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DoorDash Tests Warning About Not Tipping
DoorDash Tests Warning
About Not Tipping
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DoorDash Tests Warning About Not Tipping

As in, are you sure you don't want to?

(Newser) - Try to place a DoorDash order without adding a tip, and you might just receive a warning. The food delivery company is testing a new message that may pop up when you try to order sans tip on its app, CNN reports. It asks, "Orders with no tip might...

Krispy Kreme Delivery Van Gets Some Surprise Raiders

Mama bear and cub bust into vehicle outside military base in Anchorage for some doughnuts

(Newser) - A mama bear and her cub went a little Cocaine Bear on some doughnuts in Anchorage last week. Candice Sergeant, the manager of a Krispy Kreme store in the Alaskan city's Muldoon neighborhood, tells CBS Chicago that she was working her shift last Tuesday when she got an "...

NYC Creates First Minimum Wage for Food Delivery

City's new rule affects those who work for apps such as GrubHub and Uber Eats

(Newser) - New York City will implement a minimum pay rate for food delivery workers on apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash—marking a first for the US. The new rule could nearly triple average earnings for app-based delivery workers in the coming years, per the AP . New York’s more than...

He Let Son Play on His Phone. Then Food Started Arriving

6-year-old spent $1K on Grubhub

(Newser) - Michigan father Keith Stonehouse says his anger level has gone down from a 9.5 out of 10 to around a 3. But he's still not completely ready to laugh about his son using his phone to rack up a $1,000 bill for food deliveries from Grubhub. Stonehouse...

Uber Eats Delivery Guy Interrupts College Game
Uber Eats Delivery Guy
Interrupts College Game

Uber Eats Delivery Guy Interrupts College Game

Somebody ordered McDonald's at Duquesne's game

(Newser) - The refs had to briefly stop the Duquesne-Loyola college basketball game Wednesday night for the weirdest of reasons: A wayward Uber Eats delivery person started wandering onto the court, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette . Watch the moment here . The unidentified man looked a little lost while carrying a bag of food...

DoorDash Becomes Next Tech Player to Shed Jobs
The Bloodletting
Comes to DoorDash

The Bloodletting Comes to DoorDash

More than 1K corporate employees were laid off Wednesday

(Newser) - DoorDash shares are down more than 60% for the year but saw a bump on Wednesday after the company announced it was axing 1,250 corporate employees as a cost-cutting measure. CNBC reports it had 8,600 such employees at the end of last year; the AP reports the cuts...

Grocery Delivery Falls Off as Prices Rise

Inflation, premium charges drive consumers back to stores

(Newser) - Karen Raschke, a retired attorney in New York, started having groceries delivered early in the pandemic. Each delivery cost $30 in fees and tips, but it was worth that to avoid the store. Then this spring, Raschke learned her rent was increasing by $617 per month. Delivery was one of...

Amazon Prime Rolls Out a Big 'Thank You' to Customers

Free Grubhub+ delivery on food orders over $12 for a year is just one of the new member perks

(Newser) - Amazon's 48-hour "Prime Day" doesn't kick off till Tuesday, but the company delivered a $120 gift in advance of the event to its Prime customers—and it's a tasty one. Starting Wednesday, members of the paid subscription service can receive a free year of Grubhub+, which...

Cops: Woman Rescued After Adding Note to Grubhub Order
At This Eatery, a Grubhub
Order Stopped Workers Cold
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At This Eatery, a Grubhub Order Stopped Workers Cold

Cops say hostage was rescued after writing on her order: 'Please call the police'

(Newser) - Usually in the "additional instructions" field on Grubhub orders, customers specify food allergies or ask for extra condiments. Cops say for one New York City-area woman, that section on the app became a place to plead for help, and helped lead to her rescue. ABC7 reports that an order...

Customers Miffed at Meal Delivery Brand Over Its Lentils

Daily Harvest recalls dish said to cause gastrointestinal issues; some claim a slow response

(Newser) - Daily Harvest's mission, as seen on its website , is "to make it really easy to eat more fruits + vegetables every day." But some consumers didn't find things easy at all after scarfing down one of the meal-delivery service's lentil-based dishes, and now the company...

DA: Customer With Duck-Sauce Grudge Killed Deliveryman

'He hates Asian people,' Chinese restaurant manager says of suspect Glenn Hirsch

(Newser) - A customer of a Chinese restaurant in New York City who argued with the manager over extra packets of duck sauce ultimately responded by murdering the restaurant’s longtime deliveryman, authorities say. Glenn Hirsch, 51, was arrested Wednesday and is accused of following and fatally shooting 45-year-old Zhiwen Yan, "...

Grubhub's Free-Lunch Idea Flops: 'I Hate You'

Chaos ensues in NYC as restaurants are overwhelmed by thousands of orders

(Newser) - Turns out "there's no such thing as a free lunch" is sadly accurate after all, at least for thousands of New Yorkers who recently tried to take advantage of a scrumptious-sounding Grubhub promotion. NPR reports that the food delivery service, after finding out via an internal survey that...

DC Sues Grubhub, Citing Hidden Fees
DC Just Sued Grubhub

DC Just Sued Grubhub

Food delivery service accused of deceptive practices

(Newser) - The District of Columbia is suing meal delivery company Grubhub, saying it misled customers with a promotion that claimed to help restaurants during the height of the pandemic. The lawsuit, filed Monday, also alleges that Grubhub deceives customers by obscuring added fees and failing to disclose that its prices for...

NYC Delivery Workers Are Sick and Tired of Being Robbed

More than half have had their expensive e-bikes stolen, often violently

(Newser) - When electric bikes first surfaced in the late 2000s in New York City, they were mostly ridden by aging Chinese immigrants trying to keep their jobs delivering food, writes Josh Dzieza at the Verge . However, once restaurants and delivery apps realized the time they could save, the bikes morphed into...

Here's Your New Pizza-Delivery Robot

Domino's is testing service in a single neighborhood in Houston

(Newser) - Robot pizza delivery is here, at least for a limited few. Domino's Pizza is testing a service that allows customers in Houston's Woodland Heights neighborhood to have their pizza delivered by autonomous vehicles created by robotics company Nuro. These were the first completely autonomous vehicles approved by the...

Uber to Add Alcohol Delivery
Uber to Add

Uber to Add Alcohol Delivery

Company acquires Drizly in $1.1B deal

(Newser) - Uber is bringing the drinks to go with that food order. The mobile ride-hailing company said Tuesday that it is acquiring the alcohol-delivery platform Drizly for $1.1 billion in stock and cash. Uber expects more than 90% of the sum to be paid to Drizly stockholders in shares of...

Uber Might Buy GrubHub
Uber Might Swallow GrubHub

Uber Might Swallow GrubHub

Merger would create food-delivery market leader

(Newser) - Uber might be preparing to swallow GrubHub in a deal that would create a clear market leader in the burgeoning food-delivery business. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Uber, which is focusing on its Uber Eats unit as ride-sharing slumps, approached GrubHub with a takeover offer earlier this year...

Food Delivery Apps? 'Let Them Burn'
Food Delivery Apps?
'Let Them Burn'

Food Delivery Apps? 'Let Them Burn'

'Food & Wine' writer says Grubhub, DoorDash are hurting restaurants with excessive commissions

(Newser) - Few restaurants remain open for people to frequent during the pandemic, though many eateries continue to offer takeout and delivery options. And tapping into delivery apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash is an easy way to get meals brought right to your doorstep—though Khushbu Shah would be happier...

Instacart Workers 'Flabbergasted' at Tips Bait-and-Switch
Instacart Workers
'Flabbergasted' at
Tips Bait-and-Switch
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Instacart Workers 'Flabbergasted' at Tips Bait-and-Switch

Customers woo Instacart shoppers with big gratuities, lower them after delivery

(Newser) - Instacart is an invaluable service for those who don't want to venture out during the coronavirus pandemic to go grocery shopping. As details, the free app works like this: A customer places an online order with stores like Whole Foods, Publix, or Costco, after which the app...

28% of Food Delivery Drivers 'Violate Their Sacred Duty'

By snacking on your order, per US Foods survey

(Newser) - See fewer fries than normal in your fast-food delivery order? The restaurant might not be to blame. Food delivery drivers "violate their sacred duty by taking some of the food!" according to foodservice distributor US Foods , which surveyed 500 drivers as well as 1,500 American users of...

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