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Ontario Judge Orders Truckers to End Blockade of Bridge

Premier declares state of emergency in the province

(Newser) - Updated: This file has been updated with the injunction issued in Ontario. After nearly two full weeks of protests in Ottawa and other Canadian cities, Ontario's premier has a message for the protesters. "It's time to end these occupations and go home," Doug Ford said in...

Trapped Miners All Freed After 'Physically Taxing' Climb

They used a secondary ladder system to reach the surface

(Newser) - Update: More than three dozen miners who were trapped underground in central Canada on Sunday have all been freed thanks to ladders. The BBC reports a secondary ladder system enabled them to leave the mine, but required that they climb as many as 4,000 feet to the surface. The...

Official Who Spoke of 'Making Sacrifices' Was Really on Luxury Island

Canadian minister has been ordered to return home immediately

(Newser) - Ontario Premier Doug Ford has promised to have a "tough conversation" with a minister who defied government guidance and went on a Caribbean vacation—while sending tweets implying he was still in Ontario. "As we all make sacrifices this Christmas, remember that some of our fellow citizens won'...

Kiefer Sutherland to Doug Ford: Don't Use My Grandfather's Name

You're no Tommy Douglas, he tells him

(Newser) - Tommy Douglas, the Saskatchewan premier who introduced North America's first universal healthcare program, is regularly cited on lists of the greatest Canadians—and his famous grandson wants another premier to stop using his name. Kiefer Sutherland fired back at Ontario premier Doug Ford on Monday after the leader tweeted...

'Canada's Trump' Shocks Toronto With 'Revenge Plan'

Ontario Premier Doug Ford aims to cut city council in half

(Newser) - A man who's been called Canada's Donald Trump has shocked Toronto by vowing to slash its city council in half. Just elected in June , Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the proposal Friday: "We're going to run city hall a lot more efficiently than before," he...

Rob Ford's Brother Scores Massive Election Victory

Doug Ford will be Ontario's new premier

(Newser) - The Ford family scored its biggest-ever political victory Thursday night—more than two years after the death of Rob Ford . Doug Ford, older brother of the notorious former Toronto mayor, was elected premier of Ontario, Canada's most populous province, the AP reports. Ford, who was narrowly elected leader of...

Toronto Has a New Mayor
 Toronto Has a New Mayor 

Toronto Has a New Mayor

And John Tory isn't known for his drunken stupors

(Newser) - Unless John Tory has a closet bursting with skeletons, it may be awhile before the words "crack cocaine" or "drunken stupor" appear in the same sentence as "Toronto mayor" again. The moderate conservative has been elected mayor with around 40% of the vote in a record turnout,...

Rob Ford: I Have 50/50 Chance of Surviving Cancer

Hardest thing is telling the kids, Toronto mayor says

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer , but he says he's trying to stay optimistic, even though doctors have given him a 50/50 chance of survival. "Some nights I just cry myself to sleep, but what can you do, there's only...

Rob Ford Withdraws; Brother to Replace Him

Rob Ford to run for city council seat in Toronto instead

(Newser) - Toronto won't have Rob Ford to kick around anymore, at least as mayor, but it might get him as a city councillor instead—and brother Doug as mayor. Today's filing deadline was a busy one for the Ford family: Rob withdrew his name from the mayor's race,...

Rob Ford Hospitalized With Tumor

Future of Toronto mayor's campaign uncertain

(Newser) - Rob Ford's re-election campaign is in jeopardy again, and this time it's because of his health instead of his scandals. The Toronto mayor has been admitted to a local hospital with a tumor in his abdomen. A hospital spokesman says the tumor is "not small," but...

Kevin Spacey Answers Ford Brothers Via Photoshop

They wanted their picture taken with him

(Newser) - We'll go ahead and score this one a win for Kevin Spacey. After the Ford brothers of Toronto—that would be Mayor Rob and city councillor Doug—complained about not being allowed to have their photo taken with the actor, Spacey responded on Twitter by Photoshopping himself between the...

Rob Ford Knocks Down Female Councilor

Toronto's mayor gives Pam McConnell a fat lip 'by mistake'

(Newser) - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford strikes again—literally. During a wild city council meeting that saw hecklers and the mayor exchange nasty remarks, Ford charged across the floor and knocked over councilor Pam McConnell, apparently by mistake, the Globe & Mail reports. "The mayor ran through me," said McConnell,...

Toronto Votes to Strip Rob Ford's Powers, 39-3

He can't appoint or dismiss anyone

(Newser) - Toronto's City Council voted overwhelmingly to clip Rob Ford's wings today, with the first in a series of motions designed to make him "mayor in name only," the National Post reports. The council voted 39-3 to strip Ford of the power to appoint and dismiss the...

Toronto Mayor Crack Video Fund Hits $200K Target

As aides bail, owners of Rob Ford video can't be found

(Newser) - Gawker's "Crackstarter" fundraiser to buy a video that allegedly shows Toronto mayor Rob Ford smoking crack has hit its $200,000 target—but they haven't been able to make contact with the video's owners. More than 8,000 people chipped in to push the campaign over...

Exposé Links Toronto Mayor's Family to Drug-Dealing

'Globe and Mail' says brother Doug ran a hash operation for years

(Newser) - If yesterday's carefully worded I-am-not-a-crack-addict news conference made for a bleak day for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, today isn't much better. The respected Globe and Mail is out with an investigative piece on the mayor's family, including brother Doug, a city councilor. It includes paragraphs like this:...

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