverage on Wednesday, a fizzy energy drink...

Suit Blames Panera's Charged Lemonade for Another Death

Lawsuit says Florida man drank 3 of the highly caffeinated beverages before his death

(Newser) - A second lawsuit has been filed against Panera Bread over the restaurant chain's Charged Lemonade, which has now been blamed for two deaths. The new lawsuit says a 46-year-old Florida man died while walking home from a Panera after having had three servings of the highly caffeinated beverage, the...

After Student's Death, Panera's Lemonade Gets Warning Label

But lawyer for family of student says labels don't go far enough

(Newser) - In the wake of a lawsuit filed against it over the death of a 21-year-old woman after drinking its "Charged Lemonade," Panera has added warning labels to the drink. The Guardian has a picture of the label at one of the chain's locations, warning that the beverage...

Prime Drink Pulled From Stores in Canada

Regulator says it has too much caffeine

(Newser) - A caffeinated energy drink being promoted by American social media influencers is set to be recalled in Canada. Health Canada said Wednesday that at 200 milligram of caffeine per 12-ounce can, Prime Energy exceeds the regulator's acceptable caffeine limit of 180 milligram per serving and should not be sold....

Influencer-Backed Energy Drink Has People Worried

Lawmakers want FDA to investigate PRIME

(Newser) - An influencer-backed energy drink that has earned viral popularity among children is facing scrutiny from lawmakers and health experts over its potentially dangerous levels of caffeine, the AP reports. On Sunday, Sen. Charles Schumer called on the Food and Drug Administration to investigate PRIME, a beverage brand founded by the...

Energy Drinks Linked to Cocaine Use Later in Life
Are Energy Drinks the 
New Road to Cocaine?

Are Energy Drinks the New Road to Cocaine?

Researchers find 'significant' link, call for further study

(Newser) - Energy drinks have been blamed for heart attacks and banned from college campuses , but they're now being studied for their potential to increase one's chances of getting hooked on drugs. And the news is not good: Writing in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence , a University of Maryland...

Dad Sues Energy Drink Maker for Death of Son, 19
Dad Sues Energy Drink Maker
Over Death of Son, 19
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Dad Sues Energy Drink Maker Over Death of Son, 19

Dustin Hood quaffed more than 3 cans of 'Mega Monster Energy' in 24 hours: suit

(Newser) - The father of a 19-year-old who died in 2015 after drinking Monster Energy drink is now suing its manufacturer, TMZ reports. Dustin Hood suffered a cardiac arrhythmia on the basketball court and died at the hospital shortly after. He's believed to have imbibed three large, 24-ounce cans of the...

He Drank 4 or 5 Energy Drinks Daily. Then He Turned Yellow

Too much niacin caused acute hepatitis: doctors

(Newser) - For three weeks, a construction worker drank four or five energy drinks per day to help keep up with his intense workload. Then his body went haywire. In a bizarre case Florida doctors describe in the British Medical Journal , the 50-year-old man started gulping down energy drinks on the job...

Meet the Billionaire Heirs to the Red Bull Fortune

Chaleo Yoovidhya left his family a $22B fortune

(Newser) - Among the richest humans on the planet when he died, Red Bull founder Chaleo Yoovidhya was a quiet-to-the-point-of-reclusive Thai entrepreneur who preferred duck farming to the trappings of wealth. And since the devout Buddhist's death in 2012, 11 of his family members have inherited his vast fortune, which Bloomberg...

Man Drank Himself to Death—With Caffeine

It's the first known case to be reported in Japan

(Newser) - When an unidentified man in his 20s in Kyushu, Japan, died suddenly and inexplicably in the fall of 2014, police ordered an inquest into the cause of his death. Now Dr. Shinichi Kubo, a professor of forensics at Fukuoka University, is announcing that it appears to be the country's...

Having a Single Energy Drink May Pose Health Risks

Mayo Clinic finds spikes in blood pressure and a stress hormone

(Newser) - A single can of an energy drink packs quite a wallop, causing potentially worrisome spikes in blood pressure and in a stress hormone that's a cousin to adrenaline, say researchers at the Mayo Clinic. Reporting in the journal JAMA , the Mayo team recruited 25 healthy adults for the study...

How to Get Your Share of a $13M Red Bull Payout

Company offers $10 or free products after false advertising lawsuit

(Newser) - If you purchased even a single can of Red Bull in the last 12 years, you could get $10 in cash or two free products. But it's not exactly because the energy drink giant is feeling generous: The offer is part of a $13 million settlement over false advertising...

Mom Blames Energy Drinks for Girl's Fatal Heart Attack

Arizona 16-year-old dies while on vacation in Mexico

(Newser) - A 16-year-old Arizona girl is dead after an apparent heart attack, and her mother thinks energy drinks are to blame, reports WFSB-TV . Lanna Hamann died over the weekend while vacationing in Rocky Point, Mexico, with friends and at least one set of parents. Her friends tell mom Kris Hamann that...

States Tell 5-Hour Energy to Prove Its Ad Claims

Oregon, others request un-redacted documents about energy drink

(Newser) - Do 73% of doctors really recommend 5-Hour Energy? Is it true that you don't "crash" after it's done pepping you up? Is it safe for teenagers? A group of 33 states is dubious, which is why the Oregon Department of Justice has filed legal papers demanding that...

Energy Drinks Change Your Heartbeat
 Energy Drinks 
 Change Your 


Energy Drinks Change Your Heartbeat

Not a problem, says energy drink maker

(Newser) - Downing energy drinks packed with caffeine actually causes your heart to pump more forcefully, according to researchers who are pretty sure that isn't a good thing. The heart researchers, who were trying to determine why the drinks are linked to tens of thousands of emergency room visits annually, gave...

Suit: Red Bull Killed Healthy Man

Cory Terry died of a heart attack after downing energy drink

(Newser) - Cory Terry, 33, had been playing basketball for about 45 minutes on Nov. 8, 2011, when he drank a can of Red Bull—and then felt lightheaded, collapsed, and died of a heart attack. An autopsy found his cause of death was idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, which can be caused by...

Is Cheerleading a Sport? Doctors Will Decide

AMA vote could help reduce cheer-related injuries

(Newser) - There are teams, uniforms, competitions, physical exertion, and plenty of injuries. But is cheerleading a sport? The NCAA says no. The American Academy of Pediatrics says yes. And now the American Medical Association will decide for itself, with a vote at its annual House of Delegates meeting this weekend, NPR...

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