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Orban Builds Far-Right Bloc in EU Parliament

Group includes Austrian, Czech parties, invites others

(Newser) - Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on Sunday presented a new alliance with Austria's far-right Freedom Party and the main Czech opposition party, attempting to attract other partners to make it the biggest right-wing group in the European Parliament. Orban traveled to Vienna to present the Patriots for Europe alliance...

Supreme Court Delivers Bad News to Josh Duggar

Justices reject his appeal on his child pornography charges

(Newser) - It's been a busy day for news out of the Supreme Court, with the biggest development being the justices' decision to take up whether states can restrict transgender medical treatments for minors. Also, via the AP:
  • Josh Duggar: The court rejected an appeal from Josh Duggar, a former reality-television

Marchers Answer Orban's Call on EU Election, Ukraine War

Hungary's prime minister tells thousands he and Trump could end the fighting

(Newser) - A crowd of tens of thousands gathered in Hungary's capital on Saturday in a show of strength behind Prime Minister Viktor Orban a week before the European Parliament election, a contest he has cast as an existential turning point between peace in Europe and a world war. The demonstration,...

Xi's Trip to Europe Mostly Centers on Strategic Partners

After France, Chinese leader goes to Hungary and Serbia

(Newser) - Chinese leader Xi Jinping will spend most of his five-day tour in Europe this week in two small countries in the continent's eastern half, a region that Beijing has used as a foothold for its expanding economic ambitions in Europe. Following his stop in Paris on Monday to kick...

Orban Opponent on the Rise Promises to Take Country Back

Thousands turn out in Budapest to hear Peter Magyar

(Newser) - A rising challenger to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban mobilized tens of thousands of supporters in Hungary's capital on Saturday, outlining a plan to unite the country and bring an end to the populist leader's 14-year hold on power. At the center of the demonstration, the latest in...

What Does a Dog See in Its Mind When You Say 'Ball'?

Scientists cite pups' 'referential understanding,' with mental images hinting at deeper grasp of language

(Newser) - Many dog owners believe their pets understand and respond not only to commands such as "sit" and "stay," but also to words referring to their favorite objects. "Bring me your ball" will often result in exactly that. But science has had trouble determining whether dogs and...

Brazil Investigates Bolsonaro's Embassy Sleepover

'NYT' reports last month's stay at Hungarian embassy was 'apparent bid for asylum'

(Newser) - Days after Brazilian police raided the homes of Jair Bolsonaro's top allies last month, the former president turned up at the Hungarian embassy in Brasilia, where Brazilian police have no authority. Bolsonaro, whose passport had been seized by authorities, stayed two nights at the embassy, from Feb. 12 to...

In Blow to Putin, Sweden Is Headed for NATO Membership

Hungary proved to be a lengthy holdout, but it finally gives a thumbs-up

(Newser) - Hungary's Parliament voted Monday to ratify Sweden's bid to join NATO, bringing an end to more than 18 months of delays that have frustrated the alliance as it seeks to expand and deal Vladimir Putin a blow in response to Russia's war in Ukraine. The vote, which...

Hungarian Officials Decline to Meet With US Senators

Bipartisan delegation lobbied for ratification of Sweden's NATO bid

(Newser) - A bipartisan delegation of US senators made an official visit to Hungary's capital Sunday and called on the nationalist government to immediately approve Sweden's request to join NATO. Hungary is the only one of NATO's 31 members not to have ratified Sweden's bid. The Hungarian government...

Leader Quits Over Pardon in Child Sexual Abuse Case

Katalin Novák, an Orbán ally, was Hungary's first female president

(Newser) - Hungary's president has resigned amid public outcry over a pardon she granted to an accomplice in a child sexual abuse case, a decision that unleashed an unprecedented political scandal for the long-serving nationalist government. Katalin Novák, 46, announced Saturday in a televised message that she's stepping down...

Italy Fumes Over Woman Held in Chains

Treatment of anti-fascist activist Ilaria Salis in Hungary creates a tricky situation for PM Giorgia Meloni

(Newser) - Italy's government is protesting Hungary's alleged holding of an Italian citizen in "humiliating conditions." Ilaria Salis is accused of attacking neo-Nazis during Hungary's Day of Honor commemorations last February. The 39-year-old elementary teacher from Monza appeared in a Budapest court on Monday wearing chains and...

A 'Good Day for Europe' After $55B Ukraine Aid Deal

Hungarian leader Orban had been blocking EU package

(Newser) - "A good day for Europe," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a post on X Thursday after all 27 European Union leaders agreed on a $55 billion aid package for Ukraine. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban blocked the aid at a summit in December and...

Sweden Moves Big Step Closer to NATO Membership
Turkey Lifts Hurdle to
Sweden's NATO Membership

Turkey Lifts Hurdle to Sweden's NATO Membership

Hungary is now the only holdout

(Newser) - Turkish legislators on Tuesday endorsed Sweden's membership in NATO, lifting a major hurdle on the previously nonaligned country's entry into the military alliance. The legislators ratified Sweden's accession protocol by 287 votes to 55, with four abstentions. The ratification will come into effect after its publication in...

NATO May Grow by One, but Only if Turkey Budges

Nation continues to oppose the addition of Sweden

(Newser) - Finland became the 31st member of NATO earlier this year. Neighbor Sweden's hopes of becoming the 32nd this month continue to run into a wall of opposition otherwise known as Turkey. All members of the alliance must agree to any new members, explains the Wall Street Journal , and Sweden'...

With Orban in Crowd, Pope Urges Hungary to Open Its Doors

In his closest trip to Ukraine, Francis calls for an end to the war

(Newser) - Pope Francis urged Hungarians to open their doors to others on Sunday, as he wrapped up a weekend visit with a plea for Europe to welcome migrants and the poor and for an end to Russia's war in Ukraine. Francis issued the appeal from the banks of the Danube...

In Hungary, Pope Maintains Neutrality on War in Ukraine

Francis meets with refugees as well as Russian church envoy

(Newser) - Pope Francis plunged into both sides of Russia's war against Ukraine on Saturday, greeting some of the 2.5 million Ukrainian refugees who fled across the border to Hungary during a public prayer service and then meeting privately with an envoy of the Russian Orthodox Church that has strongly...

A 'Scourge' to the Romans, Attila the Hun Had Good Motive

Raids came in periods of extreme drought, suggesting king sought to prevent starvation

(Newser) - Attila the Hun doesn't have a great reputation some 1,500 years after his death in 453 AD. He's typically painted as a bloodthirsty barbarian bent on seizing power no matter the cost. As the 6th-century Eastern Roman bureaucrat Jordanes described the king of the Huns , "He...

Two Weather Officials Fired After Inaccurate Forecast

Hungary's authoritarian government apparently wasn't pleased with the misfire

(Newser) - The two top officials of Hungary's meteorological service were fired Monday after an inaccurate rain forecast prompted the postponement of a fireworks display on the country's most important national holiday, per the AP . The annual St. Stephen's Day fireworks show along the Danube River in Budapest—billed...

Hungary Sacks Meteorologists for Making Wrong Forecast

Next time, maybe they won't be so cautious

(Newser) - Forecasting the weather is not unlike forecasting the price direction of a given stock: One can make reasonable calculations and offer probabilities, but there are always forces at play beyond the realm of prediction. Such was the case Saturday, per the BBC, when Hungary’s National Meteorological Service persuaded officials...

A Rare Resignation Following PM's 'Mixed Race' Comments

Viktor Orbán's remarks inexcusable, adviser says

(Newser) - Update: An adviser to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has resigned in protest over Orbán's comments on the mixing of races. Zsuzsa Hegedus, whom the BBC describes as a member of Orbán's inner circle who has known him for two decades, called Orbán's...

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