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USOC Apologizes Over &#39;Robbed&#39; Swimmers
USOC Apologizes
Over 'Robbed' Swimmers

USOC Apologizes Over 'Robbed' Swimmers

2 athletes allowed to fly home

(Newser) - An embarrassed US Olympic Committee apologized Thursday night for what it called a "distracting ordeal": the alleged robbery of four US swimmers, which Brazilian police now say was a fabrication. In a statement , USOC CEO Scott Blackmun said sorry to "our hosts in Rio and the people of...

Lochte, US Swimmers Were in Gas Station Fight: Sources

'Robbery' of Ryan Lochte, teammates in Rio now coming under question

(Newser) - Even more controversial than Ryan Lochte's new hairstyle: the murky story of what happened with him and other US swimmers in Rio. Although Lochte says he was robbed at gunpoint in a taxi over the weekend with Olympic teammates Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and Jimmy Feigen, the story got...

2 US Swimmers Pulled Off Plane Home
Brazil Yanks
2 US Swimmers
Off Plane Home

Brazil Yanks 2 US Swimmers Off Plane Home

Ryan Lochte changes details but insists robbery took place

(Newser) - American swimmers Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz are going to be staying in Brazil for longer than they bargained for. Authorities pulled the men off their flight back to the US at Rio's international airport on Wednesday for questioning over their alleged robbery , the New York Times reports. Their...

Rio Judge Orders Seizure of Ryan Lochte&#39;s Passport
Rio Judge Orders Seizure
of Ryan Lochte's Passport

Rio Judge Orders Seizure of Ryan Lochte's Passport

But the swimmer is already back in the US

(Newser) - A weird development in the investigation of the alleged robbery of Ryan Lochte and three others US swimmers in Rio: A judge there on Wednesday ordered the passports of Lochte and fellow swimmer James Feigen seized, reports the AP . The judge apparently is skeptical that the robbery actually took place...

Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint
Ryan Lochte
Robbed at
in Rio

Ryan Lochte Robbed at Gunpoint in Rio

American swimmer, 3 others are held up

(Newser) - American swimmer Ryan Lochte had a brief brush with becoming the late American swimmer Ryan Lochte early Sunday, he tells NBC News , when he and three other swimmers were held up at gunpoint while returning from a party in Rio. Men posing as cops pulled over their taxi, he says....

Phelps Takes Another Gold, Busts an Ancient Record

Move over, Leonidas of Rhodes

(Newser) - Michael Phelps continued his habit of winning Olympic gold Thursday night by cruising to an easy victory in the 200-meter individual-medley. It's his fourth gold at the Rio Games and his 22nd gold overall, reports AP . It's also his 13th gold in an individual event, which breaks a...

Ryan Lochte's New Turns Are Too Radical for Swimming

Swimming's governing body sent out a new rules 'interpretation'

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte's new underwater turns were a little too radical for swimming's governing body. The 11-time Olympic medalist will no longer be able to swim underwater on his back during freestyle legs of individual medley events. FINA sent a new rules "interpretation" notice to all member federations...

Lochte Injured by Overexcited Fan

Swimming champ out with another 'freak injury'

(Newser) - Swimming champ Ryan Lochte will be out of the pool for a while because of a hazard on land—an overexcited fan. When a teenage girl ran at the swimmer in Florida over the weekend, he caught her and he hit his knee on the curb when they both toppled...

Nyad Begins 'Magical' 48-Hour Swim for Sandy

'I'm going to feel the solidarity' with swimmers including Ryan Lochte, Richard Simmons

(Newser) - The 64-year-old woman who swam from Cuba to Florida is attempting to swim in a pool in midtown Manhattan for 48 straight hours to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy. Wearing a pink swim cap, Diana Nyad dove into the 40-yard pool set up in Herald Square and began doing laps...

20 Biggest Pop Culture Letdowns of 2012

C'mon, Gwen, this is the best you can do after four years?

(Newser) - It's the end of the year: time to look back on the things we loved —and the things that severely, severely disappointed us. Zap2it runs down the 20 biggest pop culture letdowns of 2012:
  • Tim Tebow: He was awesome with the Broncos, but since being traded to the

18 Stars Who've Attempted to Trademark Catchphrases

Ryan Lochte is far from the first...

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte is trying to trademark his catchphrase, "Jeah!"—but he may have some problems, because TMZ reports that '90s rapper MC Eiht claims he's been using the word since 1988, and plans to send the Olympic swimmer a cease and desist letter. Maybe Lochte...

Ryan Lochte Makes Big 'Fratty Career Move'

Will guest on '90210'

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte gives off a certain "Spicoli-like" frat boy vibe, writes Julie Miller, and as soon as she saw his "Cribs-quality shoe-and-watch collection" on an NBC Olympics special, she started imagining future career moves for the swimmer—like paid nightclub appearances, a career as a celebrity DJ, a...

Phelps Agrees: 'Everybody Pees in the Pool'

Chorus of top swimmers admit mid-stroke urination

(Newser) - When you've gotta go, you've gotta go—even if you're an Olympian. Ryan Lochte recently 'fessed up to peeing in the pool, and now Michael Phelps has his back. "I think everybody pees in the pool," says the greatest Olympic competitor of all time....

Ryan Lochte&#39;s Parents Face Foreclosure
 Ryan Lochte's Parents 
 Face Foreclosure 

Ryan Lochte's Parents Face Foreclosure

They might lose their Florida home

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte has won five medals so far in London. If his success translates into endorsement deals, the money might come in the nick of time to save his parents' house: TMZ reports that CitiMortgage is suing to foreclose on their place in Florida. The couple still owe about $240,...

Lochte's Mom Clarifies 'One Night Stand' Comment

Ike Lochte was not dishing on Ryan's sex life, she explains

(Newser) - If you were left scratching your head earlier this week when Ryan Lochte's mom appeared to be dishing about the Olympic swimmer's sex life, you can calm down: Both she and Lochte have now clarified. Ike Lochte had told Today that her son "goes out on one-night...

Phelps, Lochte Race Again ...
 Phelps, Lochte Race Again ... 

Phelps, Lochte Race Again ...

And this time Phelps wins

(Newser) - In Round 2 of Michael Phelps vs. Ryan Lochte, Phelps reigned supreme. The American stars swam against each other for the last time in these Games in the 200-meter individual medley, with Phelps taking the gold (1:54.27) and Lochte the silver (1:54.90). Their first showdown of...

Lochte Wins 400 IM; Phelps Finishes 4th

Highly anticipated Olympic race turns into a blowout

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte turned his much-anticipated duel with Michael Phelps into a blowout, pulling away to win the Olympic 400-meter individual medley by more than 3 seconds today. Even more stunning: Phelps didn't even win a medal. After barely qualifying for the evening final in a performance that hinted at...

Faster, Stronger ... and More Polite?

US athletes hit 'manners training' to avoid Bode fiascos

(Newser) - US Olympians are getting a new type of training: lessons in how to behave in Beijing, reports the Wall Street Journal. In a required course the USOC calls the "ambassador program," US athletes are receiving instruction on topics ranging from appropriate chopstick use to the correct way to...

Phelps, Hoff Smash Records in Omaha

(Newser) - Records fell at the Olympic trials in Omaha yesterday as both Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff triumphed in the 400 IM, USA Today reports. Each swimmer had a personal motivation: Phelps took almost a second of his own world record, and Hoff recaptured the record from Stephanie Rice.

U.S. Takes Gold in Medley
U.S. Takes Gold in Medley

U.S. Takes Gold in Medley

800-meter freestyle medley

(Newser) - The U.S. 800-meter freestyle relay team of Michael Phelps, Klete Keller, Ryan Lochte and Peter Vanderkaay won gold and set a world record Friday night. The team's time of 7:03.24 is 1.42 seconds better than the previous mark, set by Australia in 2001 at the world...

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